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Here's the story. Everybody lived.

Some of them shouldn't have. Abraham, the tall mechanic of the group, has been allergic to the gas that had been used to knock everyone out, and was in a coma for a full 36 hours before waking up, stable. Duboff as well had been a close call, with three ribs broken and a major concussion. His recovery would take months, but he, more or less, was okay as well.

The real surprise was Cherry who, by all accounts and purposes, had been dead by the time the police got there. However, Wilbur and Lewis had managed to get to her after she had only been truly dead for about twenty seconds, and had gotten her failing heart working again through a very violent, desperate CPR. Through their work and her will power, she clung to life long enough for medical help to arrive, and she lived. Her face was scarred badly from the incident, but she confessed to a random concerned nurse that she had no intentions of getting plastic surgery, because she felt the scar made her look 'wicked awesome'.

And thus, everybody lived.

No…of course, that wasn't true. Perhaps legally, the Bowler Hat Guy, otherwise known as Frederick J Maxwell, had been dead for a good year by the time the event at InventCo had occurred; in truth though, the death had only finally caught up with him on that full moon night, pinned to a hood of a car, standing in a light no human being can bare to bask in. It was a bad, painful death, and it can be argued heavily on whether or not he, or anyone, deserved to go in such a way…but it had happened regardless, and there was nothing anyone can do to change that.

Lewis kept telling himself that over and over again; there was nothing he could have done.

When the police had arrived fifteen minutes after receiving an emergency call from a young boy from the hospital claiming he had heard a woman dying over his telephone, there had been a great deal of confusion over what had happened. Everyone inside was injured in some manner; there was dead dinosaur in the lobby, a man literally melted into the parking lot, and a sentient nuclear weapon missing. This last bit, of course, had officials worried. Worried officials, of course, meant long hours of Lewis and Wilbur in small rooms talking to men in uniform who looked like they weren't sure if the boys in front of them were international terrorists or just a really unlucky intern and his friend. Then, an amazing thing happened: the boys told them the truth. About The Bowler Hat Guy, about Wilbur's past, the hospital, and about what happened that day…

And the officials believed them.

Sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) good things happen to good people. Like being believed when everything coming out of your mouth sounds like the ravings of a lunatic. And Mrs. Robinson. Mrs. Robinson was definitely a good thing.

When Mrs. Robinson woke up in the hospital the next morning and was told the full story of what had happened, she had gotten up to the protest of her doctors, walked straight into Lewis's room where Mildred was worryingly sitting by Lewis's bed, and told the orphan owner right there, "I'm going to adopt him."

Mildred had given her a long, tired smile. "Yes," she said, "The first time I saw you, last night at the hospital, I thought you were going to say that. Thank you." And then burst into small, both happy and sad, tears.

Mildred had, after a long hugging session that she would never, ever speak to one of her charges about, warned Mrs. Robinson about Wilbur. "They're close now, you see," Mildred had explained, "They went through all this for each other. I don't think they'll allow themselves to be separated. When I tried, a hospital blew up."

A nervous giggle, more tears, more hugging. Then Mrs. Robinson called up her husband and asked him how he felt about the idea of having two sons.

He, in turn, was ecstatic.


And that was the story. But here is how the story ends.

Lewis was sitting in the sunning room, staring up at the large, glass ceiling that was the shelter of his new laboratory. There wasn't anything in this room yet. He had only just moved in a day or two before. It had happened so quickly, Lewis still couldn't quite wrap his mind around the concept. A month ago, he had been an orphan, being chased by a mad man, every day more painful then the next. And now…

The sun shone brightly on his face.

He heard the room door open, and Wilbur's light footsteps walked over to him. Without awaiting invitation, Wilbur laid down beside Lewis, staring up at the glass ceiling with him.

"With the glass magnifying everything, I'm surprised it's not a lot hotter in here." Wilbur said idly.

It wasn't even supposed to be funny, but Lewis found himself laughing regardless, and after a moment Wilbur giggled with him. Lewis was just…happy. In that moment, sitting in his new home, in his own laboratory, laying beside Wilbur on a sunny, warm day, everything was perfect. He could forget about the deaths, the mayhem, the fact that the creation of a psychopath was still out there somewhere, her intentions towards them unknown. He could forget that Wilbur had just come home from his therapy session, the second of what would probably prove to be years of work ahead, untangling Wilbur's poor psyche that still had difficulty to this day remembering what had really happened and what hadn't.

They laid there for awhile longer before Wilbur let out a long, impatient sigh. "Look, this is great and all, but Goob called, like, the second I walked into the door. Apparently he and Franny have been waiting for us over at the diner for, um, fifteen minutes?

"Shoot!" Lewis shouted, jumping to his feet, "I forgot all about that! Come on Wilbur, we're going to be late for the movie!"

And grabbing his son, brother, and friend's hand, Lewis pulled Wilbur behind him as the two ran out the room, out of the house, and into something neither of them had ever really had:

A childhood.

It was a full moon that night. But night was a long way off.

The End