"What's happening?" Yohmei cried. "Why can't we penetrate her? What is that light that's surrounding her?"

"It's her power," Kino said after a moments thought. "I think her past self is trying to change her decision."

"Her past self?" Anna asked as she slowly walked towards her sister. She tries to touch her sister's hand but then an invisible force is stopping her.

"Yes. The seven-year-old Hanna must be doing something."

"Hanna!" Hao cried as he went inside the temple. He saw them around the object that he's been looking for which is surrounded by a bright light. He run towards it but then Kino blocked his way.

"What are you doing in here, you demon!" she asked him angrily.

"Let him, Kino," Anna said quietly. "I led him in here."

"Why?" Yoh asked as he stood beside her.

"It is because everything must be turned the way it should really be," Anna told him. "And that is Hanna must stay with Hao for she is the only reason for him to realize the good side of all things, including humans and us shamans." She turned towards Hao and smiled. "I believe that light will only admit you."

Hao then slowly approached Hanna and gently reached her hand. The moment his hand made contact with hers, the light suddenly vanished and she fell in his arms.

Hao saw Hanna slowly opened her eyes and focused on him. He saw her smiled at him and gently touched his cheeks. At this, a kaleidoscope of memories is shown on to him. He now remembers that time he became a shaman. A girl of about one year younger than him suddenly hugged him and told him many things. He remembers everything that she has exactly said to him. He remembers her strong emotions reaching towards him, her…love. And now, he remembers that the girl was Hanna.

He slowly smiled and told her, "So it was you, huh. You used your powers to visit me that time, right Hanna-chie?"

"Remember it all, Hao," she smiled back at him. "I love yo-"

Hanna lost consciousness and fell into deep slumber before she could able to finish what she was trying to say to him.

"Thank you, Hanna-chie," Hao said as he held her tightly in his embrace. "I love you, too.

"She's awake," Anna called him. Two weeks have passed after what happened. Hao never left Hanna. He secretly wished that she would wake up sooner. He can't really help feeling so helpless. The longer he waits, the more anxious he felt. 'What if she wouldn't recognize me anymore?' He usually asked himself during those times.

"And I'll still love you even if I can't remember you anymore." He remembered her saying that to him that time. So that means there might be a chance that the moment that she'll open her eyes and see him waiting for her, she won't remember him.

"I just hate this kind of things," he muttered as he went inside. He saw Hanna on the bed staring blankly at the ceiling. 'That's a bad sign,' he thought as he started to walk towards her letting the door close behind him, shutting them together from the rest of the world outside, his anxiety slowly building up inside him.

"Hanna?" he whispered faintly as he slowly kneeled beside her bed. Then in a strong voice he called again, "Hanna."

He watched as Hanna slowly turned and gazes onto him. Her eyes are blank and she didn't smile at him.

She just stared hard at him for some time. She then raises her hand slowly towards him. Hao suddenly stiffened and watched her actions. 'What's this?!' he thought frantically. 'Did she really lose everything? Is that the price for using her powers?'

Her hand had at last touched his cheek and she asked him in a very weak voice," Who are you?"

At her question, Hao's feelings plummeted and he felt empty inside him.

"I'm Hao Asakura," he replied slowly as he took both of her hands with his own. He squeezed them gently and continued, "Don't be afraid. I'm a friend."

"So you're just a friend?" she asked him slowly. There was something in her voice, but Hao was thinking so hard that he didn't catch it.

"Well, yeah," he responded. 'If I told you that I'm supposed to be your boyfriend, you still wouldn't remember me, ain't it?' he thought sadly. 'I guess I'd better start again from the beginning. I'm ready for it, anyway.'

She removed her hands from his and started again to reached for his face. Hao just sighed and let her. He was so down right now to even move. And he was surprised when he felt her pinched both of his cheeks so hard.

"What the heck are you doing?!" he shouted at her as he scrambled to sit up but then her grip on his face was strong that he fell down on the bed.

He felt her take off her hands from his face and he heard her started laughing.

"What was that?" he asked her smugly as he composed himself and sat beside her bed when she motioned him.

"You really look cute looking so…so glum, Hao," she told him and laughed again. "Even the look of surprise on your face really is so cute!"

