Summary: The war for Kari is about to take an unusual turn. Mimi's in the country for a special fashion show. And guess who she gets as her models? ^_^

The Fashion Show: Part 1

It was a long day of running errands for twelve-year-old TK Takaishi. His mom wanted some supplies to fix dinner and it was up to TK to travel down to the store and get them. Finally, things were starting to go back to normal in everyone's lives…or somewhat normal. In the last month alone, TK had witnessed Davis parading around with a mistletoe on his head, gotten snowed in by an avalanche in the mountains with the goggle boy, and watched Davis run around with a torn shirt covered in a powerful aphrodisiac. TK felt relieved that a new year was here. Hopefully, things would settle down.

Suddenly, TK stopped. Already things looked to be getting better. He looked out across the street at the coffee shop and saw two friends sitting there. One was twelve-year-old Kari Kamiya, TK's best friend and…the girl he has a crush on. And the other was a friend he hadn't seen in a long time. It was fifteen-year-old Mimi Tachikawa.

TK excitedly ran across the street to meet his friends. "Kari! Mimi!"

Mimi stood up and TK immediately met her with a friendly hug. It had been a long time since he had seen her. Mimi wasn't around much anymore since she moved to friendly New York City.

"It's great to see you again!" TK said cheerfully.

"TK, you look great!" Mimi replied. "It's been a while!" She switched between glancing at TK and Kari. "So…have you two gotten together yet?"

Kari gasped. "Mimi! We're just friends!"

TK nodded…insincerely. More and more, TK was hoping to take the next step soon. "Yeah…just friends."

"Ok…I see you two aren't together yet," Mimi sighed. "Wait…you didn't get with Davis, did you?"

"I didn't get with Davis either," Kari gasped again. "He and I are just friends too."

Mimi blinked. "Oh my…this is worse than I thought. I thought you'd have a boyfriend by now, Kari."

"I'm not ready for one yet," Kari giggled. "I might be soon, though."

Those words soothed TK's soul. He couldn't wait for the day when she WOULD be ready.

"When did you get here, Mimi?" TK asked. "And how long are you staying?"

"I've been here since New Year's Day," Mimi answered. "I'm only staying for the rest of the week and it's because…I'm organizing a fashion show to be held in Odaiba!"

"You're doing a fashion show?" TK asked cheerfully.

Mimi nodded. "That's right. Sora and I are starting a new label and we're going to show off our first designs. I've already got Sora doing some of the designs and all I need now…are some models. That's why I came to Kari. She was nice enough to help."

"Anything for a friend," Kari piped up.

Mimi sighed. "Now if only I had some guys. I wish Michael would model for me, but he has some work to do back in New York. I could really use an attractive male model."

This sounded like TK's cue to volunteer. And he would be more than happy to help Mimi. The thought of modeling alongside Kari was too appealing an opportunity to pass up.

"How about me?"

TK blinked. That wasn't him who spoke up. He looked around and saw someone else had come in out of nowhere. It was twelve-year-old Davis Motomiya, who had a wide grin on his face.

TK uncharacteristically lost his cool. "Hey, goggle boy! I was here first!"

"I didn't think modeling was your thing, TG," Davis shot back. "So I decided to volunteer and help Mimi."

"I'M going to help Mimi!"

"No way, TB! I make a better model than you!"

Mimi sweatdropped. "Uh…guys? No one said I couldn't have more than one model. The more the merrier."

Kari shook her head. "I never thought you guys would be arguing over a modeling job."

TK and Davis both sweatdropped. They both knew exactly why they were arguing. They both wanted to be that lucky male model that would get to model with Kari…and hopefully impress her. And they both knew that three's a crowd. But they didn't want to make it seem so obvious that they weren't going to get along, so they both turned to Mimi and smiled.

"We'll be happy to model for you!" they both said cheerfully.

Mimi wasn't quite expecting such an enthusiastic reply. "Really? Perfecto! Now I have TWO male models to go with Kari! This is so perfect!"

"So…when IS the fashion show?" TK asked.

"It's in three days," Mimi answered. "I'll tell you what. Why don't I come back later and give you all what you're going to wear? And I promise…you'll all look fabulous!"

Kari stood up. "Thanks, Mimi. I'm sure it'll all go great. Right, guys?"

TK and Davis nodded. "Right!"

Both boys suddenly shot each other cold stares. With every day that passed, they had seemingly started becoming much better friends. But for the moment, that all seemed to go out the window. Once more, the boys found themselves competing for Kari's affections. They were still at war for Kari's heart.

And TK once again vowed he wouldn't lose this war.

A day had passed since the events of the coffee house and now there was a knocking at the Motomiya door. Knowing who it was, Davis rushed to get the door. Sure enough, there was Mimi.

"Oh, hey Mimi! Um…weren't you coming with my clothes?"

Mimi grinned. "Well…I couldn't carry them all in my hand, so I decided to put them all in a van." She motioned towards a yellow van parked in front of Davis' house. "Your clothes are in there."

Mimi pulled Davis out and dragged him towards the van. She pulled the van door open to reveal dozens upon dozens of different outfits and they all looked like they were on a level of fashion far above what Davis was wearing. Before Davis could even react, he was pushed in.

