Crossover: InuYasha X Rurouni Kenshin

It was a dark and calm night in old Kyoto. Kenshin was walking along slowly, his waraji making small noises on the dirt ground. He smiled as a wind blew past him, ruffling the bright orange hair. He closed his bright violet eyes, working the muscles in his left cheek gently, and felt the X shaped scar move ever so slightly. Feeling another presence down the road, his eyes opened suddenly. It was a sliver-haired man with this huge furry thing upon his right shoulder.

"Oro?" Kenshin said, startled. The man had a purple crescent moon on the middle of his forehead, and magenta stripes on both sides of his face. Two swords were strapped on the left side of his hip, and he had black armor with a white kimono. Surprisingly, he wasn't wearing a hakama, but another garb that were a sort of ballooning effect. This man was obviously influenced by the mainland. Once they passed each other, Kenshin bowed slightly, and the other man continued, unaffected.

"It is polite to bow back when passing someone." The man stopped, turning on his heel. Both eyes were emotionless.

"I don't bother with humans."

"Are you not one yourself?"

"I am Sesshoumaru, descendant of Inu no Taishou."

"Sessha is sorry, that name has no meaning for me."

"Well then, have some respect for your elders." Kenshin bowed again.

"Sessha is sorry. My name is Himura Kenshin." Sesshoumaru sniffed a little bit.

"You smell of someone that has killed many times before."

"Yes, sessha has done that." Kenshin's eyes clouded over slightly. "Sessha is now a Rurouni to repay for the past."

"What was your name back then?" Sesshoumaru inquired in the same emotionless tone. It sent shivers down Kenshin's back.

"Sessha was the Hitokiri Battousai."

"I know that name. He was one in the war that everyone was terrified of. Once the war was over, he disappeared like the men he killed."

"So poetic for something so horrible," Kenshin murmured. "But enough about Sessha, what about you?" Sesshoumaru walked over to Kenshin, staring the short man down. Frowning slightly, Sesshoumaru started to walk away.

"I am the last of a dying breed, now. Two hundred years ago, my kind was seen in abundance. Both of my companions have died, as I could not save either Rin or Jaken."

"Sessha knows what it feels like to lose a companion," Kenshin said sadly.

"Yes, it is one of the most horrible things in the world."

"At least you didn't kill her," Kenshin murmured so low, he should have been the only one that could hear it. Sesshoumaru responded, though.

"I did, in my own way." Kenshin frowned deeply. Sesshoumaru started to walk away without another glance.

"Good-bye, Sesshoumaru-dono."

"Good-bye, Kenshin."

Sessha – "this unworthy one"; Kenshin's "I"

Hakama – A pair of pants that looks like a skirt.

-dono – an honorific used for samurai

Hitokiri – Assassin

Rurouni – by and large means "wanderer" or "drifter"; Watsuki-sensei invented this word, probably using the word "ronin" (literally "wave man"), which means a masterless samurai.

Oro – Kenshin's way of showing he's surprised, confused, hurt or just plain clueless