* * *

They walked side by side across the endless passage black sand and blowing storm.

After a time, however, it became obvious Han, too, was struggling to find his way. Leia decided to confirm her fears.

'Any minute now, huh?' She managed to keep her voice composed.

'That's right!' he snarled.

Suddenly Leia rounded on him, struggling to be heard over the storm. 'You have no idea where we're heading, do you? You couldn't have tied something to the ship? A cord, a rope to the ship to guide us? I'll bet that brain wave never occurred.'

Han clenched his fists. 'There wasn't any.' The Princess muttered something in reply. He shone the light of the commlink on her cold, furious face. 'What was that?'

'I said 'trust me to be rescued by a pirate.' Suddenly her face brightened, and she leaned in towards his face.

Han looked down at her optimistically, but his throat clenched when he realized she had pulled the commlink from his mouth and was attempting to make contact.

'Chewie, chewie, we're lost we need –'

Leia glared as Han tore the connection and dangled it in the air triumphantly. 'Nothing's on the other line, Princess, but dead air.' He handed it to her and she strained it against her ear. He shivered. 'Transmission must'a cut this far out.'

Not surprising, he found her glaring at him again. 'Thank you for that useful information, Captain. Perhaps I'd better find my own way home.'

She began to head off into the darkness with the light of the commlink spread before her.

He quickly matched her pace, and spun her round to face him. 'This is my rescue, I'm runnin' it. Now hand over the commlink.'

'Fine.' Again, they found themselves drawn together, their heads nearly touching, only this time Leia's breath was cold and short. She fought the close proximity.

'I don't need you –'

Suddenly, her voice was drowned out by the battering whirl of the wind and sand. The storm had blown right over them. Great, Hand thought drily, out of the pick of adoring women I could have been stuck with in a sandstorm right now, I get stuck with the she-devil. A brief, twisted grin crossed Han's face. 'Course, this could get interesting.

* * *