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Uzumaki Naruto, a little eight year old girl with cute blonde pig tails and a set of scars on each cheek that resembled whiskers. She wore an orange shirt with little jean overalls over it, her big blue eyes watched the house across the street with anticipation. The "For Sale" sign had come off the house a few days ago and she knew that any day now the new neighbors would be pulling in.

"Naruto, ramen!" Her older brother Kyuubi called from the kitchen, poking his head out to look at the girl, he was nineteen with long red hair and blue eyes matching his sisters, he was dressed in a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans and his body was tall but slim. Naruto looked up at him with excitement, she looked between him and the house unsure which she wanted more, to watch the house or ramen. With a light chuckle the man grabbed a folding table from against the wall and set it up next to the couch placing a bowl of ramen on the table. Naruto took her seat and was delighted that the house was still in view. Kyuubi sat next to her with his own bowl watching her bounce in her seat.

"Do you think there will be kids!?" She asked him with her big sparkly eyes.

"I don't know Naruto," He replied looking out at the house.

"But you know everything!" She shouted at him throwing her arms up in a comical way.

"How about we go and find out?" Kyuubi pointed out the window, Naruto looked back at the house in time to see a large moving truck pull up to the house and a gray mid-sized car behind it. She nearly leaped over the table to reach the door.

"Let's go. Let's go! LET'S GO!" She yelled pointing at the door. Kyuubi was laughing at the girl somewhat worried that she might explode from all the excitement coming from her tiny form. He got up to follow her, opening the door to release the child. She ran down the walk way to the side walk and stopped just before the street, bouncing in place waiting for her brother. Kyuubi made it to her and she grabbed his hand to walk across what she called "the dark river of doom". As they crossed the driver's door to the mid-sized car and the door behind it opened, out of the front a man about Kyuubi's age stepped out, his hair was black in a low pony tail, his eyes were black and he was tall and broad wearing a white button down and black jeans. Out of the back a little boy stepped out, maybe a little older than Naruto, he had short very dark blue hair and black eyes, he wore a black t-shirt and black shorts.

"HELLO!" Naruto called loudly bringing their attention to the approaching pair. "I'm Naruto!" She and Kyuubi came to a stop in front of the two boys.

"Itachi?" Kyuubi questioned his eyes wide watching the older of the dark haired males.

"Kyuubi." He answered with a nod.

"You know him Onii-chan?" Naruto asked pulling at Kyuubi's shirt.

"Itachi was my college roommate freshmen year. I haven't seen you since the end of the first semester. What brings you here?" Kyuubi gave the man a tight hug and Itachi smirked at the curious little girl. "Finally out of your parents place?" They pulled away and Itachi nodded.

"Saved up enough money to cover Sasuke and myself for the next ten years, seemed to be time to escape the madness." Itachi explained patting the little boy's head. "I knew you lived in the area, I thought it would be nice to move where I might know someone."

"Ha "the area", I'm across the street!" Kyuubi exclaimed pointing at the house from which him and Naruto had just emerged. "This is great." Kyuubi looked down at the little boy with a grin. "You must be Sasuke." He reached out a hand but Sasuke only stared at it. Laughing awkwardly Kyuubi brought his hand back and looked at Naruto. "Naruto, Sasuke is your age."

"This is Naruto?" Itachi asked looking at the girl. "Aren't you the little cutie?"

"I'm a warrior! Warriors aren't cute!" She pouted at him.

"Forgive me little lady." Itachi took Naruto's little hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. "It is very nice to meet you," Itachi smiled at her and Naruto's face turned cherry red. She pulled her hand away and looked at Sasuke who was staring at her blankly.

"How about we go inside, we need to catch up." Itachi said walking toward the house he was moving into. Kyuubi and the two children followed him inside, finding that the movers were already at work moving the two boys into the house and the couch was already in place.

"Sasuke! What do you do for fun?" Naruto asked the boy as Kyuubi and Itachi sat down.

Sasuke stared at her blankly for a moment. "Dobe," Was all the boy said to her, and Naruto went red with anger.

"Hey!" She yelled at him. Kyuubi and Itachi only laughed as she tackled him to the ground. Sasuke got back up and ran for the stairs with the little girl in hot pursuit. Once the children disappeared up the steps Itachi turned back to Kyuubi, his face lost all humor.

