Stepping Out.

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Chapter 1: Alucard's Boredom.

"Master, I'm bored."

Integra looked up from her paperwork to see Alucard shadow shifting into her office.

The vampire continued, "It's been weeks since my last mission. Isn't there anything that needs killing?" A hopeful smile spread across Alucard's face.

Integra shook her head. "I'm afraid not. We haven't had a report of any undead activity since you disposed of that Cullen clan."

Alucard huffed. "Calling those fakers undead is an insult to vampires… and ghouls alike." The vampire replied, more than his usual amount of disgust apparent in his tone.

"Be that as it may, they were the last vampires left… well the last ones we have any knowledge of anyway. I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait until the next outbreak."

Integra attempted to go back to her paperwork, but Alucard continued to pester her. "But, Master, that could take months. What am I suppose to do in the meantime?"

Integra sighed. "You seem to enjoy the library. Why don't you go read a book?" Integra replied then continued in a hushed tone. "At least then I might be able to get some work done."

Now it was Alucard's turn to sigh. "Master, I've already read them all."

Integra looked surprised. "You… You've read all of them?"

"Twice." Alucard nodded before continuing, "Do not look so surprised, Master. I've been here for over a hundred years; and although it is an impressive collection of books, in all that time I have not seen one addition to it."

Integra guessed that made sense. No human could've found enough time to read everyone of those books… at least not unless they devoted their whole life to the cause, but her servant wasn't human. The knight looked back down at her paperwork. "Well, pick your favorite, and read it a third time."

"Come now, Master, surely there must be something I can kill for you. If there are no undead targets, how about a political rival… or terrorist leader?"

Integra's eyes widened slightly. If her 'pet' vampire was asking to be sent out to kill humans, he must've been really bored. Alucard usually didn't even like fighting low level vampires because they provided no challenge. But a blue blood political rival… or someone who was too weak to fight directly and resorted to terrorist attacks? She'd never known the No-Life King to be bored enough to resort to requesting targets like that before. Integra looked up from her papers again. "You really are bored, aren't you?"

Alucard sighed again. "Master, were it not impossible, I fear I would die of boredom."

Integra's lip curled a little, and she teased, "What an ironic twist of fate that would be, the great No-Life King killed by boredom." The knight chuckled lightly.

"I'm glad you're finding my torment so amusing, Master." Alucard replied in an unfamiliar tone.

"Oh, hush up." Integra responded. "If you're that bored, then go find something to amuse yourself with." She waved dismissively.

"After a century here, there is nothing that I haven't already done." Alucard replied before getting an idea and continuing, "Unless…" The vampire began, and his lip curled slightly, "Unless you'll allow me to leave the mansion's grounds."

Integra's pulse quickened a little bit. Alucard was not to go out, unless on a mission. It would not do to just let an ancient and powerful vampire go traipsing through London. Integra cast Alucard a hard glare… but then it softened somewhat. He was a loyal 'pet', and even a dog was permitted the occasional walk or trip to the park. The knight shook her head, and replied against her better judgment. "Alright, but just this once."

Alucard's face seemed to light up with psychotic glee. However Integra was quick to add, "But you are not to kill anyone… or do anything else that might draw attention to my secret organization. Is that understood?"

Alucard's expression soured a little bit, but he was still obviously pleased to have the opportunity to get out. The vampire was quick to reply, "Yes, Master, perfectly."

Integra eyed her servant for a moment before concluding that he was being genuine. "Good." The knight responded before once again attempting to get back to her paperwork.

However, Alucard interrupted her again. "You… will accompany me, yes?"

"No, Alucard. I have a lot of work to do." Integra answered without looking up.

"But, Master, I…"

"I said no!" Integra cut the vampire off. "I need to fill out these forms, or when undead do start to spring up again, we're not going to have any ammo to fight them with. Now… now just go before I change my mind and confine you to the mansion once again."

"Yes, Master." Alucard replied and his head lowered a little as he 'ghosted' through the floor. The vampire descended into his chamber and sat upon his throne for a moment. It was the first time since World War II that he'd had the freedom to leave the mansion without having a specific mission to complete, and he did not intend to waste the night by spending it all alone. He would find someone accompany him.

Seras was lying comfortably in her 'four-poster-coffin', occasionally sipping a thick, red liquid from her wine glass, as she read a book from Integra's library. The fledgling had only been at Hellsing for a couple of months; and unlike her master, she had decades worth of reading ahead of her.

Her current obsession was William Shakespeare. She'd read a few of his plays in high school and enjoyed them. But her education had barely scratched the surface of his works- only focusing on Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar and Hamlet; and after high school, she regrettably found herself far too busy, with her police training… and later her police work, to keep up her reading. However the down time at Hellsing and Integra's extensive library provided the perfect means to remedy that situation.

The fledgling was currently reading Henry V; and she found herself enjoying it immensely, despite that fact that a good portion of it was written in French. Unfortunately, Seras had never learned the language and was forced to gloss over those sections. Still, she was able to get an accurate idea of what was going on, and the story seemed to have everything: romance, a war, a strong lead and a touching, beautiful speech about the bonds formed only through shared adversity. Seras even wondered if perhaps she'd take a couple of years to learn French and then go back and read the book again. It wasn't like she'd be pressed for time, given the fact that she was all but immortal since Alucard turned her.

It was then that Alucard walked through the wall behind Seras and roused her from her solo thoughts. "Come, Police Girl. We are going out."

Seras jumped, spilling her wine glass and dropping the book to the floor. Why the bloody hell couldn't her master use the door like a regular person instead of sneaking up behind her and scaring her half to… well scaring her anyway?

Alucard's voice invaded Seras's mind and answered her unspoken thought. I am not a regular person… and you look cute when you're startled. The vampire grinned at his fledgling.

She shrank back a little under the almost predatory gaze, but Alucard's grin only widened. There was a moment of silence between the two, then Alucard asked, "Are you coming, Police Girl?"

Somehow Seras felt that the 'question' wasn't a question at all but instead an expression of her master's impatience. "I-I'll be ready in a few minutes. Just… just let me change first." Seras paused for a second then added, "Can't go around killing ghouls in my pajamas, right?" Seras smiled. Then, when her master's expression failed to change, the fledgling let out a nervous chuckle.

Alucard huffed. "I'll meet you out front in five minutes." The No-Life King stepped back through Seras's wall, and she breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment she'd started to wonder if he planned on sticking around and watching while she changed.

Seras started towards her armoire, but then she caught sight of the 'wine' glass she'd spilled on her sheets. "Bloody hell, I'm never going to get that out."

And, Police Girl?

Seras gulped as the sanctity of her mind was once again invaded by her master. "Y-yes, Master?"

Don't keep me waiting.

"N-no, Master. Of course not." Seras let out another nervous chuckle before continuing on towards her armoire, leaving the stained sheets to be dealt with later.

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