A Cullen Truth or Dareness Type Dealio

Chapter One

Jasper POV

I'm sooooo bored. Sure, pasting smiley face stickers on everything is fun, but… I should come up with something… What would embarrass Emmett? That's what I really want. And maybe Edward too. Hmm…

My adorable wife stuck a light bulb above my head as soon as it came to me. I love Alice. I got a little scared after that. She bounced though the ceiling. Literally. Through the ceiling. She started clapping and yelling "Jazzy, Jazzy! I love you! You're a genius!"

Alice and I skipped down the stairs. Yes, I skipped. So what? Erm… She's rubbing off on me. QUIT LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! Erm, anyways, I sent off ginormous waves of happiness at my unsuspecting family. Edward and Emmett started dancing. Carlisle was upside down.

Alice jumped to the middle of the living room in one bound. She happily announced that we were all playing Truth or Dare. If they didn't she would reveal the blackmail she had on all of them. They had no choice.

Edward POV

Crap. Crap crap crap crap CRAP! I thought after the cheese covered dragon incident they wouldn't dare do this again. I shuddered. Rose and Bella seemed to be the only other ones who accepted gladly. Of course, Bella didn't know about the dragon. I supposed Emmett would have accepted quickly had he not been dancing around like an idiot.

We gathered in a loose circle on the floor. I didn't like the way Jasper was eyeing me. His thoughts consisted of sword fighting to Barbie Girl, very unhelpful. How did he come up with up that?

"Since it was my idea I'm going first," he said. "Edward, truth or dare?"

I tried searching Alice's mind for his plans but she was coming up blank. Well how bad could it be? "Dare" I said, full of confidence in his lack of evilness. His evil grin scared me. Then I saw the result pull a vision into Alice's mind. I gasped in horror.

"Edward, I dare you to spend the remainder of the game naked."

I saw Bella blush next to me and I swear I did too. I undressed at vampire speed and hid behind a pillow.

Then a sharp crack sounded from behind me. "Hide me!" a frantic voice yelled. We looked to see Angela behind us looking like she narrowly escaped death. "Hide me!" she yelled again.

"What are we hiding you from?" I asked, "And how did you get here?"

"Chief Swan is trying to burn me at the stake!" she screamed, "I didn't now that was legal!"

Her thoughts provided an explanation to the second question. I poofed here. I'm a witch. Yeah, that sounds great.. I gaped at her. Bella had been right. Angela is a witch!