Important note: Yes, this story does involve a sorority. I know that many people have a natural adversion to sororities...but please, give this story a chance! The only dumb and ditzy sorority girls that you are going to be seeing in this story are the typical ditzy girls in every Twilight story (Jessica, Lauren, etc.). I'm trying a different approach to the over-done theme of "A/H Twilight cast goes to college."

Alternate summary: All Human, BxE, RxEm, AxJ. Everyone's in college, and the girls are leaders of their sorority. It becomes apparent that the help of the boys is needed to save the future of the sorority and hilarity and romance ensues! Not your typical sorority!


The characters of Twilight are owned by the glorious Stephenie Meyer.

This story is completely fictional. The sorority involved, Sigma Gamma Beta, is a figment of my imagination. Sit back, enjoy, and I hope that you like my story!


Looking at the room full of girls and having my eyes rest on my two best friends, who were seated at the front of the room (with a chair saved for me, of course); I made an official decision. This year is going to be one of the best years in my life.

"Our first official meeting of the year is being called to order girls. I suggest that you take your seat and stop talking so we can get down to business," one of my best friends and our sorority's president, Rosalie, exclaimed pleasantly as she opened up her laptop and readied herself to read over the week's agenda.

As I took a seat next to my two best friends, Rosalie and Alice, I couldn't help but reflect on how we got to where we were at this very moment.

Corny moment? You know it…but I was too happy to care.

Rosalie is the epitome of gorgeous- tall, skinny but curvy, with blonde hair and the most beautiful colored blue eyes. Just one look at her and her long blonde hair and killer shape make words like "perfection" and "beauty incarnate" come to mind.

Beyond Rose's stunning appearance is her psyche, which is equally as perfect. Rose is strong willed, smart, elegant and stylish; all without trying. I would be lying if I said that she wasn't the perfect package; it's not too often when you see a bombshell like Rose with a personality like hers. She is beautiful; yes, but she knows that to actually get something out of life she has to step outside of her beautiful shell and actually make something of herself.

It's no surprise that Rosalie is in charge of a 60-girl sorority. Rose knows how to deal with the problem directly and get things accomplished; of course, it doesn't hurt that she has the looks with the power to "woo" her way out of just about any sticky situation.

My other best friend, Alice, is the opposite of Rosalie in the looks department. Where Rose is tall, blonde, and blue-eyed, Alice is short with short black spiky hair and the most vivid green eyes. Alice, who is a perfect package as well, is also strong willed and intelligent with a side of spunky mixed in with all of that. That's actually putting it mildly; Alice's perkiness sometimes bounces from extreme hyperactive to borderline crazy, especially when it involves shopping.

Since I have met Alice, my credit cards went from a zero balance to nearly maxed out; which is a frightening thought for a college student. If Alice weren't single-handedly the sweetest person I have ever met, I would be a whole hell of a lot more mad at my current financial state that I really am. If shopping makes Alice happy, then in some little way it makes me happy too. I would just never be able to tell Alice that or I would never be allowed to leave the mall.

Alice is stunning in the looks department as well, making life all-too-unfair for me. Trust me; it's quite hard to have the most beautiful best friends on campus. I am the model "plain girl". Plain brown hair, plain brown eyes, plain physique. After living with my friends for three years now (going on four), I am used to the looks that they get and the looks that I don't get; it doesn't bother me that there is nothing truly special about my outward appearance anymore. That feeling may have little to do with me getting used to their appearance (trust me; there is no way to get used to their beauty) and more to do with my boyfriend, Jacob. Honestly though, that's another story…

So here we are today, at the first official meeting of the new school year for my sorority, Sigma Gamma Beta. With the three of us basically in charge of the sorority, things were guaranteed to be a little crazy. However, we welcomed it; we were seniors this year and we wanted to get everything out of our college career that we possibly could. Besides, we have logged in many hours as girls of SGB and wanted to better the sorority in any way that we could before we graduated.

Now, when I say that we "logged in many hours", I mean that we have been in the group for as long as I can remember. We all joined the sorority as freshman as a way to get to know people outside of the girls on our floor in our dorm. Rose and Alice were my roommates in the dorm on campus and we really didn't feel like the girls on our floor really liked us. To be honest, they didn't; too many of the girls were just too (for lack of a better word) jealous of Alice and Rose. Girls could be so malicious sometimes. I think that they were afraid that for some reason, that Alice and Rosalie would want to steal their boyfriends or something.

Riiiight. Cause the girls didn't have boyfriends of their own or anything.

Rosalie suggested that we try out Greek Life because her boyfriend, Emmett, was thinking about joining a frat. Typical Emmett behavior…Emmett was tall, bulky (in a muscular way) and LOUD. The things that come out of that man's mouth sometimes, I swear. Emmett was the embodiment of a crazy fraternity boy, so it was no shock to me that he would make a decision like joining a fraternity.

