Author's Note: Now I know most people hate Denny being back in the show. The first time I saw him return I was like what the hell. But then I saw his face when Izzie finally worked out what was happening... and I felt sorry for him. So... I wrote this, it's a bit depressing but the whole situation in the show is isn't it. This one-shot tells of Denny's feelings about what he is doing there. I hope you like it and would love a review if you have a minute.


He is being selfish… he knows he is. Who would not know if they were in this situation? She thought he was here for her. Truth was... he was here for him.

He had been asked of course - to come here and be the one to tell her. Then again, he had fought the argument that she should know. Looking back he knew, the other side was right... he wanted to tell her because he wanted her to know she would soon be with him.

Well that plan had gone to hell… literally.

Karev. The name made him flinch. Since he had died he had been fixated on Izzie, but she had moved on. It had hurt... more then anything he had ever felt, but what could he do?

Laughing at his thoughts, he grimaced as he watched her enter the other man's room. It was over. She consumed his thoughts, and when he had first come back, he thought he consumed hers. Not true, it was fake. He saw that now... his whole reason for being here was a lie. She had told him to leave. Cried and shouted at him... then she had said the words that he could not forget. She hated him. He would have to remember those words until the end.

Closing his eyes, a tear ran down his cheek. No one else was here so he let it fall. What shame could he possibly be embarrassed of? There in his memory carved forever like his name on his grave was... her. Before he had come back, the memory he always saw was her accepting his proposal. Now though... it was her crying and angry with him. If he had been alive, he knew this would have killed him. Instead, it made him cry harder. He had always worn his heart on his sleeve. Normally it had been a good thing... but now she had crushed it.

He had never meant to tell her like this. She had been stubborn though and found out in the worst way possible. It was his fault of course. Feeling his soul being tugged, he looked upwards. It was time... time for him to go again. Nevertheless, he shunned it. Pushing his shoulders back, he walked away from the light.

Stopping in the corner, he waited for her to appear again. This time though she or anyone else would not see him. This time he would watch her alone. He would wait... wait for her to join him. However now, he would follow her silently. He had time... all the time in the world to watch as her life began its slow descent to death.

Then... when she finally lost her hold he would appear again. This time she would forgive him and a new memory would form. They would be together. He knew he was obsessed... he knew he was hooked... but what he did not know was he was being watched.

Above, others looked down watching as this little scene played out. They knew the ending. Unfortunately, for Denny they had never told him what would happen. Yes, he would wait... and yes, she would die. However, not now... later... much later. With children and a dead husband surrounding her bed. Then when she went, it would be the other man's arms she ran into. Not his... not Denny's. He would lose out again to the man he hated, Karev.

So they cried.

Angels wept, as a dead man's obsession became his hell on earth. For eternity he would struggle to continue to watch the one he loves, love another. Then finally when he was free from his obsession he would return to the light. But for now he was still an addict... A dead man with an obsession.