Pairing: Sakura Sasori
Rating: T+
Genre: Romance/ action
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We all have a weakness,
but some of ours are easy to identify,

Look me in the eye,
and ask for forgiveness.

We'll make a pact to never speak that word again,
yes, you are my friend.

We all have something that digs at us,
at least we dig each other.





Sasori and Sakura had stayed at his second home in the mountains for close to a week. Six days to be precise. nN the seventh, Sakura and he had agreed that it would be best if they return to her red rocks and his work. He had insisted that work was not a problem, what with his muse being at an all time high, but Sakura didn't want to risk him falling behind anymore than he already was.

Deidara had come back once again to inform them of his sudden muse rush and was annoyingly persistent about having a part in Sasori's weeding. He was dead set on being his friend's best man. Anything less and he wouldn't attend. fear of his bugging friend was another one of the reasons that drove Sasori to eventually evacuate his vacation home in favor of his secluded flat out in the red desert.

If he had known what was waiting for him once they returned, he would have never let her leave.

They left early in the morning, deciding they wanted to get home by lunch time to eat whatever it was Sakura had chosen to make. For not having lived very long on the earth, she was an amazingly talented cook that had a special talent for deserts. Being a man that hated to be kept waiting on anything, Sasori would have skipped her meals altogether and go straight for the deserts if the meals had not been so deliciously mouthwatering.

This was one of the many reason he speed and average of twenty five to fifteen miles above the speed limit.

Sasori pulled over and slowed down on the dirt road the led to his house, listening to something Sakura was saying about the plant life when his engine suddenly died. The radio went off and the previously full battery on his phone was depleted.

"What the?" he murmured, climbing out of the car to stand in front of the hood. "Something must be wrong with the engine."

He happy, carefree smile was gone as Sakura picked up his cellular phone and inspected it, unable to turn the thing back on. "But, that wouldn't account for they way your cell phone is behaving. Anything electrical is..." her tone took a nose dive and she began to murmur to herself in some other language that sounded something like fairy talk. Coming to some sort of relization she jumped out of the car and screamed something a second too late to be heard.

The earth in front of them opened up, dust and dirt jumping for the sky in an effect similar to an explosion. But nothing had been fired.

Sakura ran for Sasori and grabbed him, shielding his body with her own. Metal components that had been absorbed into her body days before came on command and formed a protective barrier of sorts around the two of them. The superficial wounds that scraped across her skin quickly healed with the aid of adrenaline. Thankfully, she wasn't seriously hurt. Spending so much time on heart had slowed her healing abilities.

"Are you okay?" she asking in one breath, gasping a bit from fear for her beloved.

"I'm fine, what about you?" He reached up to touch a strand of wire thin metal that sprang from her back.

She smiled softly at his wonder, pulling the metal back into her body. "I'm fine. There will be another explosion soon so we had better move."

The two of them stood and began to sprint off the road, shaken by another blast close to where they had previously stood. They broke out into a full out run, just narrowly missing another objectless explosion.

Sasor wanted to ask what was going on, but was shoved aside in an instant as Sakura skipped into the opposite direction, attracting another explosion. They were following her! Were these the same being that had shot her down in the first place, wounding her to the point where she needed help from a mere human? God, he hoped not. He hoped it was all a mistake that would soon vanish like mist in the late morning.

"Stay back!" She screamed.

"Sakura you-"

"Stay and hide, you'll only get hurt."

As much as it hurt, he understood and saw the truth to her words. She was a fighter and he was an artist.

Sakura jumped into the air, soaring high than any human possibly could, and stood there, void of gravity. Single stands of hair waved around her face, falling and rising every which way as her clothing did the same. nothing seemed to be bound by gravity as long as it was in contact with her, allowing her body to rise and fall as she wished. So that was why her outfits were always so skin tight.

She pulled out a metal rod from her collarbone and swung it at the air, creating a rift that drifted like a ripple, expanding till it hit the invisible object that had been folded into the sky. It was human like, in some ways, but appeared to be two demonsional- like a shadow. It had no face or distinguishing features, just a oval on a body that writhed in pain.