"Does she know?" Itachi asked. Kyuubi only shook his head, his hair falling in his eyes.

"She's the real reason isn't she? The reason you chose here of all places." Kyuubi tightened his hands into fists, watching them.

"They will come back Kyuubi, you can't protect her alone. When Sasuke is old enough he will keep her safe too, this is for the best." Itachi took the clutched hand and Kyuubi looked up at him.

Kyuubi was about to speak but Naruto ran back down the stairs crying, Kyuubi pulled his hand away as the girl ran around the couch to him. "He pulled my hair!" She screeched at her brother as Sasuke ran around the couch.

"You Dobe! It was only a light tug!"

"No it wasn't!" Itachi and Kyuubi laughed at the quarreling children.

Kyuubi looked back to Itachi, ignoring the children who were wrapped up in their argument. "She is all I have Itachi." The dark haired man looked back at Kyuubi with a nod.

"I know."

Over the course of the next eight years Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha spent much of their free time with the Uzumakis. Naruto took up karate after declaring that she would never lose to Sasuke again, but of course Sasuke was already taking karate before she even started, the two children grew up together and formed strong ties to each other. As Sasuke grew he became tall and broader like his brother, though he kept his hair short in order to keep a distinction between him and Itachi. Naruto however grew her hair out, claiming one day it would be longer than Kyuubi's, and indeed she did surpass him. She developed curves and, as Naruto calls them, "devil boobs" as they were large and always in the way. The pair grew up to be very attractive and stubborn.


Beep beep beep

Naruto groaned as she rolled around her bed to ignore the alarm clock that demanded she return from the land of dreams.

Beep beep beep

Another annoyed groan.

Beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-

A tan hand shot from under the covers, slamming the alarm clock down and stopping the insistent beeping. She rolled to her other side happy in her new found silence.

You walk away!

Her eyes shot open as the ring tone she knew to be Sasuke's started playing from her phone.

You walk away! From the place you left before without me there is nothing that will make you stay

Naruto grabbed the phone, swiping to answer and bringing it to her ear. "What Teme!?" She said, probably a little louder than necessary.

"If you don't get up now I'm leaving you." With that he hung up. Naruto groaned, weighing whether she wanted to walk to school alone or not… "Teme!" She yelled as she got out of bed. She quickly brushed her hair and put it in a low pony tail. Naruto changed into black slacks and a white long sleeved button down that was a little loose on her, she tucked the shirt in and grabbed her school bag before running out of her room. When she made it down the stairs she quickly put on her black shoes and walked out the door. Sasuke was at the end of the walk way wearing the same outfit though his shirt actually fit and around his neck was a neat red and black plaid tie, his school bag held over his shoulder in his right hand while the other hand rested in his pocket.

"Morning Dobe," Sasuke said with a smirk as the pair started on their way down the street in the direction of Konoha high school. Naruto looked up at him with a pout, she wasn't short, Sasuke was just very tall.

"I hate mornings," Naruto groaned.

"HEY NARUTO-CHAN!" Sasuke's teeth gritted as the sound of running foot falls came up behind them. "GOOD MORNING!" A boy about their age ran past Sasuke to stand next to Naruto just a bit in front of the Uchiha. The boy was only a little taller than Naruto, his hair short, light brown with brown eyes, he wore the same uniform as the other two, his shirt untucked and his tie a mess, the boys hands were are his sides lacking a school bag.

"Morning Kiba-Kun," Naruto did a salute motion toward the boy.

"You missed school yesterday," Kiba said as he poked at her face. Sasuke moved to swat the hand but Naruto beat him to it.

"I was sick." Sasuke's eyes narrowed on her.

"You hadn't mentioned being sick," Sasuke walked between Kiba and Naruto effectively forcing Kiba to take the space behind him instead as there was not enough room on the side walk.

"I didn't want to worry you," She said sticking her tongue out at the Uchiha.

"That is not very lady like Naruto-chan." Naruto looked back behind them to find that Itachi had caught up to the trio. The man really hadn't changed over the years besides the well tailored black suit he now wore.

"U-Uchiha-Sensei!" Naruto stopped turning to the man with a smile. "Good morning!" She said with cheer. Sasuke glanced between Naruto and Itachi before his eyes rested in a glare on his brother.

"You weren't in my class yesterday Naruto, is everything alright?" Itachi questioned with genuine concern for the girl.

