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I was standing on the road with Rosalie watching Emmett and Jasper try to push the car out of the deepest ditch from Forks to Seattle. Rosalie was fuming; this was her car, her baby, a 1972 Firebird colour cherry red which was now sitting at the bottom of that ditch with no front bumper and a shattered windshield.

"Emmett stop trying to push the car out of the ditch I'm just going to call a tow." Rosalie whipped out her cell phone pushed one button and started rambling on to some person about our location.

Emmett and Jasper started stumbling up the hill abandoning the car, they were laughing like morons and punching each other in the arm singing a Guns N' Roses song.

I was pissed. The alcohol that I had early was still coursing through my veins but instead of making me warm, fun, happy Bella it had turned me into pissed, mad, angry, I wanna castrate my stupid dumb boyfriend Bella.

Emmett passed me and started pawing Rosalie who was still on the phone and she started swatting at him, when he wouldn't let up she punched him in the nose which started bleeding. He started stumbling all over the road until he tripped over a rock and fell back into the ditch and did not resurface.

Jasper started laughing and turned and ran to the edge of the ditch. "Emmett are you okay buddy? You fell into a fucking ditch dude." He started laughing again and I tried to remember what I saw in him, why dating him was a good idea. He turned back towards me and did this stupid swagger with his crotch jetted out at me.

"What are you doing?"I asked cocking my eyebrow giving him a seductive look. "Are you trying to seduce me?" I smiled with fake sexual enthusiasm.

He nodded lazily. "Is it working?" He slid his arms through mine sliding his hands down the small of my back and groping my ass. I slid my hands down his chest and lightly grazed my hand over his cock that instantly became hard and he made a quiet groaning noise in my ear.

"No it's not." I distanced myself from him and started smacking the shit out of him. "What the fuck were you thinking? You said you weren't drinking and now Rose's car is sitting at the bottom of a ditch with your fucking stupid friend." I was yelling at him pushing him toward the ditch. "You put all of our lives in danger and now I'm standing in the middle of a road in the middle of the night waiting for a fucking tow and the fucking police, no my fucking dad is going to come down here and ask me a whole bunch of questions and I'm not going to lie for you Jazz, not after what you did. If they send you to jail you can fucking rot you asshole."

He fell back into the ditch. "BELLA! BELLA!" he was yelling at me from the bottom of the ditch. I was glad he was in that ditch he had been fucking annoying me not just tonight but the last week we had spent in Forks.

I turned walked toward Rose regretting my choice of clothing, my suede midnight blue knee high boots were giving me blisters and my black skin tight mini dress I had on was not keeping me warm. I let down my long mahogany hair that flowed to the mid of my back and tried to wrap it around me to keep me warm. I was staring at Rose as I made my way over to her, her eyes connected with mine.

Rosalie looked like an angel on fire in the moonlight. She had just hung up the phone and her eyes were ablaze with anger. The moonlight was reflecting off the wet pavement illuminating her angelic face, her large electric ice blue eyes were narrowed, she had an angular nose and lips that had been compared to Angelina's and a body so enviable that woman would slaughter orphans in a church with a knife handed to them by Lucifer just to look half as good. She was wearing a black vintage baby doll dress and impossibly high black vinyl stilettos. A gust of wind whipped her hair around her face making her look dangerous and all of her goose bumps were visible on her pale skin in the moonlight. She followed me with her eyes until I stop beside her.

"I'm going to slaughter your boyfriend okay. You don't like him that much do you?" she half smiled and it lit up her face.

I shook my head. "Naw." I smiled and hugged her. "I'm sorry he is so fucking stupid." I ran my hands through my hair and turned when I noticed that the pavement was getting lighter.

"He's like the dumbest mother fucker who ever lived." Rose was having fun insulting Jaspers intelligence she turned with me and when she saw the headlights concern swept her face.

A silver Volvo was coming towards us but wasn't slowing down. I ran out in front of the car waving my arms around, screaming "STOP!" Rose didn't feel the need to do this and she just hung back started flashing her cell phone at the ditch looking for Emmett and Jasper.

