Stepping Out.

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Chapter 2: Like a Date.

Seras managed to change into her Hellsing uniform, grab her BAERLKS and race out of the mansion's front door, and all with nearly a minute to spare. The fledgling huffed a little as she slowed her pace to normal and walked up along side her master.

Alucard cast an indiscernible look at his fledgling, and Seras wasn't sure if he was pleased that she'd made it out before his deadline… or annoyed that he'd had to wait at all. Either way, Seras figured the best way to respond was to quickly inform her master that she was ready to go. The fledgling snapped to attention and fired off a quick salute. "Officer Victoria reporting for duty, Sir... Er, Master."

Alucard chuckled at his fledgling before pointing to the BAERLKS and replying, "You won't be needing that… 'Officer Victoria'." The ancient vampire let out another chuckle.

"Huh?" Seras asked as a confused expression passed over her face. Did her master expect her to rip the ghouls apart with her bare hands?

Alucard's lip curled as his voice invaded her mind. While that might be fun to watch… I doubt we'll get the opportunity tonight.

It annoyed Seras to no end that her master listened into her thoughts and decided to invade the sanctity of her mind whenever he felt like it. But given what she'd seen of him, Seras figured it would do little good to complain. So instead she asked, "Then… Then what are we fighting, Master?"

Alucard answered casually as he turned and began to walk down the incredibly long driveway. "Nothing as far as I know."

Seras's brow knit in confusion, but still she did as instructed and laid the very large rifle in the doorway before sprinting to catch up to her master. "Sooooo, what's the mission?"

"We don't have one."

"Then… Then what…"

Alucard interrupted his stammering fledgling. "My master has given me permission to go out tonight… You're accompanying me." The vampire answered in a nonchalant tone.

Seras stopped dead in her tracks. "So… Th-this… this is like… a date?" The fledgling asked, completely caught off guard by her master's statement.

Alucard stopped and turned back to look at his fledgling. He just stared for a moment before calmly replying, "I guess you could call it that… except for the date part." Then he turned back around and continued to walk away.

If anything, poor Seras was even more confused. She stayed rooted in her spot for a moment. But then Alucard called out, "Come on, Police Girl. We're wasting time."

Seras shook her head and again sprinted the short distance that separated her from her master. "So, where are we going?"

Alucard shrugged. "Don't know. I haven't been out like this in fifty years. What do people do these days?"

Seras thought for a moment. She'd been on pitifully few dates. Not that what she was on now was a 'date', the fledgling reminded herself. It wasn't that she'd lacked offers.

A woman who looked the way Seras did never had any shortage of male... 'suitors'. Even a couple of women had asked her out. But she'd turned down the women, and most of the men. Seras didn't really think of herself as 'stuck up', though some might've called her that. She simply felt no attraction to the women, and she could tell that the vast majority of the men seemed to only be interested in her because of how she looked.

Consequently, the fledgling was only slightly more up to date than her master. Still there was the old standard. "Dinner and a movie?"

"Well dinner's pretty much out of the question for us… unless you want to eat the waiter." Alucard turned his head and flashed a sadistic grin at his fledgling.

Seras grimaced.

"Didn't think so." Alucard turned back. "I guess we could go to the movies. Of course that would probably cost money, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"I suspected as much. It did fifty years ago as well… I just wasn't the one paying back then."

"Well, I've still got some money from back when I was… back before…"

"No. No." Alucard cut his fledgling off. "It would be improper for a man to let a woman pay his way."

Seras stopped, once again confused by her master's words. "T-Then what about fifty years ago?"

Alucard stopped too and replied, "That… is a rather long and complicated story. Ask me about it some other time… or you could ask Walter."

"Walter? What… what would he?" Then Seras's eyes went wide. "Oh Master, don't tell me that the two of you were… were..."

"We were friends, nothing more. But back then it was not considered socially acceptable for a woman to pay her own way when she went somewhere in the company of a man."

Seras just shook her head. The poor fledgling was becoming more confused by the second. "But… but… but…"

Alucard sighed then scooped up his fledgling, causing her to break her stammering and 'eep'.

"Master, w-what are you doing?"

"We've wasted enough time." Alucard replied as he began to teleport away with the girl.

A worried expression formed on Seras's face, and she eeped again as her body vanished into a swirling mass of shadows.

