Christine Hughes


Dear Journal,

I am sorry for my shaking hand, but I just can't get what happened in the graveyard out of my head (maybe it's witches?). Hucky and I were just minding our own business, trying to find a cure for warts, and suddenly heard something. Journal, can you keep a secret? Well, we witnessed a murder. It's true, or shall God strike me down and deliver me to the ninth level of hell, where the devil himself lives. Dr. Robinson seemed to have taken Muff Potter and Injun Joe to the graveyard to dig up bodies. The bodies he would use to slice open to learn about them since there's not a good medical school here in St. Petersburg. Well, an argument must've broken out because the next thing we see is a drunken Potter lying on the ground (from alcohol, or the fight I do not know) with a dead Dr. Robinson. That filthy half-blood, Injun Joe, was the murderer but used Potter's knife to do the dirty work. Once Potter was awake again, Injun Joe made up this whole lie saying how Potter was the killer. Potter, who was drunk at the time, has no memory of what happened so he believed it. It's a wonder why Injun Joe isn't shot down from where he's standing. He's probably in league with the devil now. It only adds to the story that it all happened during the witching hour to.

-Tom Sawyer