Yeah, I know, you guys are probably all thinking "Would you just please update DS?" but here you go Edward, I'm telling your story.

Song: False King by Two Steps From Hell

Chapter 1: Letter


When I left Bella I had justified it by saying I would hunt Victoria. I did that for the first few months. But after I had tracked her to Rio, I gave up, she had evaded me agian. IT was in January when the letter arrived. The letter that shook my world to it's core. It came in simple white envolpe. Addressed;

Edward Cullen


Just that no return address. Inside it was worse. The first paper was a newspaper clipping.

Giant Black Bears Seen, Campers Missing

Forks,W.A.: All along the The Olyimpain Mountian region, scores of campers have gone missing. Others, surivors have reported giant

balck shapes around the camp before their compainon dissapeared. Any bodies found though all have one thing in common, the

body was drained of blood.

That was when I stopped reading and moved on to the next letter. It was written on heavy white cardstock.

Dear Edward,

Something has happened Edward it breaks my heart to tell you this but, Bella is gone. Her body was found in the meadow that you took her to. There was blood, lots of it. There was some kind of struggle. I'm so sorry Edward. This was not your fault, don't even think that for one second. But we have talked to the wolves, they said that there was another vampire there. From the description they gave me, it sounded like Laurent. He was killed by the wolves, but Bella was caught in the middle of the fray. He body was so broken, beyond repair, even by venom. The funeral is this Friday, Edward, Charlie wants you there. He said, "It would me a lot to her."


No.... It can't be. She was gone my reason for existance was gone. Dead. My mind worked in over drive, I was compiling a list of how to die. But first, I had to go to Forks. The funeral was not something I could miss, it would only cause me more pain but, it was to say goodbye to her. My mother had raised me better than to skip a funeral. It was dishonor to Bella's memory. I would also say my goodbyes as well.

Within the hour I was on a plane going to Forks.