I don't own anything - I just saw her on Lie to Me and had to write this.

Tomorrow People/Lie to Me crossover

It's ironic. I work for human lie detectors, yet I lie from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep at night. What would Dr. Lightman do if he discovered that his faithful assistant wasn't Heidi, but Lisa, a Tomorrow Person.

I never wanted to be different or special or even noticed. My mom wanted that for me, but not like this. She wanted me to be an actress or a singer or someone famous. I wanted to be an unnoticed nobody. Instead, I became a telepathic, teleporter who can't defend herself from the evil men who tried to catch me and used my mother to do it. The others like me helped to rescue us.

I try not to think about them to much. I left them behind. I left Lisa behind. I even left my powers behind. Because if I allow the smallest crack in my mental walls, then my former friends can find me.

I did get my wish, I am unnoticed. A secretary, an assistant whom no one notices. And my boss, who is fixated on lies and liars, never notices the living lie. Sometimes I wonder if repeating a lie enough times will make it true - will I one day find that I am no longer Lisa? What will I feel if that happens?

Enough philosophy. My mother is safe now, and that is what matters. Nothing else. I don't miss my friends or my powers or anything. I tell myself this, but my dreams know the truth. Thankfully, morning comes and I can become the lie again.