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Alphabeta - Part 9 of 9

Y is for Yesterdays:

Shinobu kept their photo albums on the third shelf of the wide bookcase in the living room. He liked to take photos to preserve every memory they had, good and bad, in the albums, so nothing went forgotten.

Miyagi looked through them every once in awhile, enjoying his lazy afternoons with Aya sprawled on his lap like a large spoiled cat, a photo album open on the coffee table before them. They smiled at a photo of Aya on her first bike, they laughed at another photo showing Aya's first baking attempt.

He loved seeing their yesterdays and knowing that their tomorrows would be just as precious and wonderful.


Z is for Zoo:

They spent their very rare vacations in various amusement parks or the local zoo. Aya preferred the zoo, and that fact relieved Miyagi. At least watching animals was an educational experience, and a child should understand how other beings live in order to understand the world's bigger picture anyway.

Aya liked feeding the small animals, especially the energetic apes, even though her first experience with them was less than nice.

She had been eager to feed them, but when faced with the actual task, she hesitated to stick her hand into the cage to reach them. As a result, the apes had been tempted with something out of their reach. They weren't pleased with that, to say the least. That afternoon, Aya came home with a few scratches on her right hand and the knowledge that she should never tease apes again.

See? Very educational.


Aya looked down from the stage, her heart hammering in her throat, and caught her fathers' eyes. They smiled huge, encouraging smiles at her. She took a deep breath, returning the smiles with a grin of her own, suddenly feeling much better, knowing they were proud of her for coming this far, and that she really did deserve their smiles.

The principal called her name, and with another deep breath, she made her way towards the smiling man, taking his hand into a firm handshake. The diploma was handed to her, and she moved on as a new name was called.

She was very happy to be here, graduating after years of hard work, in front of her beloved parents.

She had a beautiful life, and even the hardships - though there had been a lot of them - couldn't make her believe anything else.


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