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Once the wall was built, everyone had presumed that they would, with effort, manage to keep the Soviets from spreading out farther across the world. However, through a combination of straight-out invasions and infiltrating into countries governments: the Soviets managed to force themselves across the globe disturbingly easily.

The Western European nations were the first to be conquered, which was shortly followed by the struggling African nations, the Middle East as well as the Asian nations that was not controlled by a Communist government already.

During this time the Soviets infiltrated into the South American nations with disturbing ease, through the use of political front groups and riot instigation. The Southeast Asian Islands fell easily as well, but Australia and New Zealand presented quite a problem to the Soviet Union. Nonetheless, their defeat was virtually assured from the opening of the USSR invasion onto the islands.

Most nations surrendered peacefully, and those that didn't suffered the worst of casualties.

Eventually, Canada and The United States of America were the last two nations left standing. By that point the two nations had isolated themselves from the rest of the world and built a militaristic "North American Fortress" around the two countries in hopes of keeping back the outside world.

But the end of their safety was confirmed when Matthew discovered that his government had been fully infiltrated by the USSR. It wasn't too long afterwards that the USSR began invading across Canada.

Amidst the invasion, Ivan had un-expectantly phoned Matthew. The Russian had rarely contacted the national personifications during invasions, so Matthew was completely shocked when he heard the Russians voice on the other end of the line.

"Hello Matthew! Are you good?"


"Matthew has been watching the news, da? I've been so busy, I completely forgot to talk to you! I was missing you very much, I realized." The Russian let out a clearly fake sigh. "But I was thinking, Matthew~"


"Your country: it's fragile, isn't it? It's so large and with many different people; it's amazing that it didn't have a nastier history…"

"Huh? It was close at times…but things luckily managed to stay stable…" Matthew muttered, confused. "But that's unimportant, Ivan-"

"You were lucky compared to most countries, weren't you? …I'm very jealous." Ivan giggled happily. "I'm really looking forward to when I rip Canada apart for the betterment of the Union. Your troubled face as Canada is broken apart will be such a beautiful expression~ I cannot wait to see it."

"It won't happen!"

He giggled at the fear in Matthew's voice. "Hmm? Is Matthew telling a lie? You must know how much we're inside your government~ Let alone how vulnerable you are~." He smirked. "Don't be too sad Matthew~ I'll definitely forgive you for not joining me~ After all, I'll fix all your flaws, and we will be together forever now, da?"

Matthew dropped the façade and desperately begged. It was the only thing he had left.

"P-Please keep the Soviet soldiers outside of Canada. You're inside of my government, so…I'll let you take over peacefully: Just…please attack Alfred from a different location. I cannot let him nuke the Soviets bases and soldiers in Canada and kill everyone!" Matthew did not care that he sounded on the verge of a panic attack. "We're very rich in resources, it will be an advantage for you too, Ivan!"

"You are, aren't you?" Ivan laughed childishly on the phone. "I do love you Matthew, but I wonder what Alfred will do in this situation~ I'm very, very curious to see~ But don't worry…Matthew will be safe! Not all Canadians will die. And did you know that some of my men are heading over to bring you to my place right now?" Matthew let out a surprised gasp. "Don't worry, I'll sing you some songs while you wait! It'll cheer you up, I'm very sure."

Ivan began to sing "Oh Canada" in his disturbingly high voice. It wasn't even thirty seconds before he heard his door kicked down, and had rough inky blackness forced across his vision. As he was dragged away, he could hear Ivan's voice on the phone.

"True North, Strong and Free~"

Canada went down much more quietly than Ivan had expected; especially considering how much of an impediment they had been during the attack on England. It took only a week to spread the Soviet army across the large nation.

The United States however, did not go down easily. Although Russian moles had disabled the United States ability to use atomic weapons; it took a month and a half of driven fighting before the USSR finally gained any head way.

Although the invasion was becoming increasingly bloody for both sides, by July 1st the United States was clearly losing against the Soviet Union.

It was on that day that Arthur, Toris and Matthew had been assigned to removing Hercules blood stains from the living room wall. Ivan had suddenly walked in and broke into hysterical laughter as he turned on Russian news station. Only Toris could understand Russian, so Matthew and Arthur thought nothing of it until Ivan called Matthew over suddenly.

"Matthew~! You need to see this~"

As much as it hurt his pride to admit, Matthew had learned that disobeying Ivan was never an option. "What is it?"

The Canadian handed the rag to Toris gently, who gave him a nervous glance. The Lithuanian and Canadian had become close friends soon after Ivan had dragged Matthew in. Although Matthew was much younger and more naïve than Toris, they both had similar gentle, supportive personalities and worked together fluidly and wordlessly.