So, against my better judgment and original distaste for Greek life, I attended Greek rush with my best friends. Before we got there, all I could think of was the horrible episodes of MTV's "Greek Life," and I was mortified to be putting myself in the situation that I was in at that moment. A position where I, Bella Swan, was actually thinking about joining a sorority.

When we got there, we realized that my pre-conceived notions of Greek life were all horribly wrong. Sure, the people there were all beautiful and seemingly rich; but not a single person was screaming at another, no one was openly drunk, and there was no one getting paddled or hazed in anyway (much to Emmett's dismay, of course).

Walking up to the Sigma Gamma Beta table, I immediately realized that this was the group for me. The girls all seemed so nice and welcoming: the exact opposite as the high-strung sorority girl that I had been picturing in my head. The group was the largest on campus, which meant a wide variety of girls were in it. Not to mention it was a "service" sorority, which meant that one of the sorority's main ideals was service and doing good for the community.

I grabbed Rose and Alice and, with very little convincing, persuaded them to join the group with me.

As time went on, and the more we did with the sorority, the more we enjoyed our time with the group. We realized that we actually embodied the perfect SGB, regardless of how different we all were. Our compassion for the group and our fellow sisters outshined everything else, including the typical "drunk sorority girl" image that we were all trying to shed.

Which leads us practically full circle and up to the present time, where Rosalie is the president, Alice is the vice president in charge of service projects, and I am the vice president in charge of new members (AKA "pledge mom" in sorority terms).

It would be an understatement for me to say that we were ready in all ways for this year to be the best one ever in regards to our time in Sigma Gamma Beta. We were MORE than ready, and there was nothing that was going to stand in our way of making this year our best ever.

Nothing, of course, until Rosalie opened the sorority's mail, right before the beginning of the first meeting. Right as I am reflecting on all of the good times that the sorority had brought me.

"Oh. My. God," Rosalie exclaimed. It became apparent to me that her hand, the one holding the letter that she was currently reading, started to shake.

As soon as she said that, all of the girls in the group became silent. The kind of silence that you get when uneasiness settles on a crowd. The kind of silence you get at a funeral.

"Rose, what is it?" Alice asked, rising from her chair to look over Rose's shoulder at the letter that she had in her hand.

I looked at Alice, and her face dropped. Whatever the letter that Rosalie was grasping to said, it wasn't good.

Rosalie took a deep breath, and began. "It's a letter from nationals," she said, shaking her head. "The letter is reminding us all that the sorority that we joined is a co-ed sorority; meaning that males can join our usually female group as official members of our organization. The letter goes on to read that because of some chapters of SGB purposely turning away members of the other sex from membership in favor of keeping an all-girls sorority, they are enforcing the co-ed status of our organization. All chapters that are not found to be co-ed by the end of the semester will lose their charter." Rosalie took another deep breath and closed her eyes before continuing. "Girls, we will lose our sorority if we don't pledge at least one male into our sorority this semester."

Looking at all the girls in front of me, I took note that everyone was looking at ME. Well, of course they were looking at me; I was in charge of membership this year. The future of our sorority officially rested in my hands, and if I wasn't able to successfully induct a member of the opposite sex as an official member of my sorority, I would single handedly be costing my sorority its status as a Greek organization. I began to feel light headed.

And before I knew it, the floor was spiraling toward me and the whole world went black.


"Bella! Bella, wake up!"

My eyes fluttered open, just as Alice was prepared to slap me across the face.

Finding my voice, I spoke up. "Really, Alice? You were going to smack me? Doesn't my life suck enough right now without the added stress of my best friend beating me?"

"Bella, I was just trying to wake you up. You have been out for a good 15 minutes and I was starting to get afraid," Alice said, sheepishly, her face reddening slightly.

I slowly sat up, noticing that a circle of about 60 girls surrounded me, and cleared my throat. "Girls, I am sorry about that. I don't know what came over me," I said, my voice still scratchy.

"Bella, it's okay. Besides, while you were out, Alice and I talked some things over, and we think that we have an easy solution to our problem," Rosalie said with confidence, squaring her shoulders.

"Really? I'd like to hear how you are going to get me out of the trouble that nationals put me in," I said in a dry voice, trying to hide my panic before I blacked out again.

"Well, Alice decided that we would attempt to get some guys that we already know and already know matches our ideals to join our group, instead of finding someone that we don't know. We need to find someone who is going to join for the right reasons, not just some perv who wants an easy way in with 60 girls."

"Rosalie, like who? NOT Jacob; he doesn't have any time to join our group…and I don't want him as a sister anyways," I said, frowning.

