The human legendz.

I do not mean for the first part to reference to Obama. it's just an unnamed president.

Disclaimer, I do not own Legendz or any of it's characters.


It is the year 2009. After years of training, I am now an excellent soldier. I, single handedly, disarmed twelve bombs in five minutes and therefore saved the president from dying a horrible death. Some would say I was very skilled and knew what I was doing, but

that would be a lie. I had had no previous bomb defusal training. I somehow managed to find the president after all my squad had been killed. He was guarded by twelve terrorists. After calling for backup, the airforce, using a spy drone, detected the bombs. They had

six times the destructability of a nuclear bomb and only five minutes and thirty seconds remained. No time for a bomb squad, and the terrorists were not going to leave. My orders? Neutralize the terrorists and disarm the bombs. After storming the place, i shot three

terrorists and blew up two more with a claymore. Prepping a flashbang, I tossed it next to the president, blinding the rest of the terrorists. After neutralizing them, I turned my attention to the bombs. Five minutes, three seconds. I got to work. On the tenth bomb, I

screwed up and cut the wire I wasn't aiming for. No bomb exploded. I had luckily cut the correct wire and saved my life. last bomb. ten seconds. nine, eight, seven, six, five. I was in a sweat, indecisive. Milliseconds had now appeared on the screen. Screaming, I took

a wild cut and got the wire. Time left, one millisecond. lucky me. After calling in extraction we waited for ten minutes before the helicopter showed up. We were going home. The next day, the terrorists surrendered. the war was over. I received my medals, three

medals of honor and a purple heart due to being wounded earlier in the war. My life seemed great. I had completed my task, and now could relax.

One year later.

It is now 2010. My injuries from the war have vanished. A new game is being developed using new technology. The name? legendz battle. Basically, it uses holograms to create the illusion of monsters fighting. The developer of this product is Dark Wiz Company, a

toy developer. My friend next door works there, and gave me a sneak preview at what was to come out. the process was in beta testing, a few kids trying them out, but there were a few glitches to be fixed. overall the product still had to be finished. A few months

later, DWC finally perfected the product and it was a big hit. kids were clamoring to get a talispod and a souldoll, the two parts necsessary to play. My friend was in a joy, seeing the product in such popularity. I was glad to see that the world was indeed still

progressing. Unknown to me or anyone in the public, DWC's secret organization had discovered an amazing thing. a few Talispods did not make illusions. some of them actually created real legendz. in their rush, they began collecting souldolls in a frantic attempt to

collect them all and amass an army to get all of the talispods like them. after collecting the talispods, they perfected them and made more, only to be used in the secret organization.

Another year later.

2011, DWC, now were able to summon legendz at will using the talispods and soul dolls. A whimsical question came up. Could a human stand up to a legendz? and survive? DWC began testing. they brought in the best of the best. from the army, marines, you name

it. They put them, with a special ammunition, into an arena where two combantants squared off. A human with Non Lethal ammunition, and a legendz. The ammo caused body parts to act and feel as if it was an actual bullet. a head hit would not kill, but it would

knock out for an hour or so. a hit to the leg would cause it to go dead and slow you down just as a real bullet would. one by one the soldiers fell, and one by one, it became more obvious that a human couldn't stand up, let alone survive. all of the soldiers involved

died, except for one. Me. i was indeed in the best of the best. During the time I fought, I managed to get a hit on the head. lucky. but i also was maimed during the process. I got him as I lay bleeding on the ground. A bunch of paramedics managed to save me, but

my legs weren't functioning well. i was put in intensive care.

One month later.

DWC decided that they were going to try something. They brought in the only surviving soldier. they ran some tests and confirmed that I was in good health. They then injected me with... something. the next morning, i woke to find that my legs, which were gimpy

and weak before, were so no longer. In fact, they were much stronger than before. And this, is where my story begins.


R&R. please do. Also forgot, the soldier is 21, but still 15 at heart. He looks and acts 15 so others at first think he is around 15.