Dark black eyes fluttered open at the sound of a chiming clock. "Bugger!" Severus cursed. He had woken up late, and he would have to rush to be on time. There would be no time for a shower today. The boy groaned as he got up and pulled open the bed curtain. His eyes fell on a nearby mirror. Snape hated his appearance. Stupid ghost skin, stupid beak, stupid greasy hair.

His view of himself was overtly critical because of people like James Potter. He made Severus himself and many others believe these things were true. At the jerk of his neck a long, straight black curtain of hair fell hid his face. The slytherin opened the bottom drawer of their shared dresser and pulled out a clean uniform. He only had two unlike most.

He was almost positive that Potter had one for every day of the week and Lucius never wore the same one twice. He couldn't buy a new one unless he bought it himself. His father would have no part in buying his son food let alone cloths and his mother only gave him what she had extra, which was only about 5 galleons.

The black haired boy sometimes did favors for Lucius which he was paid for. He wouldn't dare go to anyone but him, and Malfoy, being a decent friend obliged. Normally one would feel disgusting for doing such things, but in Severus' mind he was already long past sullied. Lucius had taken a linking to him for some reason. He didn't have to be nice but always was, sometimes Snape wondered how he really felt. Severus quickly grabbed his books and dashed out of the dungeon that was the Slytherin dorm rooms.

James Potter was loitering in the hallway near Charms as he did every morning. A small, black, short, scrawny figure caught his eye. James knew the boy had a habit of watching the floor as he walked so he positioned himself directly in his path. He stuck out his forearm and braced for impact, not that there would be much force coming from the un expecting other end. Just as Severus was thinking he might make it to class on time-- "Ouff!" The studious slytherin cried out at the impact of James' fisted arm in his stomach.

James looked at the boy curled up in fetal position on the floor, his book and supplies spilled out in the hall. The smirk was whipped off the quidditch players face when a voice in his head spoke up. What sick pleasure do you get out of torturing this boy? James forced the thought form his head and headed into class, shutting the door behind him to make sure Snape couldn't sneak in unnoticed.

"Come on now class sit and be quiet. This is your sixth year you should know how to behave!" The professor yelled trying to control the chaos. The room had finally silenced, unlucky for Severus who was trying to creep in. Most teachers where neutral on tardiness, but for this professor it was a pet peeve. "Mr. Snape," Flitwick started, "any valid reason for your tardiness?"

"I..." The boy glanced at his tormentor, "no."He finished quietly. Hmm. Snivellus is many things but a snitch is not one of them… I wish he would have ratted on me. Just so I could hate him more. The voice came to James again.-Why? Why do you hate him so much?- This was staring to annoy the seeker to no end. Ever since this term stared this stupid inner voice was interfering with his teasing Snape.

"Damn conscience." The Gryffindor cursed aloud.

"What's that Prongs?" Sirius inquired.


"..Ok.." Sirius turned form his friend puzzled by his comment. A flying note slipped through the door and unwrapped itself in front of the professor.

"Severus Snape, Madame Pomfery requests your presence." As if this day couldn't get worse. Its not that Snape hated the mediwitch, in fact he rather liked her. Its just that he knew what was coming and didn't want to face it. Severus left the classroom dreading the intervention to come.

The door to the infirmary opened with a slight creek. "Welcome Snape, lets have a talk." Dumbledore greeted in his usual cheery voice. The woman who called for him stood beside the headmaster, an empathetic look on her face.

-Time passes-

After Charms James snuck over to the hospital wing hoping to find out Severus' secret. James pulled on the invisibility cloak before slipping into the room. Snape was sitting on a cot between the nurse and headmaster looking very uncomfortable. James listened in.

"Severus, I ask you please just to think about it. We can help you, but not if you don't tell." Shit! They must have caught on to my bullying…If he tells I'll-- " You are dismissed. You have the rest of the day off, don't worry about the work."Dumbledore told the black eyed boy. Lucky git.

"Thanks Sir." Severus replied curtly. He ran out of the room like a bat out of hell. James moved further into the room. Pomfery turned to Dumbledore.

"I just wish we could help poor boy" Poor boy my ass I bet he's pampered at home, slimy git.

"We know for sure his father...abused him cant we just--"

"No. Its hard but he must admit it to us." …What? Abused…

"Just use Veritaserum."

"You know very well I don't use it on students. No matter what the circumstance."

"Dumbledore we cant let this continue. Last time he was here I… checked… down there… while he was asleep. There's terrible scarring some of it even looks fresh! On his wrists too. He woke up on he and tried to lie his way out of it as usual. Then he cried in my arms again. I cant take this much longer! Promise me you wont let him go back until we can figure this out." He… he was…

"I will do everything I can." James' steps were heavy as he walked down the stairs heading to Transfiguration. Raped, beaten, suicidal… And all this time I've just added to his pain… No one has ever loved him, showed him compassion. -What is your reason for hating him? Its just because he exists.-

A tear rolled down the Gryffindor's cheek.