Something in the air behind her wavered and Sakura turned to attack it, a nano second too late. She flew through the sky and crashed down to earth. Sasori called out her name, feeling his heart stop in his chest at the thought of loosing her-something he would never be able to live with. He didn't have to fear for her. She sprang right back up, her clothes torn and dirtied-shooting and retracting spear like rods from her body.

Two, than three more of the black, faceless creatures fell and Sasori though that would be the end to it, but more and more of theses invisible things seemed to exists, since Sakura kept sustaining injuries from seemingly nowhere. Her wrists were both bleeding, making it hard to grasp anything in her hands. She seemed to hate this more that the huge gash that tore down her right lef or the slice through her abdomen. A cut from navel to brest freed her shirt and hindered her movements, slowing her down to where she had to abandon it all together and fight in only her undergarments and jeans.

She didn't seem to be tired, but Sasori knew that deep wounds like these would take a long time for her to heal. He had watched her recover from the first set when she had turned up on his doorstep. She could take a lot more than he or any other human could, he knew that, but not knowing how long she would have to suffer tore up Sasori's insides.

He was about to go man in suspense when something like lighting ripped through the sky and struck down two of the black things. Projectiles of ice shot down and killed another three at once. Sakura didn't stop to question the help, using the opportunity of confusion with the enemy to strike another four fatal blows. She used a detatched metal rod as a current to inflict double the amount of damage to one, killing him in half the effort with a defining crackle. The air began to smell of the disintegrating bodies.

Sakura stilled and retracted the metal that was still in her hands back into her body. She looked weary, but relieved-her smile told him that. There weren't any of those things around, it seemed. That was either the end to the faceless creatures or they decided it healthier to retreat and live while they still can.

The invisible floor underneath her collapsed and Sakura drifted to the ground, landing on her feet.

"Sakura!" he cried, jumping up from his flattened position on the ground and running towards her. She looked up at him and smiled, lifting up an arm to accept his embrace. He didn't make t into her arms, having been pushed aside by a wall of swirling water.

"Zabuza stop! He's good!" Sakura called out, turning towards her fallen love only to be held back by a man flickering with electricity. "Kakashi, you too? Let me go."

There was a man, tall and dark looming over Sasori. His navy colored hair spiked off to one side as he coxed his head to get a better look at the floored human. "You can't trust these humans, Sakura. You should know that better than most. You were there at the liberation."

Sakura shrugged off Kakashi's hug like restraint and took a quivering steep towards the taller man who was wearing only a pair of camouflage gray pants and a belt across his chest. "I know that well, Zabuza, but Sasori isn't like those people, he's an artist-"

"You should bother to remember their names, Sakura." Kakashi said,coming up behind Sakura to support her and also hold onto her least she try something drastic. To Sasori it looked like an excuse for physical contact. "The last time you chose to have a relationship with a human being was also with an artist, wasn't it? That did not turn out well for anyone in the end."

Sakura frowned, looking back over her shoulder at her older 'brother' and friend. "Sasori is different that Sai. He won't hurt me. And even if he wanted to, he couldn't."

Hurt? Sakura hadn't mentioned that about the artist named Sai. Had he tried to do her bodily harm when she tried to leave him? That sounded likely as well as plausible. People that find themselves in obsessive relationships often jump to extremes.

Zabuza took a steep away from Sasori who stood up shakily, dripping wet, and took a position beside Sakura to stroke her hair. "I don't care about their abilities. What concerns me is their intent and their nature as human beings. There are some things you can not deny nor defend Sakura. They are beings of destruction, not worthy of our second glances."

Kakashi shrugged, exhaling through his mask. "It doesn't really matter, though. You're going to come home with us and leave all this drama behind. this human will soon be dead. he's already used up much of his life."

"That's where you're wrong, Kakashi. I'm planning on staying with Sasori."

The two alien males looked at each other over her head and chuckled. "Come on, Sakura. Stop fooling around. Everyone misses you and wants you back...well, most of them. The older farts couldn't care less about much of anything," Kakashi answered in a casual voice.

"He's right Sakura. And you should know better that one or two more weeks isn't worth risking another encounter with the monsters. You can't stay here. You're not strong enough to mask your essence like the elders."

