Summary: A super short snapshot into Sam and Dean's life with their child. Mpreg, slash and wincest. One-shot. Pure fluff.

Rating: T for Teen

Warnings: Mpreg, wincest and non-explicit slash.

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My first wincest, I feel so proud of myself. It's extremely short, but I wanted to write it before I lost the idea and the drive.



Only For You



The baby wailed, desperate for attention.

Dean groaned, nudging Sam with his elbow. "Sammy, Rose is crying again."

Sam buried his head under the motel room pillow. "Then go pick her up, then. Don't wake me up. I've had to get up two times already tonight and I need my sleep."

"Only for you, man. Only for you." The older brother whined, but forced himself to get out of the bed.

Bleary-eyed, he approached the makeshift crib where their daughter laid. Her face was an angry red color and tear marks ran down her cheeks. He sighed, picking up the baby and bouncing with each step he took.

"What's wrong, Rose? Why can't you just sleep through the night like a normal person?"

"She's a baby, Dean," Sam said, his voice still drunk from sleep. "Not a normal person."

"I thought that you were going to keep sleeping, Sam."

Sam moaned and pulled extra blankets over him. "I was, but you and Rose are too loud."

"Well, excuse me for trying to calm her down before the manager starts to complain and kicks us out."

Sitting up in the bed, Sam opened his arms. "Give her to me. She might be hungry."

Dean carefully did so and Sammy instinctively pulled Rose closer to his chest.

"Hey, baby. Are you hungry? Is that why you're crying?" God, Dean loved how Sam's voice got so soft when he was talking to Rose.

As if on cue, Rose's mouth turned into an O shape and she started to suck the air.

Smiling gently, Sam pulled up his white t-shirt and guided Rose closer to his nipple and helped her to latch on. He rocked her back and forth to soothe her back to sleep.

"Does that feel strange?" Dean interrupted the moment suddenly.

"Does what feel strange?"

"When she breastfeeds from you?"

Sam shrugged, the baby girl still in his arms. "At first, yeah. And it hurts sometimes too, when she bites down but that doesn't happen too often. Mostly, it just feels nice."

The ending to his answer perplexed Dean. "Nice?"

"Yeah…you know. It's nice that even though she's not in me anymore, I can still take care of her. Meet her needs."

Dean sat back on the bed, wrapping his arms around Sam's broad shoulders. He kissed his brother's cheek quickly and then looked down at his daughter. She was getting more beautiful each day, it seemed. She was now a month old and her features were slowly starting to develop. No longer was her head misshapen or her body a dull red color. But even then, in Dean and Sam's eyes, she was just perfect.

Sam, following Dean's stare, smiled sleepily. "I love you."

Dean grinned as well. "I know."






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