Episode 2: The Un-royal Treatment

Hibiki still could not believe what was happening. One minute he was laying on a highway in Japan, the next he was in some strange fantasy world and turning into a superhero. Now he was being dragged to who knows were by two people who he rescued "Hey, you two never did tell me your names." The man turned to Hibiki "Well, my name is Shiro and this is my wife, Jun. Now what is your name?" "Hibiki. Now that we got that out of the way, you mind telling me what's going on?!" Shiro was quick to clam his new friend "Everything will be explained once we get to the castle." Hibiki's eyes lit up at the word "Castle?!"

Hours later they had arrived at the castle. Hibiki was amazed at the sight. At first glance it looked like a normal castle, but on closer inspection it was anything but. One would expect that the only advance technology would be pulleys and such; instead there were gears covering the walls and what appeared to be electrical wires on the ground. Hibiki realized that he was going to have to expect the unexpected here.

Jun saw the puzzled look on Hibiki's face "What's wrong? You look a little confused." That was a understatement if Hibiki had herd one "Well its just when I think of castles, the sight of gears and wires." Jun shot a smile "Well I can understand that. We didn't always have them. The Queen will be willing to explain everything."

The trio got to the throne room. There was quite a reception waiting for them, possibly hearing about the Kamen Rider. The center possessed the throne, were there sat a beautiful young woman. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this was the queen. One of the attendants approached the group "May I present to you, her royal highness, Queen Val Lizima." The queen rose from her throne "Which one of you is the Kamen Rider?" Hibiki stepped forward "I guess that would be me".

The queen looked down at Hibiki. The look on her face told that he wasn't what she was expecting "I hear that you're from another world and have a lot of questions about ours. First many years ago, the people of this world were simple. Then one day we found strange devices. They looked like they came from a long time ago. We figured out how to use them and we entered a golden age. However a group decided to use the technology for evil and became the Technomancers. They plunged the world into chaos. That is until he came…the Kamen Rider. He destroyed the Technomancers and brought peace to our world. Before he left, he gave this prophecy, "When evil returns, another will take my power". It would appear that the words came true."

Just then one of the guards spoke up "Infidel! You dare stare at her majesties breasts. Such an act is unforgivable in normal circumstances, but to do so when she gives a speech…" Shiro spoke up before the guard could say more "Please forgive my friend. The customs of his world are strange. With your permission, your highness, may we finish this in the mourning?" The queen nodded and had her guard escort them to chambers, unaware of her head guards still angered look.

In chambers, Shiro was quick to berate Hibiki "What's the matter with you?!" "I couldn't help it. You saw those things. Not to mention the dress." Shiro was not amused by Hibiki's explanation "Regardless, you can't go around doing stuff like that."

Later that night, Hibiki couldn't sleep, so he decided to take a walk around the castle. He looked at the gear covered walls, wondering what they did. Before he could think further, he herd a strange sound. He went to the room were it was coming from. Inside he saw the head guard, with what appears to be vials of some strange liquid.

"I am glad you came" The guard turned, confirming he knew that Hibiki was there. Hibiki wanted to know what was going on "What the hell is all this? You into chemistry?" The guard was slightly amused "In a way. The chaos of this world needs to be tamed. I intend to tame it and win the approval of my queen." Hibiki thought that all this was crap "What, you intend to be king?" The guard laughed "No. That honor is far from my grasp. However, being her champion is not. You coming here interrupted my plans. The legendary Kamen Rider. But if you were destroyed, only I would remain to bring peace. How fitting that my first target is you."

The guard poured the vials onto himself and transformed into a metal monster. Hibiki was stunned, but got his compoiser "Alright, if you want it that way."


Once transformed, Hibiki charged at the Metal Monster. The two exchanged blows. The noise was enough to alert the rest of the castle. By the time they got there, the battle had moved to the courtyard. The two were still going at it, until Hibiki decided to end it.

Kamen Spell: Rider Kick

Hibiki used his attack and hit the Metal Monster dead on. The armor exploded and all that was left was the guard. The queen rushed over to him "Why? Why did you do this?" The guard slowly rose up "I'm sorry my queen. I only wanted to be your hero." The guard then died in her arms. The queen then went to Hibiki "This isn't the first to use magic like this. Even for the right reasons, they turn into monsters. Please bring peace to this world." Hibiki thought that was a tall order; him save a world. "Don't worry, I'll do what I can. And I'm sorry about before." The queen smirked "Don't worry. Your not the first man to stare at my breasts. Now get some rest. You have a long trip head of you."

Next Time on Kamen Rider Fantasy: Hibiki and friends head towards a ancient junkyard of the old technology, but realize that they're not alone. Don't miss the next episode.