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"How do you know so much about brooms?"

Hermione sounded merely curious so Angelus felt that it was alright to answer her. "My father is rather obsessed with brooms; he was a Quidditch player during his own school years and still flies more than he does almost anything else. He gave me my first training broom when I was three. A lot of pureblood parents do because it's an easy way to teach children about how magic works when applied to an object permanently." Most of the students, even some of the purebloods were looking at me curiously from where they were hovering on their brooms. Madam Hooch was busy helping some of the less coordinated children on the other side of the field. "Take the castle itself for example. The Founders put an enormous amount of magic into its creation to make it and every student adds to that magic every time they use a spell. Over so many years it caused the castle to gain a mind of its own in a way, which is why the stairs move and rooms can sometimes end up in the other end of the castle."

"Why isn't that in any of the books that I've read about the castle?" Hermione almost sounded offended and many of the muggleborn Ravenclaws mirrored her look.

"It's considered to be common knowledge among the pureblooded families so it doesn't really get talked about with anyone else. Every pureblood family that still follows the tradition lives inside of an ancestral manor for that very reason so that generations from now the manor will have soaked up enough magic to react to a threat without the family having to react nearly as quickly."

"It also gives the house a personality." Draco seemed to flourish under the attention as he continued the explanation. "My family's manor has soaked up enough of the families' magic to have gained the same love of beauty and style that we Malfoys pride ourselves in. Every part of the manor stays spotless no matter how long it's been since it was last seen to and anything gaudy or tasteless is ejected immediately."

"So your house is just as stuck up as you are huh?" Ron seemed almost pleased to have come up with that one, even though almost no one laughed as loudly as he did.

Draco didn't even flush; he just sat up straighter and pulled off his father's drawl so well that Angelus had to glance at him just to make sure that Lucius hadn't actually shown up. "I'm sure that your family wouldn't know anything about being 'stuck up' with your own noses so close to the ground." Ron easily matched his hair. "Our manor is also fiercely protective of all those we consider family and has some of the best familial wards in Britain."

"You mentioned that only purebloods that 'follow tradition' live in family manors." It was a girl Angelus only vaguely remembered from the sorting, she was a Hufflepuff muggleborn. "What tradition were you talking about?"

"Purebloods and some half-bloods follow a set of traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation since the founding of the Wizarding World. Many wizards and witches simply refer to them as the Old Ways and it could be compared to muggle religion." Many of the muggleborns zeroed in on that, probably the ones whose family held a religion that referred to magic as evil.

"The Old Ways are just pureblood propaganda." Ron puffed up and tried to draw attention but most of the students didn't even turn his way.

"The Old Ways do not favor purebloods or muggleborns; they celebrate the magic that runs in all of veins. It is a way to connect to the magic around us and to our loved ones." Neville was floating rather confidently next to Angelus with a firm grip; it filled Angelus with satisfaction to see more of who he knew Neville could be already showing. "The only reason that some people think that the Old Ways are pureblood propaganda is that they don't teach anything about them in Hogwarts, nor do they have any books on them in the library."

"Why don't they have books on them in the library if it's an important part of the Wizarding World?" Hermione looked mortally offended.

"Some members of the Ministry and Hogwarts Board of Governors think that muggleborns wouldn't be able to handle a change in religion as well as an introduction to magic. That's also why Hogwarts is the only magical school that celebrates the muggle version of Christmas and Halloween only." Draco turned up his nose slightly and looked over the students that were hanging off of his every word with a hint of the superiority Angelus was familiar with, without the scorn that used to accompany it. "Every other magical school teaches the Old Ways to any muggleborn students, but there are several that don't because they don't take in muggleborn students in the first place. Time is given in the other schools to celebrate the magical holidays while the muggle holidays are celebrated publicly."

"If some of you want to learn about them, most pureblood students and quite a few of the half-blood students have probably grown up with them and could answer any questions that you have. There should also be some books that you could owl order the books, but you would probably have to order them from a book seller in another country, I would personally recommend France." Angelus was actually surprised by how many students looked ready to take off in the middle of class to order books. Some looked like the only reason they hadn't was that Madam Hooch hadn't taught them how to land properly yet. His own family celebrated both magical and muggle holidays, his mother wouldn't accept anything less, it gave her extra opportunities to have them all celebrate as a family and his father was more than happy to have extra reasons to celebrate.


Hermione had spent most of her life listening to only the adults around her for guidance; other children had always teased her so she kept herself away from them. She had thought that it would be the same in the Wizarding World too, but now she wasn't so sure. None of the adults seemed to have enough time to handle extra questions and the students seemed more put off by her trying to help than how much she liked to read. Angelus had turned everything end over end for her as well in the flying class. She had read every book in the library about how to fly a broom and none of them mentioned that brooms had a personality of their own.

Books had always been her fall back and now she knew that they weren't as infallible as she thought and that the adults that surrounded her were just as untrustworthy since she had asked about why the rooms and stairs moved and got the answer that it was just a quirk of the castle. She was also thrilled that the Wizarding World had traditions that amounted to religion, especially since they still celebrated muggle holidays too. Her grandparents were really religious and her parents had actually been thankful that they weren't allowed to tell anyone else in the family. Now she would be able to have her own religion that wouldn't call her evil.


"So our little friend," the twins grabbed Angelus as he headed to the Great Hall for lunch, "we have heard that you have been corrupting the little muggle raised children."

"I don't know what you're talking about; I only answered a question with the help of Neville and Draco." Angelus never questioned how the twins knew about something that had only happened an hour ago, they always seemed to know about anything they deemed interesting that happened. "Any chaos that occurs after my explanation is strictly not my fault and won't be traced back to me at all."

The twins grinned with little stars floating in their eyes. "You are truly worthy of the bloodline of our heroes."


Professors and older students alike stared in horrified fascination as a legion of owl order owls started streaming into the school about a week later. They barely managed to avoid each other as they made their way toward their recipient. Apparently word of what had been said was passed to a couple of years as even some fourth years were receiving owls. It was fun to watch their eyes light up before they secreted the books, still wrapped, in their school bags and looked up like nothing had just happened. The twins were rolling, literally of course, all over the floor for several minutes before they pulled themselves back onto the bench and ignored all the curious looks.

"Well, it seems quite a few of you received something today, perhaps one of you would like to let everyone else in on this wonderful trend." You could have heard a cricket with how quiet the hall went, the older students had no idea what was going on and the younger ones remembered that the books were outlawed in Britain. "I suppose that that's a no." Only those who really knew Dumbledore could tell how frustrated he was. "On another note, the Halloween feast is coming up and the normal rules still apply. No families or friends will be allowed into the school and all students must be in the Great Hall for the entire feast. However there will be holiday decorations and treats for everyone to enjoy."

The muggleborns who ordered the books looked around at the pureblood and half-blood children to see the looks of insult that crossed briefly before they smoothed their faces off and returned to eating, completely ignoring the Headmaster. They all decided right there to read the book the moment they had a free period.

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