"I'm not planning on masking my essence." Sakura replied darkly, refusing to look either in the eye. "I aim to destroy it completely and live and die as the humans do."

Sasori felt something like a third wheel as the three of them talked about matters he had little to no knowledge of. But when she spoke of planning to live and die as a human, something like pride welled up in his chest. She loved him enough to do that. To throw away all that she was and become his.

The feeling didn't last long. The one Sakura had addressed as Zabuza was quick to launch another pillar like wave of water in his direction. Sasori jumped to the side too late to avoid being hit a second time. the malice and hate weaved into the attack was not lost on the red haired artist.

"Zabuza no! Stop it!" Sakura screamed running from their grip to her beloved's side. Kakashi grabbed her a yard short and held her back, unmoved by her tears.

"You can't!" Zabuza all but hissed, his voice sounding like the growl of demons. "We won't allow it!"

"You're delusional Sakura. You can't want death. You're coming back with us ."

Sasori climbed to his knees, choking out water and gasping for breath. "Bastard, let he go," he wheezed out, not at all concerned for himself.

Lightning flickered from Kakashi's form, doing nothing to injure Sakura who was connected elementally to metal, a conductor of the bright force. The two locked eyes for a moment as Zabuza froze a part of the water around the human's legs. Kakashi didn't say anything, but Sasori knew that that look meant the alien knew he could kill this human with a flick of his wrist and have no qualms about the act.

"Kakashi if you dare I swear I'll kill myself all the same!" Sakura screamed, struggling to break free of his restraint. Her blood oozed out faster than before and dripped onto the ground and pools falling over his arms. Her blood on his hands seemed to break the connection between the two.

"Don't say that, Sakura." Zabuza was at her side kneeling down and looking up at her with gentle puppy dog eyes that begged her. "You don't mean it."

"I have never meant anything more in my life. I want what Hinata and Tenten had. I want to have that something so badly and I've found it. You know I'm going to die keeping it, because giving it up or living without it is impossible for me, I'm that far from saving. So, don't you dare try to take that from me because you will only end up regretting it," Sakura hissed, glaring at her loving brothers, both of whom looked as if they had just been informed that their whole family or entire world had been obliterated. Both of them looked young, but the weight of this realization seemed to age them five to ten years.

The stared at him in disbelief for a while before Kakashi spoke up. "Hinata and Tenten were foolish. They didn't know what they wanted and the certainly didn't know what they were getting when they gambled on the prospect of throwing away their immortality for love." He spoke the last word as if it were a curse.

"Don't be foolish, we love you Sakura, and we're willing to care for you for not a limited period of sixty some odd years. We'll cherish you for millenniums! You can't logically think this through if you're willing to throw all you have away from only a instance of pleasure!"

"It's the only pleasure I'll ever have." Her cold glare melted into a smile as she looked over at Sasori who was watching with pride and fear for her safety. This feeling was amazing and she wasn't about to give it up. She turned back towards Zabuza who was close to tears and held his face in on of her blood drenched hands. "Maybe one day you'll understand when you find someone on earth."

"Sakuraaaaaa," he breathed, seemingly defeated. How could she say such things to him when she knew about how he felt towards him? She was too cruel.

"Zabuza," this time it was Kakashi who spoke to him. "Let's go."

"What? You're not serious!"

Kakshi smiled that age old smile of his, comforting Sakura who had studied under him as his student. "Sakura has made up her mind and I love her enough to respect that. We should let her be now before she threatens to not invite us to the wedding. You will do that, won't you?"

Sakura giggled and smiled, falling on her rump. "Of course, i'll have you there. Thank you, Kakashi."

"I don't understand," the water wilder growled. "You're giving up? Just like that? I can't believe you Kakashi, that's pathetic, even for you."

Kakashi left Sakura's side and clamped a hand down on Zabuza's shoulder. "No, my friend, that is what you call love." And just like that, the two were gone, along with the ice and water that once bound Sasori to the earth.

Freed, he jumped up and ran to her side, hugging her fiercely despite the blood that stained his attire. He kissed her face and whispered her name to himself like a mantara, greatful to have her by his side after a seemingly long time that looked as if she would leave him.

"I'm never letting you out of my sight again, damn it."






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