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"Hmm, Interesting." Speech

"What is that crazy Bosmer doing?" Thinking

A single torch lit the room, illuminating a small chapel. A man in armor sat in supplication, gloved hands clasped before his helmeted head. Dark, leather pads and straps encased his body in the style of the Dark Brotherhood. (1) A low rushing noise echoed through the underground sanctum, a testament to the strength of the concrete walls separating them from millions of gallons of water not a meter away.

A woman dressed in netch (2) leather, Dark Elf by appearance, gave a report on the mission she had been assigned, head bowed toward the kneeling man.

"Telvus Banus is dead, poisoning, yesterday evening." The Elfin woman kept her silence for half a minute. Raising her head, "Grandmaster?"

The praying man tilted his head down and slightly to the right, a sure sign that he had fallen asleep while praying to Melphala, the goddess of trickery and the patron of the Morag Tong. (3) Faye, the reporting assassin, sighed. This wasn't a new occurrence, not by far, though it was still really annoying.

She took a, conveniently-placed, wooden staff leaning against the wall and bonked the sleeping Grandmaster assassin on the head. Aforementioned Grandmaster convulsed once, trying to stand even though his legs had fallen asleep, which made for an entertaining sight.

"A-ah, Faye! What brings you here, luv?" She couldn't see his face but she guessed, accurately, that he had a big, sheepish grin plastered on his face. She merely shook her head, aid waving behind her.

"Banus, dead, yesterday evening." Faye handed the staff to the struggling Wood Elf on the floor. He got up, legs wobbling, and addressed his subordinate.

"Good, good. Your money is with Marcus as always. Oh! Did you manage to get that other item?"

A delicate eyebrow raised at the foolish question. "Of course, you didn't expect any less did you?"

The masked man gave a warming chuckle, "Never, love, never."

Faye untied a small pouch and tossed it to the Grandmaster. A throwing star quickly followed, nipping the man's fingers. "Oh, and I'm not your 'love', sir."

"Of course not, love, of course not." Faye smirked and sauntered up the stairs (4) and down the hall, looking for the elusive accountant.

The leathered man waited until she was out of hearing range before tossing the staff aside, all pretenses of weakness forgotten, and addressed the thin man hiding in the flickering shadows. "Nekros, report."

Dresses like the Grandmaster, the lithe figure pushed away from the wall, avoiding the torchlight as best as possible. "The clans are restless, the church is hunting more and more vigorously for the last of our kind. Many wish for asylum within your lands, but are afraid of double cross."

"The Telvanni (5) have always been receptive toward Vampires, we consider them 'interesting'. Your people have asylum within my realm."

The vampire spy nodded once, a hint of hesitation tinged his thanks. "Thank you, Archminister… one other item of business, my lord. The Aundae prophets have fortold a… chilling prophecy. We believe it is about you, Lord Penbrooke."

The temperature in the room plummeted, the torch died out, plunging the room into total darkness. "Report." The killing intent nearly choked the undead man.

"A boy of thrice destiny shall appear,

To the Lord of Murder and Falsity.

Saved from a destiny of bondage and slavery,

To one of hidden blades and false idols.

The man with hands stained black,

Shall raise the blessed child as an heir.

And upon his death bed,

The assassin will be redeemed.

A lightning bolt shall herald his coming." (6)

A deep moment of contemplation settled over the two, each lost in their thoughts. Zaphyr Pembroke (7), Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, Archminister of House Telvanni, Archmage ot the Mages Guild, Master Thief of the Thieves Guild, Hero of Vvardenfell (8), commanded the Vampire Lord at his side, "Alert the Guild, keep all eyes open, I want to know everything anyone can find. Go."

There was no confirmation, just a quick brush of air next to him. The torch relit, bursting forth like a phoenix. Zaphyr's hand tightened around the artifact Faye had recovered. "Looks like you will play a bigger part than expected, daemon."

Edit: Ooh, spooky. This is the first rewrite of what I hope to be very few. Anyway, on to the notes.

(1) Google "Dark Brotherhood Armor". Look for the Morrowind version with the facemask.

(2) Google "Netch". It's a hard…animal to explain.

(3) A guild of Imperial assassins in the service of the Emperor.

(4) To any of the die-hard fans who know the layout to the complex…I…kind of screwed with the layout. Now it's a short corridor, then a flight of stairs, then another short corridor before the chapel.

(5) Telvanni is one of the three 'Great Houses', along with Redoran and Hlaalu. They are mainly wizards and spell casters who inhabit large, plant-like towers along costal regions.

(6) If anyone can come up with a better prophecy, send it to me and I may replace the current one with yours.

(7) Pronounced 'Zuh-fear'.

(8) Vvardenfell is the island on which the events of 'Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind' take place."