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Harry had done everything that they had asked of him, he stopped being a child when he really had not had the time to truly start being one, he fought in a war that he did not understand and killed a man thought to be invincible while surrounded by his minions. You would think that the Wizarding World would finally let him be himself and perhaps acknowledge his efforts. They decided that he was too powerful to let roam freely, they chained his magic and threw him into the bowels of Azkaban before he had even had the chance to recover from the final battle. Dumbledore was through using Harry as a weapon of war, Remus had died in the months preceding the end, Sirius had died in fifth year, the Weasleys (minus Fred, George, Bill and Charlie) were hoping to gain access to his vaults when he died, and Hermione was only friends with him to become a well to do witch and overcome the boundaries set for muggleborn witches. They thought that by placing him in Azkaban that he would no longer be a problem for their plans and gain access to his vaults and properties, but they certainly got a surprise.

Harry had them pegged a long time ago, he had all of his assets moved to a specialized vault that could not, under any circumstance be entered by anyone but himself, his properties were kept under a Fidelus charm with him as the sole secret keeper, and he had spent a good amount of time befriending the Goblins as well as all of the other magical races. Even the Dementers would listen when he spoke, so even their punishment was a waste of his time and theirs.


"Lord Potter, we would like to offer you a very fortuitous opportunity that we have discovered within the old Goblin Hall." Griphook felt deep hatred every time he saw what the wizards had done to the Savior, even though the Dementers did not feed off of the young man he was not in good shape. The Aurors had stopped bringing food down to his cell so the Dementers had been sustaining the youth's body with their unique energy. It had caused his appearance to change dramatically, his skin had paled to a luminescent white that had a soft blue shading to it, his hair had straightened and flowed gently to the floor, his eyes no longer needed those unsightly glasses and the biggest change was to those eyes, they were now filled with an almost unnaturally bright glow.

"You sound very excited Griphook, it must be quite the discovery." Lord Potter's voice was like silk over steel, it sent shivers up and down Griphook's spine.

"We have found the mirror of eternity, it is an artifact that is said to have the power to grant one wish to one who has been betrayed by those without vision. It may only be used once and it has been decided that you were the best candidate for the wish." Griphook hadn't been surprised that that vote had been completely unanimous that Lord Potter was to be the one to make the wish.

Lord Potter's eyebrows raised before he fell into deep thought. "I do believe that I know the very wish, though I will need the help of all magical beings, save wizards, to make the wish worthwhile."


It took a little over a year to complete the preparations for Lord Potters wish, he would not tell anyone what he was going to wish for but with everything that he was going through to make it happen, it was going to be huge. After everything was taken care of the Goblins freed Lord Potter from Azkaban, he had not wanted to be freed before, and took him deep into the bank, farther then any human had ever been before, and led him to the mirror.

To the naked eye the mirror looked no different from any other, but it glowed with golden light to those with magical sight. Lord Potter gazed into the mirror with a quiet resolve, he knew that this wish was his very last chance at life. He had considered many options, but went with the only one that would benefit not only him but all those that stood with him and all those that he had lost. The mirror glowed with a brilliant white light for a moment before the light faded along with the very world around it.


"It's a boy!" Lily Potter had tears in her eyes as she looked at her newborn son. He looked like something from a fairy tale, his hair was long and ebony black with two blood red sections framing his face, he had ruby red lips, a button nose, and his eyes were a bright emerald green that shone with an inner light. She instantly fell in love with him, only to feel fear when she heard the head nurse gasp rather audibly.

"Is there something wrong with my baby!" She wouldn't be able to handle that, she knew it.

The head nurse looked up from his birth chart with a soft smile. "Of course not, he's a perfectly healthy little boy. His chart shows that he has a magical creature heritage, it won't tell us what kind of heritage, as that is private to the family, but it is very strong. It is a very good thing, don't worry." The nurse put the chart at the end of the bed and turned towards the door. "I'll send your husband and his friends in on way out."

James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter crowded into the room as soon as the nurse left. "Are you ok? What about the baby?"

"Calm down boys, both the baby and I are perfectly fine." Lily laughed as they gathered around to look at the new arrival. "James, darling, do you know if there is a history of magical creatures in your family?"

James tilted his head to the side. "Of course, Lilyflower, all pureblood families intermingled with a least one kind of magical creature to strengthen the bloodline, why do you ask?'

Lily watched as her baby yawned cutely. "The nurse told me that he had a very strong creature heritage, I just wanted to know if you knew what kind of creature it could be?"

"Well, the Potter family has been very liberal with creature matches to keep from inbreeding so there are quite a few in my line. He might even take after more then one." James gazed at his son in awe, having a creature heritage was a valuable gift, most creatures had a way to find their soul mates, wizards were not so lucky.


Remus watched his friends gather around the newest Potter with mixed feelings. His human side wanted to coo over the baby just like the others but his wolf half wanted to snatch the baby and hide him from the world. It frightened him and thrilled him at the same time, he had waited for years to find his sub, and now he knew that his best friend's son was his. He knew something else though, he was not the boys only mate, he could sense others on the cub, he couldn't tell who they were, just that there were more of them. He didn't care that he would have to share, just that he would one day have a family.


Miles away a man shot up in bed, wide awake and entranced, his sub had finally been born into the world. Soon he would no longer be alone in the world, soon he would have a family to call his own.


On the other side of the world a man felt a strong jolt run though his heart, his little one had entered the world. He would find him, and protect him from the world.

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