"Now go ahead and pick the one you like the best," Mimi giggled.

With that, Mimi shut the door and left Davis to look around. There were many different styles of clothes, all of which were drastically different from Davis' everyday wear. He didn't know what to choose, but he finally made his decision. He picked out one of the ensembles and quickly changed his clothes. Once he was done, he slid the van door open and showed Mimi.

Davis was in a brown polo shirt with a scarf around his neck. He also wore a pair dark-colored khakis. The outfit was complemented by a black belt and a pair of black leather boots. It almost gave Davis a preppie look. But Mimi was shaking her head. Something was wrong.

"There's something that doesn't look right. Um…lose the goggles," she suggested.

Davis' eyes widened. "WHAT?! I can't go out there without my goggles! That's like asking Superman to lose his cape!"

"The goggles don't go with that outfit," Mimi sighed. "I'm sure you'll be fine without them."

Davis shut his eyes and reluctantly took his goggles off. He loved those goggles. They were the pair Tai Kamiya had given him and Davis cherished them more than anything. He didn't want to take them off, but found he had to sacrifice them in the name of fashion.

"Much better!" Mimi squealed.

Davis shook his head. "I feel like Samson without his hair."

Before Davis could get another word in, he found himself being shoved back into the van.

"Ok Davis, now pick out another one. We've got plenty more where that came from. And we have to be ready for tomorrow. I've still got to meet with TK and Kari."

That's when Davis remembered why he was doing all this in the first place. He was doing all this for Kari. And when he thought about how something like this might impress her, Davis decided that his temporary sacrifice was definitely worth it.

So with that thought in mind, Davis turned around and started looking at the other designs.

TK went downstairs and walked down the sidewalk in front of his apartment complex. He got there just in time to see a yellow van parked in the street. Mimi was standing right next to it and she went to meet her friend and new male model.

"Great to see you, TK! You ready?"

TK nodded. "Yeah! I'm actually pretty excited about this."

"All right! So all you have to do now is just try out all these clothes."

Mimi slid the van door open. TK looked at the contents of the van and sweatdropped. There were dozens and dozens of different clothes, each designed in a unique style. There was plenty to choose from. And once Mimi threw the van's door shut, it was time for TK to make his choice. So he looked around and made his choice. After choosing a design, TK quickly changed and knocked on the van door. The door opened and TK showed his new style to Mimi.

TK wore a stylish purple silk shirt with black dress pants and black leather shoes. It gave TK a look unlike any other he'd had in the past. But Mimi was still shaking her head.

"There's something that doesn't look right. Um…lose the hat."

"No way!" TK frowned. "That's like asking you to lose YOUR hat!"

Mimi shook her head again. "Hey, there were times when I had to go without a hat. And as awful as it is, it's not the end of the world, TK. Now come on…do it in the name of fashion. Please?"

TK sighed and reluctantly took off his hat. He didn't want to take it off since his hat had become a part of who he was. He didn't know where he'd be without it. But when he remembered that he was doing this for Kari, TK took his hat off. The sacrifice was more than worth it.

Mimi grinned. "Much better! Now go ahead and pick another one, TK. We've got to be ready for tomorrow."

TK nodded and turned around to see the rest of what he had to choose from. He definitely had quite a selection. Indeed he would be ready for tomorrow…and if everything went right…he'd hopefully have Kari.

Tomorrow would be quite a day.

In the nearby shopping mall, TK saw a huge stage set up right in the middle where any passing shoppers could see it. It would be a large audience and it would have made anyone else nervous. But TK wasn't worried about how he looked in front of Odaiba. He was only concerned with how he looked…in front of Kari. He looked around and saw Mimi waving him in from backstage.

TK made his way behind the curtains and met Mimi and sixteen-year-old Sora Takenouchi. Sora immediately gave TK his outfit.

"Did you design this yourself?" TK asked.

Sora nodded. "I don't know who started this whole 'Sora can't sew' thing, but I'm proving everyone wrong. Hey, Mimi? Do you think I can be a fashion designer someday?"

Mimi nodded. "Neat! I say go for it!"

TK just kept his mouth shut since Sora looked very satisfied with Mimi's answer. He honestly couldn't picture Sora growing up to be a fashion designer, but stranger things had happened.

Sora and Mimi both shoved TK towards one of the changing booths. TK sweatdropped and thought about what he had gotten himself into.

"Hi, TK!"

TK looked to another changing booth that was placed nearby. He saw Kari coming out in a leather skirt and purple blouse along with a pair of high heels. It was obvious that Kari wasn't used to heels since she was occasionally stumbling over. It didn't matter to TK. To him, she still looked wonderful.

TK blushed. "Hi, Kari!"

"Less talk, more change!" Mimi muttered as she pushed TK into the changing booth.

"And hurry up, TK!" Sora added. "The fashion show starts in five minutes!"

TK started changing into his outfit. All the pieces were in place for this to be a great day. Then he heard something outside.

"Davis! The show starts in five minutes!"

"Come on! You need to change!"

TK sweatdropped. The one wildcard, Davis Motomiya was here, too. And that meant all the pieces were in place for this to be a disaster.

The fashion show was about to begin.

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