The Volvo started to slow and came to a stop. I ran around the car to talk to the driver who was rolling down his window.

"Hey guys thanks for stopping, we're having some car trouble." I said smiling trying to sound as pleasant as possible until I looked into the dazzling green eyes of the bronzed haired driver and forgot why I stopped him in the first place.


So I finally found out where they kept the hookers in this town. Jake and I were driving down a back road coming from Forks to Seattle. I was moving all my stuff from my parents' house to mine and Jake's dorm before school started next week and now I found myself stopped in the middle of the road in the middle of the night being propositioned by a whore.

"You're having car trouble huh?" I said very condescendingly looking over at Jake who for some reason was crying he was laughing so hard.

"Yeah that's what I just said." She said looking at me like I was a moron.

I looked her up and down. She was a hot hooker. I had seen hookers before and they were usually ugly or overweight or something but this one was sexy. The dress she was wearing hugged her curves perfectly and pushed her breasts up and out of her dress. She was tiny, no more than 5'4 and her heart shaped face had perfect features. Large chocolate brown eyes a button nose and lips that were slightly crooked but pouted perfectly and long brown hair that waved all the way down to her waist.

It was at this moment I decided I was going to pay for this girl because she looked like she was worth it. I took out my wallet.

"Ok so what do you charge cause you're going to have to do both of us." I was laughing, giggling actually; this was my first hooker and I was really excited now that I knew that it was going to happen. I looked at her face, she looked confused.

"Excuse me?" She was running her hand through her hair; she extended her neck to look behind her, which led my eyes to the forest fire blond standing on the side of the road pointing her cell phone at the ground.

"Is she with you?" I asked knowing Jake had a fantasy thing for blondes and I got even giddier knowing I could give him a blonde because I missed his birthday last month.

She turned her head again exposing the creamy white skin of her neck; I wanted to bite it. She turned back to me. "Uh yeah she's with me so if you are going to take me into town you're going to have to take her too we're kind of a packaged deal."

"Oh so you want to do it in town, do you have like a house there or something?" I was sweating. I did not want to go to a whore house. I saw True Romance, the last thing I wanted was Gary Oldman putting bullets in my knees, but I did want this girl and if she was going to cut me a deal so Jake could have her friend then I guess I was going to a whore house in Forks I never knew Forks had.

She still looked confused and with every comment I made the crease in her brow got more and more defined. She pouted her lips and started nodding. "Yeah, well actually it's my Dad's house but he's pretty cool about letting us crash there." She gave me a sweet half smile and looked over at Jake and gave him a tiny wave.

What the fuck, her dad? This was getting fucking weird and I had to ask. "Your dad will be involved?"

She nodded slowly and darted her eyes away from me quickly with the confused look still on her face, she looked back at me. "Yeah he would have to be given the circumstances, all the paper work that's going to be needed to be filled out." Her eyes widened and she blew out like she had just lifted something that was heavy. "But that really doesn't concern you that will happen after you're gone." She smiled again and all the confusion was gone from her face. "So how about it are you going to give us a ride into town?"

Fuck no, this sounded way too sketchy I did not want get to get mutilated but her daddy dearest the pimp.

I was about to say no but then her hair fell and it led my eyes away from her face to her neck to her breasts that looked amazing in that dress and when she took her hand and grabbed her hair to pull it back into a ponytail, her hand lightly grazed her skin and I could see all the goose bumps it left in its wake and I decided to chance it. I took my wallet out and pulled out seven hundred dollar bills and handed them to her.

She looked down at the money in her hand then back up at me, the confusion had returned.

"Oh is that not enough?" I asked. I was shaking my head, fuck me hookers are expensive but these girls were hot and looked clean so I pulled out three more bills and handed them to her.

"What the fuck are you handing me money for?" She now looked skeptical and it was mixing with the confusion, it made her face kind of squish up and she looked adorable and I wanted to kiss her all over.