Fortunately, the two reformed safely behind a movie theater; and as Alucard put Seras down, the latter breathed a sigh of relief. She never quite knew what her master was going to do, and his comment about wasting time had made her nervous. But it seemed he was only referring to reaching the theater. Still, that did not answer the question of how he planned to pay for the tickets.

Alucard looked over at Seras. "Just pick out a movie. I'll be back in a few minutes." And with that he vanished into another swirling mass of shadows.

"Yes, Master." Seras replied to the empty alleyway, that she wasn't sure if Alucard still had some presence within. Then the fledgling walked around to the front of the theater and tried to pick out a good movie.

Ten minutes passed before Seras felt a hand tightly grip her shoulder. She turned around with a 'gasp', only to find that her master had returned. He held out a large stack of bills. "How much do tickets cost these days?"

Seras's eyes went wide. "Certainly not that much! Master, where did you get all that?" Seras asked as she bent down and examined the bills. In between them were small amounts of a white powder that her police training told her was cocaine. Oh, Master, what did you do?

Don't worry about it, Police Girl. I simply needed to get some money quickly, and Integra instructed me to keep a low profile. No one's going to believe a gang of crack-heads when they rant about a vampire stealing their money and breaking their legs.

Seras shook her head. Her master was a thief. That was just great. Then she sighed as she consoled herself with the fact that at least he'd stolen the money from criminals.

"Have you picked out a movie?" Alucard asked.

Seras stood back up. "Yeah, I was thinking we'd see 50 First Dates. It's a romantic comedy about a girl with short-term memory loss and this guy who's trying to date her. But every day he has to start from scratch because she doesn't remember him, and…" Seras broke off her description as she noticed the grimace on Alucard's face. "Or… we could see the new Punisher movie."

"That… sounds more promising. What's that one about?"

"The Punisher's a cop who's family was murdered by the mafia. He survives and goes on a personal crusade to eliminate the people who killed his family."

Alucard nodded. "Yes, lets see that one."

Seras sighed. She should've known her master would choose the excessively violent action film over the romantic comedy. Still, she wasn't that disappointed. One of the last pleasant memories she had of her father was when he'd rented the nineteen eighty-nine version and let her watch it with him.

Most father's probably wouldn't have let their eight-year-old daughter watch an 'R' rated action film. But her father was more... 'open minded', and that was probably a good thing. Doubtless her life would've been even harder had her father tried to coddle and shield her before he was murdered. Better that she was, at least partially, desensitized before she witnessed the death of her parents and the nightmare that followed.

"Aren't you coming, Police Girl?" Alucard called out.

Seras shook her head, clearing her thoughts. "Yes, Master." She followed Alucard into the theater.

"You know? That was actually pretty good." Alucard stated as he exited the play room. "It could've used more blood, but it was… interesting to see Castle manipulate Saint into killing his best friend and wife like that. He really broke his enemy before killing him."

"Yes, Master." Seras replied as she walked alongside Alucard. The fledgling had enjoyed the movie too… though for different reasons. Her main motivation in selecting the movie was nostalgia, but she had to admit it was one of the few times when the remake outclassed the original in almost every category.

The plot was far more intricate, and the characters were a lot more three dimensional. She even found herself relating to Joan. Sure the remake lacked the plucky comic relief the Punisher's drunken 'sidekick' had brought to the original, but that 'torture' scene had easily made up for it. Seras had all she could do to keep form bursting out in a fit of laughter as the Punisher extracted the information he wanted by jamming a Popsicle into Micky's back.

You liked that, did you, Police Girl? Alucard chuckled. I shall have to remember that... for the next time I'm bored.

Seras's eyes went wide again. "Master?! You don't mean…" But the psychotic smile Alucard flashed his fledgling answered the question before she was even finished asking it. "Master, you... you are a pervert." Seras replied as she shook her head once more.

Alucard chuckled again, before heading towards the theater's exit. "Come on, Police Girl. The night is beautiful… and still so young. Let us enjoy it together."

Once again Seras sprinted a short distance to catch up to her master. She then followed him out of the theater.

Outside, Alucard caught some teenage punks leering at Seras. One even licked his lips while he fiddled with a pocket knife.

Alucard draped a protective arm around his fledgling and shot the boys a threatening glare. He even went as far as to bare his fangs.

The punks quickly got the message and made themselves scarce.

Alucard chuckled, and the side of Seras's lip that faced away from her master pulled into a slight smile. Yes, she could definitely relate to Joan.

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