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Phascination Phase

* * *


"Okay, then 'as long as you're not mad' will you answer some more questions?" He asked with a much more playful tone.

I'm not exactly sure why, but somewhere in my mind I was flattered that he wanted to know more about me. I just waited for his questions, preparing myself. He didn't seem like a stalker.

"So, why did you come back today?" He continued.

I thought to myself. I figured I'd never get the questions I want from him if I don't give him any answers.

I opened my mouth to answer him.

"We-," I was cut short, by a hand being clasped over my mouth.

Rowan's hand.

* * *

Chapter 6


I was then scooped up. Rowan carried me while running, until we were behind the big oak tree, which was about five feet from where we were originally standing. He crouched down behind the tree with me still in him arms. His hand still remained over my mouth.

Then he looked at me. He sat me down beside him, his hand still covering my mouth.

He placed one finger over his own mouth with his other hand as if saying "shh." I nodded once, understanding, then he removed his hand from my mouth.

Then I heard a few crackling noises sounding far from the other side of the thick tree, as if someone was walking on a few leaves. Their walking pace, face.

The sound was growing closer.

I quickly glanced up at Rowan for any signs. His face was turned up towards the sky with his eyes closed, and focused almost as if he were pleading. He appeared to be concentrating extremely hard. I was curious as to know what he was doing exactly.

But, I noticed something I had not fully noticed before. I noticed he had very prominent, angular bone structure that made up for a strong jaw, a straight nose, and nice cheek bones. He also had one of the most flawless complections I had ever seen. With the lit forest, he was glowing radiance.

Rowan's eyes opened once again and looked at me, meeting my eyes. Instead of looking away as a person usually would if caught staring at someone who was having a private moment, I continued to look at him with questioning eyes.

Then there was silence from the other side of the tree. Not the kind of silence you would usually appreciate, but the sort of silence as to where it was making your hair stand up on your neck. The only thing to be heard at all was the gentle stream.

Rowan tore his gaze from mine and looked straight into the tree.

It stayed like this for what felt like two minutes, then it sounded as if someone was getting up off of the ground on the other side of the tree. We listened attentively as the sound started tracing around the tree. Rowan put up an arm to cover my face as if he was… protecting me?

I held my breath, closed my eyes, and waited.

The footsteps shuffled and came to a pause. The footstep's sound then changed direction, back to the stream. It sounded as if they had left.

Rowan put up a warning finger and checked from behind the tree's shadow to see if they had really gone.

He let out one big gust of a breath, "They're gone."

Relief flooded through me and I breathed out, too.

Rowan stood up and walked around the tree. I followed, but first I stood up and checked to see if there was any unwanted dirt on my white shirt, but it seemed in nice enough shape so I went back to the stream.

I found Rowan bent over the stream in the same fashion as I was earlier, was rinsing off his face with it's water.

"Wh-who…?" my voice trailed off.

He stopped throwing water in his face and turned to face my direction. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Who was that? What was that" I tried again.

Rowan's eyes got a little bigger at my question then his mask returned and he turned to face the stream again. "Heck, I don't know," he said nonchalantly.

He would never give me any insight as to what he knows. I was quickly annoyed by him once more. As soon as I was beginning to trust him… yeah right.

I was… even more annoyed at myself. He was only getting information out of me. I was always so naïve no matter how hard I tried. I have always been too forgiving, too trusting, and an over-thinker times 10.

"Huh," I said a few moments later, disbelief and annoyance clear in my voice. "I think it's time I start to be getting home then."

"What? Already?" He laughed.

"Yes, already."

I need to get home before my mom gets home." I told him which was true. Truth was, I was ready to get out of this forest, meadow or no meadow.

"Will you be coming back tomorrow … or ever for that matter ? Or do you think it's too dangerous?" Rowan teased. But I could sense something else behind his teasing.

I thought for a moment, but my thinking was interrupted by him pulling up shirt to dry his face. His abs were hard and toned, and his stomach muscles were visibly outlined. I couldn't help but do anything but not look away.

He pulled back down his shirt, face dry, only to catch me staring… again.

"Well?" He asked a little bit more amused.

"Uhm, not for awhile at least. My sister is coming down for the weekend and I'll be spending a lot of time with her." Why was I telling him this information about my family? Again, I needed to be more guarded. I still wasn't sure if I could trust him.

He nodded his head in an understanding method. Then he started to walk a little closer to where I was standing until it looked like he was going to walk straight into me, but instead he walked right past me while brushing my bare forearm with his hand, but continued to walk past me only to lean upon a tree.

"So, when do you think you'll be back?" He asked again, amusement all but made his eyes pop out of his sockets.

Be like Katniss. I chanted in my head. Be like your strong sister.

"Er… I'm not sure," I said. I saw he was about to ask me another question to quiz me about but I quickly added, " And I wont be sure until I come back. Sorry, but I have to go home now."