I looked over at Jake and then back at her and I knew I looked confused now. "I'm paying you for your services."

She slightly turned her head to the side as if to hear me better, her eyes narrowed. "And what service would that be?"

I looked over at Jake who was shaking his head he leaned in and whispered, "Don't piss her off man it looks like this bitch will fucking shank you."

I looked at her again. "For you and the blonde to fuck me and my friend." My voice cracked slightly when I said the word friend, I was so fucking nervous and freaked out my ass was sweating. "You're a hooker right?" I asked swallowing the lump in my throat.

Her face fell, she looked appalled and offended and she tilted her head to one side and narrowed her eyes further and let out a sound of disbelief.

I could tell by her reaction that she wasn't.


This ass clown thought I was a fucking hooker.

I had to walk away before I killed him, I gasped the money he had given me and turned walking toward Rose who was still searching the ditch with her cell phone. I let down my hair a shook it out.

"Rose you aren't going to fucking believe this." I looked behind me and saw that the driver and his passenger were getting out of the car.

She turned and looked at me and then looked past me to the car. "What happened?"

"These two fucking morons," I motioned behind me, "thought we were hookers." I held up the money. "Apparently we are only worth a thousand dollars."

Rose grabbed the money out of my hands and started counting it. "A thousand dollars is a lot of money." She paused and lobed her head side to side. "Maybe we should do it." I felt my mouth fall open and my eyes widen staring at her in astonishment. She shrugged her shoulders and looked past me again. "Why not? They aren't the bad looking especially the taller one, I've got a thing for them natives." She looked back at me tucking the money into her bra. "You can have the blonde."

"Rose are you crazy? We don't even know these people and your boyfriend is lying at the bottom of that ditch, he is lying right there." I was pointing at the ditch, my voice was high and I sounded slightly delirious.

She looked at me like I was a moron and shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "You're not pleading your case very well." She straightened up and smiled.

"Excuse me!" The driver tapped me on the shoulder which scared the ever living out of me. I jumped slightly and turned to stand beside Rose facing the two men that were way taller than they looked in the car, the passenger had to be at least 6'7. "Can I have my money back?" he said with his hand stretched out.

"What money?" I asked lightly grabbing Rose's arm as she stepped forward to introduce herself to the giant. She slid her hand into his and gave him a mischievous smile. "Hi I'm Rosalie." He placed his other hand over hers and shook her hand with vigor. "I'm Jacob." He looked her up and down and raised his eyebrows. "What's up?" He licked his lips and Rosalie let out this giggle and lightly batted his chest. "Stop it."

I turned my attention to the driver with a look of disgust on my face. He had the same look on his stunning face.

My god why are all the assholes so gorgeous?

His green eyes were now intense and his hair was whirling all around the top of his head in the wind. His nose was in perfect symmetry with the rest of his face and he had glorious lips that he kept parting and bringing together like he was about to speak and he had bone structure that made me want to cry. He had faded ripped jeans on that fit him to a tee and tone, lean body that I caught an eyeful of when he raised his arm to tame his hair and his T-Rex shirt came up with it.

Why God why? Good looking and a love of seventies glam rock.

He was staring at me now, he looked irritated. "What money? The money I handed you like a minute ago."

"Oh that money." I nodded over exaggeratedly crossing my arms rocking back and forth on the balls of my feet. "You mean the money you gave me because you thought I was a hooker. Is that the money you're talking about?"

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in and looked at me, he spoke slowly pronouncing every word. "Yes, that would be the money I am referring to." He swept his hand out in front of him like he was laying something out for me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I have no idea; it could be on my person or in the woods or in Seattle you know recirculating there's really no way of knowing." I shrugged my shoulders again looking over at Jacob and Rosalie; she appeared to be reading his palm. I closed my eyes and shook my head letting out a sigh.

