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The Courts of the Seelie and Unseelie stood inside the Throne room of the Crystal Castle. As the High Prince of the Seelie, High King of the Unseelie, and the GoblinKing and his wife, princess, and queen were crowned the High King and Queen of the Seelie.

Their eldest watched. Not too much later her uncle would be crowned GoblinKing. Her looked out over the crowd. She didn't trust any of them. Well, she trusted one, but he wasn't present. Something had happened in his kingdom and he had not been able to make it.

She knew her parents knew that many did not like the idea that her father was the High King of the Seelie. The Unseelie they were fine with, but not the Seelie. All because of who her grandfather was. But she knew the story of her grand parents along with her parents. And she had vowed that she would marry only for love and nothing else.

The High Princess looked around her. She would miss the Castle Beyond The Goblin City, but the Crystal Castle was home now.

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