"No no no, I was just a little sick yesterday! I'm alright now though!" She said quickly with a blush.

"Well alright, I'm sure Sasuke will-"

"You can copy my notes," Sasuke quickly cut Itachi off. Naruto seemed to brighten at the offer of notes.

"Well we had better get going, wouldn't do for us all to be late." Itachi began to walk past the teens and Naruto followed after him.

8888888888888888888888888Later that day. Lunch.8888888888888888888888888888

"Naruto!" Haruno Sakura called after the blonde as she looked about the cafeteria.

"I'll meet you over there?" Naruto asked Sasuke as he got in line for lunch. He simply nodded and Naruto walked away, bagged lunch in hand. Naruto sat to the left of the pink haired girl with a smile. The girls hair was shoulder length, her eyes bright green and she wore the girls uniform, a loose white shirt with a black collar that had a red stripe at the end, the shirt was tucked into a red and black plaid skirt that ended just above the knees, the outfit was finished with long black socks and black shoes. Also sitting about the round table was Kiba, two other girls and three other guys all wearing the school uniform in different ways.

"Oi, Naruto," Sakura started, watching Sasuke from over her shoulder. "Whats going on with you and the Uchihas?" She asked poking at the blonde. Naruto swatted at the hand with a pout.

"Stop that!" Naruto exclaimed, however the poking did not stop. "Nothings going on, I've just been friends with them a long time is all."

"Yeah right, Sasuke is attached to your hip and Itachi-sensei gives you special treatment," Sakura said, looking back at her.

"He does not give me special treatment!" Naruto's face had taken on a red color as she looked down at her bag of food, starting to pull the lunch out.

"Yes he does! He gave you an A on that last history paper, I got a B! That is clearly favoritism!" The girl said teasingly. Before Naruto could retort a tray of food was placed on her head, a pair of pale hands balancing it.

"Maybe the Dobe is just smarter than you Sakura," Sasuke commented dully. Naruto gritted her teeth at the tray on her head, she ducked out from under it giving the Uchiha what she would call a scowl, what others would call a pout. Sasuke made no further comment and just sat in the empty seat on Naruto's left.

"Please, Naruto is barely passing all her other classes." Naruto felt herself flinch a little at the comment, she knew Sakura didn't mean to sound so cruel, but the words hurt the blonde none the less. Naruto didn't mean to neglect her classes, she just wanted the older Uchiha to be proud of her, so she spent more of her study time on History... correction, she spent almost all of her study time on History.

"Sakura, do you remember the conversation we had about putting that filter called sensitivity over your words?" Neji, who was sitting on the other side of Sasuke, spoke, he had long brown hair and very light, almost white, purple eyes, he was the only boy at the table that wore the black dress jacket of the school uniform.

"Or maybe you could just stop sticking your nose in everyone's business," Sasuke said with a fair amount of hostility.

"Cool it guys, Sakura is just asking what we have all been wondering," Ino said, she sat on the other side of Sakura, her blonde hair was a little longer than Naruto's in a high pony tail and her eyes were an ice blue. Her skirt was a little shorter than Sakura's but besides that her uniform was the same.

"I wasn't wondering," Gaara, a red haired boy across from Naruto spoke up, watching the Uzumaki with his green eyes.

"Neither was I," Said the last boy who sat between Kiba and Ino. This was Shikamaru, a brunet with a short pony tail, his uniform was a mess and he kept his eyes shut, leaning back in his chair.

"Fine, Ino, Hinata and I want to know!" Sakura glared at the boys sitting about her, as if they had betrayed her trust.

"Please leave me out of this," Hinata said quietly, she sat between Neji and Gaara, her eyes were the same as Neji and her hair was dark blue and very long. The difference in her uniform was that her skirt was past her knees.

"Just leave Naruto alone," Kiba finally spoke up glaring at Ino and Sakura.

"It's fine," Naruto spoke up, bringing all the attention back to her. "Sakura, Sasuke and I are friends, he lives across the street from me, we have all the same classes, it's not like we try to be around each other all the time, it just happens."

"Alright... but what about Itachi-sensei?" Ino pressed on, ignoring the look Sasuke was giving her. Naruto blushed a bit, she shook her head and stood up, quickly packing her food back into the bag and then leaving the cafeteria. Sasuke didn't skip a beat, he stood up only grabbing the sandwich off his tray and followed her.