I opened my eyes and he was staring at me with narrowed eyes, he looked like he was trying to figure something out. He brought his long, slender fingers up to his mouth and lightly rubbed his bottom lip. He took two steps towards me and stuck out his hand. "Let's start over. I'm Edward." He placed his other hand on his chest.

I stood there staring at his hand. I uncrossed one of my arms and shook his hand. "Bella." I closed my eyes and lobed my head from side to side. "Isabella actually but I go by Bella."

"Okay Bella, I'm sorry I thought you were a hooker. Your clothing is very provocative anyone could have made that mistake." He crossed his arms and shrugged his shoulders.


"Yeah provocative you know it's a nice, social acceptable word for slutty."

I dropped my arms and looked down at myself. This was not slutty. It was fashionable and made my body look great. How dare he say I looked slutty. Rosalie looked slutty, I did not look slutty. "This is outfit is not slutty." I said pointing at my dress.

A look of totally bewilderment came over his face. "Not slutty. I thought you were a hooker."

"Again my dress is not slutty." My arms went rigid beside me and I curled my hands into fists and stomped one of my feet, like I was seven.

"If Paris Hilton was in a store and saw that dress she would step back and say, 'No too slutty.'"

I heard both Rosalie and Jacob laugh. I looked at her slowly turning my head, eyes wide, my mouth open in disbelief, arms still rigid at my sides and stared her down. She jerked her head back slightly and her eyes got wide and I knew based on her face that if looks could kill she would be dead right now. "What? It was a burn." She shrugged her shoulders again and turned away from me and back to Jacob.

I looked back at Edward and pointed at Rosalie. "If you want your stupid money back it's in her breasts." I turned and started walking towards the ditch. I could hear Edward say, "What?" in confusion and then Jacob say, "Found it!" a couple of seconds later. I could hear Rosalie stringing curse words together and smacking Jacob and Jacob laughing at her attempt to hurt him.

"I'm gonna get Emmett and Jasper up and force them to get that car out of that ditch." I was talking to anybody that decided to listen to me. I stood at the edge of the ditch and screamed their names at the top of my lungs and when nothing happened I started picking up rocks and chucking them into the ditch. It was so dark I couldn't really see what I was aiming at and I either heard the soft thump of the rock hitting the earth, the sound of the rock dinging off the car or the sound of one of the idiots moaning in pain.

I could hear both Rosalie and Edward coming towards me rambling on about two different things and Jacob telling Edward that he had the money and that they should go.

"Stop throwing rocks at my fucking car dude!"

"Did you say Jasper? You're not talking about Jasper Roberts are you?"

I stopped in mid throw and turned to him, he had stopped walking and had his head turned to the side and was looking at me curiously.

"You know Jasper?" I asked as Rosalie came up to me taking the rock out of my hand. I started walking over to where Edward stood he was nodding. "Yeah we are old friends, from high school." He passed me and walked over to the ditch and pointed at it. "Is he down there?"

I nodded and watched as Rose passed him and met up with me lightly grabbing hold of my hand and arm. Jacob came up behind us, "This should be good Ed hasn't seen Jasper in almost a year." I turned to look at Jacob who was looking at Edward, he was smiling.

I looked back to Edward who had taken his cell phone out of his pocket and was scanning the ditch for any signs of life. He snapped his cell phone shut and put it in his pocket and started lowering himself into the ditch.

After three minutes I turned to Jacob, I was worried. Why hadn't they resurfaced? "Should we go and help him?" Jacob shook his head, "Naw, he'll be fine they're probably just talking." I nodded and Jacob turned and started to stroll towards the car. Rosalie let go of my arm and chased after him and said something about being cold and sitting in the car.

I walked towards the ditch and stood at the edge of it. I tried to force my eyes to adjust to the dark, I was squinting wishing I had my cell phone and quietly called out there names. "Edward? Jasper?"

"Bella can you get down into the ditch I need some help with Jazz." My eyes were getting used to the dark and I lowered myself to the ground and shimmied my way down to the bottom. I stood up and walked in the direction of Edward and Jasper's voices. I walked forward with my hands out in front of me until I bumped into Edward, I screamed.

