Hello everyone, it has been far to long and I am very ashamed my stores have fallen threw the cracks the way they have. In all honesty I am pretty sure I simply took on to many at once. So, now that my writing abilities are much better and I have focus on them again, I will be removing some of my stories so that I can completely rewrite them and hopefully keep a good steady order with them. Some stories I am more inspired with than others right now, so some may simply be trashed. Because of this most of these stories will be removed either temporarily or permanintly. So I ask that if you want to make sure you know when a story returns or if it is trashed that you either PM me about said story so I can let you know, or add me to one of your author lists. I apologize for my not updating and for the fact that some of these stories may simply be scrapped. Although after rereading I'm wondering what some of you saw in the stuff I wrought, story idea, good, story telling, bad, and I hope to fix that. Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to do so.