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This is Prim's POV. She's older, 16 (almost 17) years old. 4 years after the Hunger Games, and her sister Katniss has moved out of District 12. Most characters are new, that I've created. Be careful not to judge too quickly. It's just the beginning, an introduction really, to the story called Primrose.

"A Memory"

I'm sitting in a large crowd of people surrounded by my own age-group. I'm wearing a white, delicate dress which has been draped over my childish frame. Heart pounding, pulse racing, I wipe my moistened hands on the sides of my gown to remove the sticky perspiration. By the serious, half-dead expression of everyone's face, I almost instantly know that the reaping is taking place.

With her everlasting "smile," Effie Trinket pulls out a slip of paper in front of her face to read. The smile changes into a nervous, unconvincing one.

She speaks clearly, "Prim Everdeen."

Every single head in District 12 is now facing in my direction. Robotically, I rise to stand on my feet feeling numb. Getting my feet to work, I begin to walk to my new destination that is the podium. The podium where Effie Trinket, Mayor Undersee, and the Hunger Games await for me.

"Prim!" A loud, broken cry is all to be heard. "Prim! I volunteer! I volunteer as a tribute!"

It was Katniss who had just spoken. Who was gathering on the podium just now. Who had just volunteered to save my life. Who has always watched over me, and provided me with food. My provider. My care-taker.

My sister. No.

Gale's strong grip on my arms is unbreakable, and is the only thing holding me back.

Right then, a hysterical scream shoots through my body and escapes my lips.

"No Katniss!"


I wake to a jump start, the sheets flying off of my bed and onto the floor. As I wipe a trickle of sweat from my neck, a gentle "meow" comes over my head. There standing over my head is a scrawny, smirking creature covered with golden, tabby fir. Buttercup. Yes, surely he is a feline, but also my best friend.

"Hello, you," I greet him.

His answering meow is interrupted by mother's, "Prim, hurry and get ready or you'll be late for school!"

I get off of my bed grumbling, "Yeah, like it really matters…"

"Prim? Did you hear me?" my mom pokes her head through my door to check and see if I'm really awake. I smile up at her, assuring her I am. Satisfied, she shuts my door and I hear her footsteps heading towards the kitchen.

Her tone, ever since dad has died, has remained hollow and unhappy. Only now, many years later, even the thought of happiness has crossed her mind. No that I can blame my mother, her poor soul. It isn't a time to be joyful. Not as everyone is fighting for food or as the Capitol is controlling everything in Panem (especially District 12, our district). The very definition of happiness is being erased. It is even expected to be remorseful.

Though happiness is becoming easier to reach. Thankfully, the reaping and the Hunger Games doesn't have much effect on me, or more importantly, my sister, anymore. Actually, none at all. My name has already been drawn once and Katniss, along with her partner Peeta, had survived the Hunger Games four years ago. She brought home with her fame and an unbelievable amount of fortune. She now lives in the Capitol, forever a legend. Living a life without worry. She visits often, almost once every two weeks. I still miss her. My mother and I remain in District 12 though thanks to Katniss, we live in a nicer home, supplied with electricity that always runs, and my own room, never having to worry about starvation again. Still, happiness feels so distant.

Now in the bathroom, I start my shower. I jump into the steaming hot, downpour, and begin the world's fastest shower. While rinsing my hair from conditioner, I'm thinking of my reoccurring nightmare, still playing in my head, of the reaping.

It's been almost five years, I think. What's to worry? Why can't I forget?

When I'm out, I present myself with my wardrobe for the day that consists of a light yellow blouse, jeans, and tennis shoes. My rushed morning results in casual wear. Again. I blow dry my hair, and gently wrap my thick, blonde locks into a twist on the side of my neck.

I pack my school bag with my notebook, the History of Panem text book, and other insignificant things, then throw it over my right shoulder. I walk as quick as possible to the kitchen and grab a piece of toast from the toaster that my mother had prepared for me. I left the other piece for her, fed Buttercup my crust, then was out the door.

"I'm going to school, mom!"

Then I begin walking down the street on the sidewalk. The sun was barely out. It was so early. Probably around 6:30 A.M. It seemed school started earlier everyday.

Expectantly at the end of the end of the curb waiting for me was Chrysanth. He was standing there looking out at the horizon with his back turned to me. I went silently to his left side, tapped him on his right shoulder.

"Huh?" His voice cracked. Probably because he was shocked. His head bobbed to the right, then left, and finally saw me. His face brightened and blossomed into a smile.

I giggled. "Hey neighbor," I smirked, amused.

"Nice one, Prim," he said as he pushed his blonde, shaggy hair from his eyes. Chrysanth could never get mad at me.

We began walking to school then. "So, neighbor, you ready for another day of 'school?'" Chrysanth asked me, air quoting what couldn't be said aloud. We both knew what he meant was another day of imprisonment.

"I think you know what my answer is," I laughed without humor. Here we couldn't say what we really desired. Not when the Capitol has placed hidden cameras, microphones, and all sorts of high tech mutations everywhere in the country. Just so we would understand they held that kind of power over us, while they watched us suffer in silence. Just like mine and Chrysanth's "school", we knew it was really another way to have control over us.


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