He put his hands on my arms and tried to settle me. "Bella it's just me calm yourself, come over here and help me with Jazz."

He took my hand and guided me to where I need to be standing and then pulled at my hand so I would lower and ended up sitting on my haunches. I pulled away from Edward and felt for Jaspers hand which I grabbed. "Jazz you gotta stand up okay."

He sat up and he let go of my hand and then his face was illuminated by his phone. He looked at me. "Bella have you come to help Ed get me out of the ditch?" I maneuvered myself so that I could get Jasper's arm around my shoulder I looked up and could just make out Edward doing the same thing he looked at me and nodded.

I started to stand and Edward and I managed to get Jasper standing. "Yeah Jazz I came down here cause I felt bad that I pushed you in." We started walking up the ditch I was getting tired quickly, Jasper wasn't helping and I could hear Edward grunting. "You pushed him in the ditch?"

"Yeah he told me wasn't drinking and he was and that's why Rose's car is in the ditch." We finally got up to the top of the ditch and I separated myself from the two of them and watched them with my arms crossed and narrowed eyes.

Edward slowly removed his arm from around Jasper's shoulder and took a little step back and watched him cautiously as he steadied himself. Once Jasper had his footing he looked at Edward and gave him the first true smile I had ever seen of his face and hugged him fiercely. "Edward I can't believe it, it has been so long." They parted. "You look like shit dude."

Edward slapped Jasper's back and laughed, "Speak for yourself man, my God. Jasper Roberts." Jasper took a step back and touched his hands to his chest. "In the flesh man."

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. Jasper looked over at me and came towards me sliding his arm around my shoulder. Edward turned his body to face us. "Ed have you met Bella?"

He smirked and rubbed his face with his hand. "Yeah we've met. I actually thought she was a hooker." He started laughing and so did Jasper. Jasper wasn't just laughing he was guffawing and actually stepped away from me to go and high five Edward.

"She totally looks like one." Jasper doubled over.

I was not pleased.


The look on her face was priceless. She was not pleased and walked past us to the car. For some reason I wanted to follow her but instead decided to stay with my friend that I hadn't seen in almost a year.

After we had gotten over our laughing fit I took a long look at his face. He looked awful. He reeked of alcohol and his cheeks looked hollow and his eyes sunken. It looked like he hadn't slept in weeks and he was far too thin. It scared me. I had never seen him like this before but he really wasn't the same after she left. "How you been Jazz?"

He ran his hand through his hair that looked thinned. "You know surviving."

"I meant what I said man, you look like shit."

"I said I was surviving." He turned away from me. "I'm trying dude, I'm trying." He paused. "How is she man?"

I swallowed hard. I didn't want to talk about her, she was the reason he was like this. "The last time I saw her she seemed well, I don't know I don't really talk to her."

He nodded.

We were quiet for a couple of minutes. Jasper used to be the one person I could say anything to and now I couldn't think of anything, nothing that would make it any better.

"Were you driving that car Jazz?" I was praying that he wasn't because I wasn't sure if I could get him out of this much trouble.

"Yes good sir I was." He turned to face me. "And yes I have been drinking." His eyes got wide and he had a look on his face like he was challenging me, like what was I going to do about it.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and pinched the bridge of my nose. "I don't know how I'm gonna get you out of this one."

"You've always gotten me out of everything. Charlie will show up and take pity on us just like he always does. Plus he's sweet on your mom so just mention her and his daughter's involved; there will barely be a problem." His hands were on his hips; his eyes were frenzied.

The wheels in my head stopped turning when he mentioned the words Charlie and daughter. Bella. Isabella Swan. The infamous Isabella Swan. The beloved daughter of our towns' beloved police chief Charlie Swan, the daughter no one ever saw because she never came to visit and when she did, she never left the house. "Your girlfriend is Chief Swan's daughter."