Matthew paced over, his body quivering from hidden fear and pain caused by the night before, when Ivan had caught him humming "Oh Canada" and beaten him for hours.

After Ivan had gently placed Matthew's bloody body onto his bed and left Arthur to tend to the hardly conscious figure. Matthew had whispered tiredly, in one of the few times where he did speak that night. "A year ago…We sang that song…I was watching fireworks with everyone else…I was waving-" his voice cracked. "My flag…it was a cheap little paper one…it's in the garbage now…sup post to be gone from my memory…"

"It's your brother, Alfred~" Matthew jerked up, and rushed beside the coach that Ivan sat on. He didn't dare sit down. "I see we are winning very well! You're brother will joining us soon, you should be happy. Hm?" He looked towards Matthew. "Can you see?"

Matthew's glasses had been crushed long ago, and the television box was a blur. However, he shivered as the newscaster's voice switched to the sound of guns and screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. Without warning Matthew was held in front of the screen by Ivan.

"Watch Watch Watch~ They all die! All the Americans die…" Ivan grinned. "Similar to what happened in British Columbia and Winnipeg, eh? So sad…but that's what our enemies get. Da? Da?"

Matthew tensed as he watched the screen, tears starting to build in his eyes. So many more innocent people dying….…

"This is a happy event! Matthew, laugh!" Ivan giggled into Matthew's neck, but Matthew remained in a horrified silence. That ended with a boot to his stomach, and Matthew collapsed on the ground, clutching his stomach in angry pain.

"I'm…sorry ..." Matthew gasped, weakly and in a fake-submissive tone. "I-It….is…f-f-funny…"

"Actually…today is July 1st, yes? Is that day not special to you? I wonder what is going on in your nation~"

Ivan smirked as he changed the channels until he had found the Soviet controlled Canadian news station. Although the announcer was currently silent, Matthew stood up to see that it was a live filming of Edmonton, Alberta. The camera was currently focused on a Soviet soldier line marching towards a loud mop.

He let out a horrified gasp as the guns cracked all at once, and screams were emitted from the television as dozens of bodies crumpled onto the ground. Within seconds the mob became a frenzied figure of movement and the guns cracked a second time, creating more screams and death.

Like the bodies on the television, Matthew fell back to the ground; tears running down his cheeks. However, Ivan suddenly grabbed his hair and dragged his face in front of the television.

"Watch Matthew~ Watch~" Ivan giggled happily. "Their your people, it's your responsibility to see what is happening! You must watch it!"

"No…." Matthew let out a quiet sob. "Stop this from happening…Ivan…I'm begging you!"

Ivan giggled into his ear. "No No~ Just like your brother, bad people need to be corrected…Don't worry, your people are being fixed and taught right now!"

As another line of bullets were fired, Matthew sobbed and struggled in Ivan's monstrous arms.

"Did you know~ Last night; as we were together, the same thing happened in Quebec?" Ivan giggled. "Actually…I recorded all the punishments that your people were given since the invasion. I never told you how often this happened in Canada~ but today, July 1st is special to you, right? We should watch them together; it will be a nice break for you~"

Matthew's trembling body lost all strength, and was held up by Ivan.

"No! Ivan...Leave him alone! Don't you dare do this to him." Arthur suddenly broke in, pacing forward. "I will not let you do something so cruel."

"Cruel? Hm? But isn't it reality?" Ivan smirked against Matthew's ear. "Matthew needs to see the're so in-considerate Arthur." His violet eyes turned in Arthur's direction. "If you interfere, than you will be forcing me to bring very, very bad things onto both of you~"

"Arthur…please go." Matthew spoke, his small voice surprisingly loud in the living room. "Ivan is right. I…need to see."


Before the Canadian could respond Toris tugged on Arthur's shoulder weakly, and the Englishman reluctantly let himself be lead to the exit. All of them hard learned the hard way that interfering with Ivan's abuse of another nation was futile, and only turned out worse for both of them.

Matthew was the example for this, since usually the worst beatings Matthew got resulted from his unstoppable tendency to interfere when Ivan punish the Englishman, as well as when Ivan's beatings of other prisoners became particularly vicious. Although Arthur and many of Ivan's other captives had acted like this as well, Matthew had continued far longer than anyone else, despite the harsh punishments. He seemed to be driven by some deeply ingrained careless self-sacrificing nature.

Ivan's responses to having the Canadian suddenly force his way in between the Russian and his victims varied from dragging the Canadian aside, to turning all of his anger and cruelty onto him.

Whenever Matthew tried to protect Arthur from Ivan, with a sad, petrified but unbreakably determined expression, for seconds Arthur was filled with pride for shaping such a beautiful colony, before he would remember to shield Matthew away from Ivan's sadism.

However, after that July 1st, Matthew was never the same.

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