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Djaq ran the last few strides and, with a ferverent prayer to her god, pushed off the edge of the dock.

She was flying and it was amazing. Like her best dream ever but so much better. She could feel the wind racing through her hair and through her cloak. Now, more than ever, she wished she had wings. Then she wouldn't need to worry about the landing.


Will held his breath as he watched Djaq jump off the dock and soar through the air. Could she make it? Would she make it? He could only watch helplessly and pray that she would land safely.


The landing. This could be tricky. She could see even now that she would have to land perfectly or she would fall into the sea. Some hidden instinct took over and she somehow ended up balanced precariously on the ship's railing. Then, the ship hit a wave and she lost what little balance she had. She was going to fall into the cold sea.

But she didn't fall. Strong hands gripped her waist and lifted her gently to the deck. Djaq turned to see who had rescued her, even though she already knew. It was Will. She lost herself in the swirling depths of his grey-green eyes. She could tell he was under a similar spell.

After a minute Will spoke;

"Djaq, You are the wildest, strongest, most amazing woman I've ever met. You really shouldn't have done that."

She smiled.

"Will Scarlett, I would follow you to the ends of the Earth and back." She told him, completely serious.

Now Will was also smiling.

"I love you." He murmured as he pulled her into an embrace. They stayed that way for a long time.

"You cut your hair." Will observed after several minutes, still holding her close.

"Yes" she replied, feeling the weightlessness of her now boy-length hair. "I couldn't risk being recognized. Besides, I've been wanting to cut it for a long time."

"It suits you." He remarked quietly, running his fingers through her hair.

"Will Scarlett! Get down here now, or I'll have to come get you! Robin's called another meeting."

Will and Djaq looked at each other and grinned.

"Allan." They said at the same time. The troublemaker was always easy to identify. After his message sunk in, Will sighed.

"We should probably see what's going on down there. The rest of the gang went below before you jumped."

She followed Will belowdecks and met the shocked stares of the rest of the gang.

"Djaq, I thought I told you to stay behind." Robin accused. She shrugged.

"I disobeyed you."

He sighed and for the first time since she had met him, Djaq could see that this man carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Her respect for him grew tenfold as she finally understood why his name was always spoken in slightly awed tones, even among her own people.

"Djaq, I asked you to stay behind for a reason. If you disappear King Richard will be blamed and any chance of peace will be destroyed."

"That's where you're wrong Robin" She told him "My maid, Nadira, switched places with me. She looks a lot like me and she was happy to do it. She will marry Lord Alter and no one will know I am gone. So I'm happy, she's happy, you're happy, everybody's happy."

"I suppose I can't argue with that." Robin admitted, biting back a smile. "Does anyone have a problem with Djaq joining the gang?" He looked around. "No? In that case: Will, give her a tag."

"I don't need to." Will informed him. Robin looked confused.

"Why not?"

Djaq answered that question.

"He already gave me one." She revealed the wooden tag that had been hidden under her shirt. Robin rolled his eyes good naturedly and smiled.

"Welcome to the gang Djaq." Then he turned serious. "When we get home we have to be ready for anything. It's likely that Vasey has found some way to take over Nottingham again…" He described several scenarios and the former outlaws discussed plans for each. Djaq offered suggestions when she could, but as she knew little about Nottingham and the former Sherriff Vasey mostly she just listened. Djaq soon began to understand how they had managed to not only to survive but to come out on top. Robin was an excellent leader, strong, confident, and clever. The rest of the gang each had unique talents which they combined to make an unbeatable team. She was proud to have joined them. For the first time in her life everything felt right.

That night

Djaq lay in the hammock that served as her bed and glanced at Marian, who she was sharing a room with. Will and the rest of the boys were only across the hall, but it felt like he was a million miles away. She had debated sneaking over to the boys' room but, as there seemed to be a rather rambunctious pillow fight going on, that was impossible.

Then Marian rolled over and sat up.

"Djaq" she whispered "Are you awake?" Djaq sat up as well.

"Of course I'm awake. No one could sleep through the racket those five are making."

"Why don't we go tell them to shut up?" Marian grinned conspiratorially and grabbed her pillow. Djaq picked up her own pillow.

"Good idea!"

They quietly got up and walked across the hall. Marian opened the door and all the outlaws instantly froze, looking guilty. Djaq smiled.

"You don't need to stop. However, next time you have a party invite us, will you!" That said, she threw her pillow directly at Allan. He was so surprised that he actually fell over. Marian threw hers at Robin and the pillow fight was soon back in full swing.

After about an hour, they were all too exhausted to stay up any longer. No one wanted to deal with getting into the hammocks, so all of them, including Djaq and Marian, simply collapsed on the floor.

Djaq drifted swiftly into the twilit world of dreams. There she saw a dark faceless evil. She knew that this was Vasey, former sheriff of Nottingham. Despite this she felt no fear, for standing beside her was a young English outlaw with dark brown hair and grey-green eyes. Will. The rest of the gang was close by, lighting the darkness.

The dream faded and she fell into a deeper dreamless sleep. She did not remember her dream in the morning. But she knew, somehow she knew; if the outlaws of Sherwood thought that their fight was over, they were wrong. It was far from over. It had barely even begun.


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