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In the DWC building...

"Interesting... how interesting..." said a voice.

"What... are you planning to do about it?" said another.

"I'm not sure... it is remarkable that he seems to have resisted the serum... At the very least, this delays my plans a bit." said the first, irritation lacing his voice.

"What do you need me to do?" the other asked.

"Bring him in, preferably alive... for now. He is to be considered extremely dangerous and not to be underestimated." The first said with a cold glare.

"Y-Yes sir." squeaked the second.

"And don't cause an uproar."


"We don't need people claiming that we kidnapped someone. Keep it quiet."

"Sir. Yes sir."

My House

Keep it quiet...

That was the first thing sarge had said to me when we were infiltrating the terrorist's headquarters. And boy did I ever. Though I depended on my luck for a lot of things, I had a natural talent was being quiet and stealthy, as I had found out that day.

Bringing myself out of my memories, I realized now that I had remembered more, though not much. I still didn't know my name, but I had to figure it out sooner or later. I had woken up early this morning. It was quiet. Too quiet. Which had prompted my headache

which led to my recovery of that memory. As it was, I had absolutely nothing to do this morning. And so, I decided to do something that I had not done for a very long time...

I went for a walk. Funny how different going for a walk, and walking around are to me. When I go on a walk, it's not just walking because i'm bored, like I do almost every day. Somehow, just a peaceful quiet morning, with the breeze in my face and the sun shining

down upon myself helps me focus, think, and reflect. Today I reflected once again upon what the creepy voice guy over the speakerphone had said to me that day...

"We will call you back at a later time."

What the hell did he mean by that? And who was "He" anyway?

"I think today is a good day to find out." I thought to myself.

Intrigued, I made my way over to the DWC building as quietly as I could.

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