To my awesome, beautiful and perfect little readers-

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am not, under any circumstances, going to give up on "I'll Stand By You".

If any of you guys have written a story before, I am sure that you have found that it is most difficult to wrap up what you have written, especially if you have a lot of time invested into the story.

So, basically, I am struggling with finishing the story the way that I want to finish it.

AND it doesn't make it any easier that real life has been nuts for me lately! I just found out that I am (gasp) pregnant and that has basically turned my life upside down 'cause the pregnancy was not a planned one (!).

So, my dear readers, have faith, and let's hope that my crazy bitchy pregnancy hormones make it possible for me to finish this little story up for you guys soon!!


Michelle 3