"You can go on laughing there," he said. "But then after that, you need to explain to me everything and prepare for my revenge."

"Ooooh, scary," she laughed again as she took something behind her. It was a small wooden box. When she opened it, he saw bits of sparkling things inside it. He recognized what it is.

"It's the bracelet that I gave you," he said still looking at it. "But why is it like that?"

"Well, I'm really sorry that I broke every peace of it," she said sadly. "But then, thanks to it, I didn't lose all my memories…of my sister and especially, of you."

"What do you mean by that?"


Hanna slowly opened her eyes and she saw that she was still inside that "black hole". She saw in the bubble in front of her that everyone was panicking outside.

"What happened?" she asked to herself as she started to sit up.

"You lost your consciousness and drifted back here to the present," the girl replied sitting beside her.

"Whoa!" she cried. "Don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry," the girl smiled at her and then her face suddenly turned grim.

"Did we fail?"

"I wouldn't know," the girl replied. "The only thing I'm sure of is that you've done the best you can do. And time will tell. Well, time, that is when you'll open your eyes after this."

"What do you mean by that?" Hanna asked. She can't understand what the girl was trying to say to her.

"Well, after you'll open your eyes, you wouldn't remember anyone anymore. You'll be just like a doll with no soul."

"What?! Don't tell me I exhaust every bit of my memory when I was there?"

"Hell, yeah," the girl said. "That's why that time; your body was trying itself to take you back to the present. It can't hold on anymore with all your memories been erased."

"So that means, I'll not remember anyone even myself the moment I'll open my eyes," Hanna whispered.

"That's right!" the girl cried.

"Noooooo!" Hanna cried back at her. Then she stopped when she saw Hao in the bubble. Kino tried to stop him from getting near her. But she saw her sister intervened and let him through.

"Whoa, here he comes," the girl said as she slowly stood up. "Bye now, Hanna. Good luck!"

"Wait!" Hanna cried frantically. "What should I do.? What should I do?!"

The girl gazed hard on her then Hanna noticed the girl looked at the bracelet that she was wearing and gently smiled," Don't worry, Hanna. You know, everything will turn out the way it should really be. And that means…"

Before the girl was able to finish what she was saying, her bracelet and the bracelet that the girl was wearing suddenly glowed.

"Uh, what's happening?" she asked the girl. But before the girl was able respond her question, both of their bracelet suddenly broke into pieces.

"No!" Hanna cried as she frantically tried to scoop up every broken pieces of her bracelet. She remembered this bracelet was given to her by Hao. "This can't be happening! Why did it brake?"

"It has served its duty, Hanna," the girl said calmly. "It sacrificed itself in place of your memories."

"What do you mean?" Hanna wearily asked the girl. She can't believe that the most precious thing that was given to her by Hao is now…gone.

"You know that it is your memories that's should be gone by now. But then, the bracelet that was given to you since the first time you two met, every memories that you two made was stored in it," the girl explained. "And because those times when you two were together are the time that you really cherished the most. Also, when those memories were erased, the memories stored inside your bracelet grow and as time goes by, it became sufficient enough to substitute itself as a sacrifice when you used your powers to travel back in time."

"Whoa, your explanation is so deep," Hanna said. "But then again, I understood every bit of it. And now, I'm thankful that it…happened, thankful but a little sad."

Well, that's how it should really be," the girl smiled and said. "Then Hanna, good luck, and…goodbye now."

"That's how it happened," Hanna said as she lovingly stoked the pieces in the box. She was surprised when Hao suddenly hugged her tightly and the box fell down on the floor. The sounds of the bits of bracelet hitting the woods mark the silence around them.

"I'm so happy that it all happened, Hanna," he emotionally said. He hugged her more tightly and continued, "You don't know how much I've been through. I'm so thankful on what you've said that time. And I'm still thankful that you reminded me every bit of it."

"No sweat," Hanna said. She slowly smiled and hugged him back. "I'm doing all of this just for you to be happy, Hao, just for you."

"Thank you so much, Hanna." Hao said gently, then, "And I love you..."

"Wee..." Hanna said gleefully. "You said the "L" word."


"Oops...alright, alright...I love you too, Hao."


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