"You're saying-," he began.

"That's all," I added slyly enough.

I turned from him to head home. I didn't hear him move from the tree, and I turned just to make sure if he was still there and I caught him staring back at me with a surprised look on his face.

I smiled internally at his shock. I faced the trail once again, and picked up my pace.

Once I was far enough away so Rowan couldn't hear me, I began to laugh to myself at the previous situation.

* * *

As I walk up to the front of my house, I noticed a car outside of my house.

We don't have a car, I think to myself, worry about to start in my head.

Then it clicks.

But I know someone who does.

Without a second thought, I run straight for the front door. When I arrive at the door, I fiddle with the complicated door knob. Not to mention how sweaty my hands were from the previous humid day walk.


Finally, I give another aggravated twist and the door flies open to my great satisfaction.

"Prim!" An excited Katniss says.

"Katniss! You came ear-," was all I could say before I got pulled in for an unexpected, but willing hug from my sister.

"Oh, my apologies," she giggled, then sets me down on my feet again, releasing me from her firm, but comforting grasp.

After she set me back down, I glanced her over. Goodness, she was such a beautiful girl. With her long, silky black hair. Though this time instead of in a braid, her hair was gently sweeping her sides. Her gray, expressive eyes were twinkling with happiness. Her hands remain on my shoulders as she looks at me from the floor up, as well.

"Wow, you are growing up Prim," Katniss sighed, as if she didn't belief it.

"Thanks, you look very nice yourself," I compliment her back. Then I wrapped my arms around her one more time.

After our embrace, she motions for me to come in, as if she had been the one to invite a guest inside her home.

"Is mom still not home yet?" I ask her.

"No," she said. "She is still at work, I believe."

After a brief moment of silence and sitting on the sofa, Katniss begins to talk again.

"Prim," She speaks, sternly this time. "I have to show you something. Well, more like someone."

I nod my head at her for her to go on.

She opens her mouth to continue, but is interrupted by someone walking down the hallway.

"That's him," she says quickly.

Katniss rises off of the sofa to go greet whoever is walking down the hallway. I stand up to join her.

Then, a tall, bulky man walks through the door. His golden hair and build are all familiar to me. I've his face on television, in pictures Katniss brings home, and also have heard of him at school numerous times.

"Primrose, I would like you to meet Peeta Mellark," Katniss introduces. "Peeta, this is my sister, Prim."

Peeta looks at me, and I smile warmly at him. He returns the smile with one of his own.

"Hello Primrose," He says to me, holding out a hand. "It's about time we've met. Katniss talks about you at least once a day."

I put my hand into his and shake it lightly.

"Yes, I hear about you all the time, too," I reply. His smile grew larger at my response.

I'm not sure if Katniss noticed, but I watched as his eyes flickered quickly to her and then back to me.

* * *

"So Prim, what have you been up to since last time I was here?" Katniss asked.

We were all seated around the kitchen table as our food sat on all of our plates. Mom had joined us now and was sitting beside me. Katniss and Peeta were sitting side by side, at an unusually close proximity.

After I swallowed a bite of food, I answered, "Nothing really…" My answer definitely sounded drifted. Enough for Katniss to notice, if no one else did.

She winked at me slyly. Neither Mom or Peeta noticed her winking at me, as they were all too busy looking at the food in front of their faces.

"Mom?" She asked.

Mom looked up from her plate to answer her daughter. She smiled again.

"Well, you know I got the job down at Toppers. That went well today. I'm so glad I'm finally starting over," all this was said with a smile. After a pause she continued, "What brought you here early?"

"I'm glad you came early," I added to that.

Katniss giggled.

"I just couldn't wait another day, and I guessed that you two could use a surprise. So I figured why not? Peeta was ready to meet you two as well."

"Glad you could join us for dinner, Peeta." Mom said.

She threw the spot light on Peeta right as he was placing a whopping bite of food into his mouth. He struggled to get his food down as quickly as possible, then he coughed to clear his throat before speaking.

"Glad to be here," he smiled. "It's about time I've met you guys. Katniss talks about Prim nearly everyday, so it feels like I already know you somewhat."

Peeta said to me genuinely, with just a twinge of nervousness, "It's nice to finally have met you."

"You too," I replied, trying to sound just as genuine. Then I turned my attention back to Katniss.

"You haven't told him anything too embarrassing about me, have you?" I asked jokingly.

"Of course I have," she joked back. "I'm sure to fill him with 'Prim's most embarrassing' daily."

There was a knock from the kitchen door that led outside.

Katniss said already rising from her seat, "I'll get the door."

Who could that be? I wondered silently.

Katniss walked ever so smoothly over to the door and opened it. There on the other side of the door was a tall frame that towered over Katniss, signifying that it was a male. Because of the darkness in the night, it made it almost impossible to see who the male was from the other side of the door.

Katniss gasped audibly.


* * *

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Phasination Phase

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