"Okay let's go to the car I think I can get you out of this." I motioned toward the car and started walking towards it with Jasper following the best he could. He was really drunk, the fact that everyone in that car walked away unharmed was starting to seem like a miracle.

I opened the back door to the car and Jasper shuffled in beside Bella. I opened the front door and climbed in. I looked at three expectant people and one really pissed off chick. I was nodding my head and formulating our way out of this with smallest amount of punishment. This was what I was good at; I was good at reading people, with the exception of the hooker fiasco, I was good with authority figures. I knew I could get us out of this.

The plan was simple. First me and Jake had to get Rosalie's boyfriend out of that ditch. Secondly I had to make sure everyone was ready lie to a cop. I thought Bella was going to be a problem, especially since the cop would be her dad but she agreed immediately. Next I had to tell everyone the story. Jake and I had made a quick appearance at the party that they were all at; this is where we met up. I realized that all four of them were intoxicated and I volunteered to drive Rosalie's car while Jacob took mine. Since we were all head for the University of Washington it only made sense to spread ourselves out for comfort reasons. While driving up this back road late at night, I will admit that yes I was going far too fast, a deer leapt out into the road causing me to swerve and enter the ditch. Jazz, Rosalie's boyfriend and I rode in the Firebird and Bella and Rosalie rode in the Volvo with Jake. Fourthly since Jazz and boyfriend had cuts and scrapes from the crash I was going to need Jake to punch me in the face so I had at least one wound, which Bella and Rosalie thought was stupid but I deemed necessary for the believability of the story. I was very dedicated to my craft.

Almost as if by fate the second me and Jake propped the boyfriend up against the Volvo, whose name I was told was Emmett, Chief Swan's cruiser pulled up beside us.

He stepped out of the car and did not look happy. He looked at me. "Edward, you can never seem stay out of trouble can you?"

"Apparently not sir." I couldn't move from Emmett's side or he would fall over.

"Where's my daughter." He was mad, the tone of his voice was sour and his face was hard and unflinching. I had never seen him this mad before and I was starting to doubt our plan.

"In the car sir."

He walked over and opened the door and looked down at Jasper's stupid drunken, sullen face. "Out of the car Roberts. Isabella, Rosalie in the cruiser."

Jasper stumbled out and stood beside Emmett. Bella got out next and cocked an eyebrow at her dad. "Took you long enough."

"Get in the car Isabella." He pointed at the cruiser, she sauntered towards it Rosalie catching up quickly and grabbing her hand.

Bella let Rosalie slip in first and before she got in the car she looked at me and whispered, "Good luck." She shut the door and rested her head against the seat.

Just then the tow pulled up.

Charlie walked over to the tow truck driver and told him were the car was and to tow it to the police station. He then walked over to us he planted his feet firmly on the ground, crossed his arms and asked, "What's the story Cullen?"

I told him the story I concocted, it seemed believable and everyone was ready to lie to save Jasper. The farther and farther I got into the story the more and more I believed it. There was no way he wasn't going to believe it.

After I had finished Charlie was silent for a long time. "So no one was hurt?"

"Not badly, these two are just drunk."

"Do you think you can drive Roberts and Black home?"

"Yes sir."

He nodded and watched as the tow drove away with Rosalie's mutilated Firebird.

"Alright put Emmett in the cruiser, but this is the last time I save your ass, you understand that Cullen." He started moving toward the cruiser.

"Yes sir, thank you." I was thankful this was not the first time Charlie bent the law for me, he could lose his job for this.

Jake got out of the car and helped me help Emmett into the cruiser. Jasper did the smart thing and got into the Volvo without being told.

"Say hello to your mother for me." He looked at me and nodded then he got into the cruiser and drove away.

I stood in the middle of the road for a minute more than I should have. I was thinking about Charlie's fascination with my mother and if anything had happened there. I was brought back to reality when Jake called out for me.

I got into the car and started it turning around and heading for Forks thinking about the strange night I had just had a mysterious girl named Isabella Swan.

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