Alice grabbed my face with her tiny hands. "No, we were thinking along the lines of Jasper and a few of his friends, so it doesn't look suspicious. We need more than one guy, you know? I mean, what one guy in his right mind would want to join a group of 60 girls?"

"An incredibly horny one," snickered a girl in the crowd; probably Jessica.

"Jasper, huh? I guess he could be one of my pledges," I said, biting my lip in contemplation.

Jasper is Alice's longtime boyfriend. They have been dating since their sophomore year in high school, and they decided together that they were going to go to the same college once they graduated from high school. Because, as they put it; they "don't know what the future holds for them, as long as they have each other, everything will be okay." If you ask me, they are both hopeless romantics; I wouldn't be surprised if they were engaged before the year was up. Of course, as soon as they are engaged, I will be more than happy for them; they are absolutely perfect for each other in every way. Bastards.

Meeting was dismissed, with an emergency meeting scheduled for 5pm tomorrow night. Girls were advised to brainstorm about how we wanted to handle this situation, and bring our thoughts to the meeting the next day.

My roommates and I started heading to our apartment, and Jasper agreed to meet us there with whatever friends he could round up who were interested in helping us out of our predicament. Who were interested in being the first boys in 50 years to join our sisterhood, where the keyword in that sentence was "sister."

Man, this is going to be a long night.


Walking into our apartment, I was not surprise to see Emmett parked in front of the refrigerator, eating cereal out of the box.

"Hey ladies, how was meeting?" Emmett asked, with a mouthful of cereal spewing onto the floor.

"Really, Emmett? Close your mouth and wait until you have swallowed until you talk! You are picking up the Captain Crunch you just ejected out of that huge head of yours," Rosalie said, with a bit of an edge to her voice. It was really obvious that her first meeting did not go as well as she had planned.

"Sorry babe. Why the long face? Anything that I can help with?" Emmett said, this time with no food in his mouth. For being an overgrown "man child," he knew when Rosalie meant business.

"Not unless you want to join Sigma Gamma Beta as part of our first co-ed pledge class in the history of our chapter. If not, then no; there is nothing you can help with."

"What? Hells yes I want to join your sorority! Where do I sign up?" Emmett said excitedly as he followed us into our living room and plopped down onto one of our couches.

Just then, Jasper walked into the apartment and paused in the hallway to take off his shoes. Noting that we were in the living room, he joined us; sitting on the loveseat with Alice.

"Well, boys. This is serious; it involves the future of our group. If we don't get at least one guy to join us, we lose everything. Everything that SBGs had built up for us for 50 years," Rose said with a frown, nervously playing with the hem of her shirt.

Jasper cleared his throat. "Yes, I understand that Rosalie. I am ready to help you guys; I know how much Alice loves this group and I am prepared to do anything to help you out." Jasper said, squeezing Alice's hand in an overly adoring manner.

"I never see you anyways Rosie, and I would love to be able to spend more time with you, even if it's at a 'sisterhood bonding' exercise. You know that I wasn't going to be active in the frat this year because of the trouble that we got in last year with the dean, and this would be a perfect replacement activity for me," Emmett said with a sincere look on his face.

"Well, this is all fine and dandy you guys. But it doesn't look good for us if the only men we can get are the ones that are dating the president and one of the vice presidents," I said with a frown. It's not like anyone at nationals would really know that unless they did some major digging, but I didn't want that worry to hang like and ax over my head when we got our chapter review in three months. Sure, we would be following the rules, but only slightly because the guys weren't joining the group for the honor of being Sigma Gamma Betas, but for their girlfriends. That wasn't good enough for me, for my standards that I held of myself. I would have to find at least one more guy to pledge our group.

Jasper cleared his throat, causing our attention to fall on him. "Oh Bella, don't worry. I found one other guy who said that he would join us. Not necessarily for the best of reasons, but beggars can't be choosers…"

The sentence was barely out of Jasper's mouth before I heard someone else enter the apartment. Straining my neck to see who our visitor was, I saw a head of bronze hair and froze in place. That better not be him, I thought to myself.

Rounding the corner, I saw him: the boy I had crushed on for almost three years. The boy who broke my heart without even knowing it, the boy whom I really never cared to see again.

Opening his perfect mouth, he grinned and said, "So, I hear that you need a sorority boy, so to speak. Edward Cullen, at your service."

With that, I felt dread fill my stomach. I was completely wrong a few hours ago when I thought that this year would be one of our greatest. I should have aimed at the other end of the feelings spectrum…this year was turning out to be one of the worst in my life.

A/N: Yes, this is an Edward/Bella story…don't worry!

Like I said...please give this story a chance, even if you think that it is OOC for Bella to be in a sorority...keep in mind that this sorority isn't what you would consider a "normal" sorority!