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Grumble, grumble



Naruto grumbled some more before she took her hand off the alarm clock.

She got out of bed and went to the shower. When she was done she put on her uniform (which by the way is the boy's uniform) and left her apartment. As she walked down the street, someone suddenly smacked her on the back. "Morning dobe." He said with a smirk

"Oh morning, Sasuke-kun." Naruto replied. Naruto and Sasuke walked until they heard.

"Hay Naruto-chan I see you skipped class again yesterday. Why, is it because of the scary test?" Kiba teased his female friend.

"If you must know it was because I was sick." Naruto lied. She hated tests. Kiba looked at Naruto in disbelief but lot it go. After that, Kyuubi and Itachi came to greet them. Kyuubi was Naruto's older brother who has red hair and a feminine looking body, while Itachi has dark black hair and was the taller one of the two.

"Good morning Naru-chan." Greeted Kyuubi.

Naruto replied, "Good morning Kyuubi-nii-san." As Itachi walked over.

"Good morning Naruto-san." Naruto blushed.

"Um g-good morning U- Uchiha-sensei." Sasuke looked at Naruto then at the man.

"Itachi what are you doing here?" Sasuke asked his brother.

"Well I was going to walk with you to the school but you didn't wait and Naruto didn't wait for Kyuubi-san. So I pick-up Kyuubi and caught up to you three." Itachi explained, then he looked at Naruto. "I didn't see you in class yesterday Naruto-san is something wrong?"

"N-No Uchiha-sensei I just had a fever and Kyuu-nii-san made me stay home." Itachi looked at Kyuubi to confirm this as Kyuubi nodded as a silent reply. The rest of the walk was quiet.

(Kyuubi and Itachi are teachers at the school.)


Lunch time

"Naruto what's up with you and the Uchihas?" Sakura asked her best friend.

"What do you mean?" Naruto looked questioningly Sakura.

"I mean Sasuke is considered the hottest guy in school and is one of you're best friends and there's a rumor that he likes you. And then there's the hottest teacher Uchiha-sensei. There's also another rumor that you like him and that he gives you special treatment." Sakura explained.

"Nothing is going on." Naruto looked away nervously and resumed eating.

"Really then explain this to me, you walk to school every day with them, you almost always eat with Sasuke-kun and Uchiha-sensei treats you different from the rest of us."

"One, Sasuke is my best friend and he lives next door to me. Two, again best friend. Three, I study. Four, any questions?" Naruto asked before she stood up to throw the rest of her food away and then she left the cafeteria.

Naruto went to her favorite spot. An old cherry tree outside the cafeteria and sat down. Two minutes later Sasuke walked over to her but Naruto had fallen asleep by then. Sasuke sighed and started shaking her.

"Dobe wake up." Naruto jumped.

"Oh Sasuke-kun it's you." Naruto got up and looked at the time.

"Yeah, why are you sleeping?" Naruto looked at Sasuke.

"No reason. We should go to your brother's class now." Sasuke nodded and they left for their next class.


After school

"Dobe you're turning sixteen soon right?" Sasuke asked and Naruto nodded. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing." Naruto answered.

"What! Why?" Naruto stopped walking.

"I've never really cared about my birthday. Not since the day my parents died." Naruto stated as she started to walk again. About ten minutes later they arrived at her house.

Naruto yelled, "I'm home!" But there was no answer. 'Kyuubi must not be home yet.' Naruto then walked into the kitchen to see a note with her name on it on the table. She picked up the note and read.


I'm going to be home late so go ahead and eat diner and I'll be there in the morning.



Naruto sighed. Her brother was never home anymore. Naruto walked over to the fridge opened it to see nothing. 'Oh now I remember why he works his butt off.' Naruto thought sadly, as she opened the freezer and pulled out ice-cream then grabbed a spoon and lad down on the couch.

Five hours later Naruto got up and went to bed.


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