"He's like a puppy the way he follows her around," Ino snorted watching the Uchiha leave.

Kiba groaned looking at the two girls with a great deal of annoyance. "What's up with you two? You guys have always loved Naruto, now you're both being jerks to her."

"They're just jealous because Sasuke-kun never notices them," Hinata said, looking up at them through her eyelashes.

Neji raised a curious eyebrow at them. "This has never been an issue before."

"It started yesterday, when Naruto-chan wasn't here," Hinata clarified.

"Well, she wasn't even there and all Sasuke did was watch her stupid desk like she would just magically appear." Ino pouted, pushing he food about her plate. She looked up at Sakura with determined eyes. "I just wish he and Naruto would finally get together or something already! Then I could happily give up on him."

"Is that what this is about?" Shikamaru groaned at the pair.

"It's so obvious that he's got a thing for her. He's always with Naruto so I've never really talked with Sasuke before. So I tried while she was gone, you know, see if I could get to know him minus the Naruto filter. He just ignored me, in fact the whole time she was gone Sasuke said NOTHING," Sakura explained clearly put off by Sasuke's blatant disinterest in her. "And Itachi-sensei was distracted all of class too, he would just trail off all of a sudden and stare at her stupid seat, it was kind of creepy actually."

"We've been to Naruto's house, the Uchihas are almost always there. Naruto and Sasuke have been friends well before any of us met them. Did you ever think that perhaps Sasuke and Sensei were just worried about her absence, I mean it is unusual for Naruto to miss." Neji suggested, watching the two girls roll their eyes at the explanation.

"You aren't in our history class Neji, you didn't see their faces," Ino said.

"It was a little odd," Hinata said thoughtfully.

"I didn't notice anything like that," Kiba piped in crossing his arms.

Sakura rolled her eyes as she turned to the brunet, leaning forward to see him past Ino and Shikamaru. "That's because you were also too busy wondering where Naruto was."

"I was not!" Kiba exclaimed looking away from her.

"We all know you have a big crush on Naruto-Chaaaaan Kiba," Ino teased him winking at the boy.

"I do not!"


Naruto walked out onto the roof of the school with a sigh. She sat against the wall along the edge of the roof pulling her food out of its bag again. Sasuke just watched her, having already finished his sandwich. "Were you really sick yesterday?" Sasuke questioned. Naruto looked up at him and sighed.

"Yeah, some small stomach bug, it wasn't a big deal so I didn't want to worry you," Naruto explained with a small smile.

"So you lied to me?" Sasuke's voice had taken a different tone. To most people the change in tone would go unnoticed, but to Naruto, who had grown up with a pair of Uchihas hanging around the house, the change in tone meant Sasuke was angry.

Naruto froze, thinking about what he might be referring to.

(Flash Back, Yesterday Morning)

Naruto was dizzy, she was having trouble even getting out of bed when her phone rang.

You walk away! You walk away! From the place you left before without me there is nothing that will make you stay-

Naruto grabbed the device answering. "Hello?"

"Dobe, hurry up or I'm leaving you." Came Sasuke's dull voice.

"Sasuke!" Naruto called before he could hang up.

"What is it? Is something wrong?" He questioned, she could hear the very slight tone of concern in his voice and frowned.

"Go on ahead, I'll meet you there."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, see you later." She hung up the phone before running into the hall bathroom to throw up.

(End Flashback)

It was about thirty minutes after that that Naruto sent Sasuke a text telling him she was just going to skip because she was tired. With a heavy sigh Naruto looked up at Sasuke with a grin. "I didn't lie to you, I told you I was skipping class which I did."

Rolling his eyes Sasuke snorted. "With holding information is close enough Dobe." Sasuke finally went to sit next to her.

"I just didn't want to worry you, you can be a little over protective sometimes." Naruto smiled fondly at the extremely faint blush that had come to Sasuke's face.

"Over protective only because you are constantly getting yourself into trouble. Someone has to keep you from doing something stupid Dobe." Naruto grinned at that, Sasuke was always a jerk, and she would be the first to admit that she wasn't to keen on being his friend early in their relationship. Despite all that, they had grown on each other, learning each other well enough not to push buttons that would cross a line, knowing the ends and outs of the other better than anyone else knew, Naruto loved their friendship and was very happy with where their lives had led them thus far.


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