It's been exactly one year. One year since we've reunited. One year that you've been mine and mine only. One year that I've been the happiest of my life. I can't believe my luck and I can't believe this is really happening. After all that we've been through, I deserve it and so do you.

It seems a lot like yesterday these days. When we used to yell at each other for hours over stupid childish things then laugh at ourselves for hours. We still do that, but not over which side of the tour bus we should get. We yell, argue, struggle with the real things. Real things like marriage and divorce and babies. We've really grown up, despite our eternal happiness.

I remember when we used to lay in bed for hours, dreaming about our futures. It seems unreal that the future is finally happening. We don't have time to dream anymore, because our lives are better than dreams.

I'm all cured of dark and twisty Caitlyn because of you. You gave me back my life. Without you, crazy spontaneous Caitlyn with her witty jokes would be replaced with stone cold career focused Caitlyn. What I'm trying to say is that you make me whole, Nate Black.

Every day I look down and I can't see my feet. Instead, I see the most beautiful sight in the world. I see a bump peeking out of my stomach, a perfect little bump. And when that bump moves, I melt a little bit inside just at the thought of this baby, our baby. Then I feel sorry for you, because you will never be able to enjoy the wonder of motherhood. Oh well.

You see, this bump means more to me than you think. This bump represents a fresh start, a new beginning. This bump is the beginning of our adult life together. It is the beginning of us. It is the beginning of beginnings. It brings us closer and closer each day. What really makes me excited is that fact that this bump will not be the last of "bumps". We get new adventure each day, good or bad. The best part of those adventures is that we do them all together. I can't wait to embrace this bump, for real.

I can almost see him or her. She or he will have gorgeous curls, obviously, and the most brown eyes. And she or he will be named Naitlyn. No, just kidding. I think I want to give him or her a name with a real meaning. A baby this special deserves a special name. No, I don't mean Destiny or Shawniqua special. I mean a divine name, because this baby is most definitely not ordinary. This baby is extraordinary, I can feel it. It brought its superstar parents that love each other so much.

Watching you watching me used to make me self-conscious, but it doesn't anymore. I've spent too long wishing you would turn my way, and now you have. I love it when you stare at my swollen stomach and talk to our little treasure. I doubt you were this way with Alyson.

No more distractions, no more Alysons or Gregs, no more meddling parents. You've saved me from drowning in my own pit of despair, just like I saved you from yours.

We're not young anymore, but we are just as happy, if not happier. This last year has been the best year of my life. An amazing cruise around the world, a long lost best friend, and most importantly you.

I love you so much Nate Black and, I can't wait to meet our future. You've caught me. Your chase is over.


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