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Kamen Rider Fantasy

Episode 1: Fantasy Man

If there was one thing the Japan and America had in common was the love of conventions. Though anime was by far the more popular, imports were also on display. Hibiki Tokai was more into Warcraft than Dragonball Z, meaning he liked the western fantasy and Sci-fi than the ones from his native country.

However, it wasn't his different taste that alienated him from others: "What the fuck!" Hibiki fell backwards at being shouted at. Though if he hadn't been looking under the skirt of a scantly clad cosplayer "What? You can't tell me that you weren't prepared to have this shit happen. You wore the costume you should pay the consequences." The young lady wasn't amused "You know Tokai, you pull this crap every time. It isn't funny and it isn't cute." Unfortunately, the cosplayer's friends were even less amused by Hibiki's behavior "Well if it isn't the perverted Lord of the Rings prick". Hibiki didn't have a problem fighting if he thought he could get away with it, but this case wasn't it "You know guys there is no need for violence. I mean could we find another way to settle this?"

The gang's solution was to throw Hibiki out the back exit "And if we see you around here again, we will resort to violence, perverted punk. Hibiki stood up and after dusting himself off went off to home. He planed to fulfill his fan boy needs online.

After grabbing a snack, he was almost to his door when something caught his eye, It was a glittering red and violet. Hibiki went over to the road to see what it was. It looked like a weird belt buckle with a strange stone in the center "This is kind of cool looking. Must be some kind of toy or something from the convention. Maybe I get something for it." Before he could say or think anything, violet electricity surrounded the buckle and then Hibiki himself, causing him great pain. Then in a flash of light, he was gone.

In what seemed like a eternity, Hibiki woke up. The first thing he noticed was the he wasn't on the road, nor was he in the city. He was in a large valley, unlike any he had ever seen. It looked like something out a dream. Hibiki knew that he couldn't be in Japan anymore. Before he could deduce were he was, his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of distress. He followed the sound to see a sight to behold. A man and a woman were being chased by horse riders than resembled orcs.

The orcs cornered the two by a large rock. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the creatures didn't have the best of intentions. The leader, who was bigger and fiercer looking than the rest, went to front of the line "You dogs thought you could run from us. Now were plan to take whatever you have and maybe have fun with your woman." The man stepped forward "Please, take what ever you want, just leave my wife alone." The orc leader laughed at the man "We plan that and more."

Before the orcs could do anything, they were distracted " Hey ugly apes, why don't you leave them alone?" The orcs saw Hibiki stand defiant in front of them. The orcs laughed at the young man "What the hell? You think you have a chance against all of us, boy?" "Well, I hadn't thought that far ahead." Hibiki's nervous retort brought even more laughter from the orcs "Well, it's to bad that we can't laugh ourselves to death, otherwise you might have chance. Kill this human dog!"

Hibiki backed down, preparing for the end, when the man addressed him "Stranger, your belt buckle, use it!" Hibiki looked down to see the strange buckle, complete with a belt, on his waste. Hibiki was confused "What am I suppose to do, whip them with it?" The man was perplexed. The boy obviously didn't know what he had. Still it was the only way "The buckle has powers. You can live if you use them!" Hibiki didn't fully understand, but was willing to it a try. He pulled out the front of the belt and….


Instantly Hibiki was covered in a strange armored suit. It was violet with red trim with a insect looking helmet with yellow eyes. The man was both surprised and relived "Kamen Rider." Hibiki was shocked. He could believe what had just happened. The orcs were startled by not afraid. One orc went for a punch only for his fist to meet Hibiki's and his arm to shatter. "Cool." The other orcs were about to engage when the leader spoke "Stand down. This "knight is shining armor" is my to kill."

The orc leader pulled out his ax and lunged. Hibiki was able to dodge the first few blows before the leader landed a few hits. Hibiki started to fight back, first by blocking then by landing blows of his own. A few blows between them later, the leader went down. The man then spoke "Stranger, your armor has powers; use them!" Hibiki wasn't sure how to do that, but was willing to give it a try. He waved his hand across his right leg and then…

Kamen Spell : Rider Kick

Hibiki jumped into the air, his leg and foot glowing with energy. He landed a flying kick on the orc leader, who after landing exploded. The rest of the orcs left in terror as they didn't want to share their leader's fate. The man and his wife got up to meet their rescuer "Well done. I see that you were chosen well." Hibiki wanted answers "Not that am not glad that you and your lady are alright, but could you tell me what the hell is going on!?" The man understood Hibiki's distress "I guess that you'd want answers. You are the Kamen Rider. Its best that someone else tell you the rest."

Next Time

Hibiki and his new friends enter a palace to give Hibiki the answers he seeks. After some misunderstandings with young queen, Hibiki will learn what his destiny as Kamen Rider means. Tune in next time for more Kamen Rider Fantasy.