Story Title: The Messy Three and Some Soap

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE – Word of the Week: Graze. Dean finds a disastrous mess and some soap for use.

Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters are not mine. Just the ideas and the mayhem they bring.

Challenge Date: Feb 08, 2009

Word Count: 100

Warning: Rated for Dean's potty mouth. (Author rolls eyes and smacks said potty mouth on the back of the head)

A/N: I was writing the other story for this week's challenge when this scene came to me. So here goes my first attempt at a weechester.


From the floor, Sam smiled ear-to-ear at his older brother and outstretched grabbing hands. "Deanny!"

"We've been looking everywhere for-" Dean trailed off as he noticed disastrous area surrounding the newly turned three year old. "Damnit Sam, what're you doing?"

SMACK! A plastic ball connected the doorframe near Dean's head, and he rounded, furious, to find the house's owner wearing a thunderous look. "The hell was that for?"

"Uh oh," Sam giggled. "Deanny saids bad wordvs."

"That was a graze, not a hit."

"But-" Dean broke off at Bobby's innocent smile and the upraised object.

"Would you prefer soap?"

A/N: And yes, the wording is intentionally misspelled. As I am currently in possession of a three year old son and five year old daughter, I say with pretty good authority that the little buggers, Um I mean little darlings tend not to speak all that clearly at times.