Celibacy Part (1/?)

Violet Turner hated Charlotte King. She really hated her. First of all the she-devil slept with Cooper, her best friend! She had stolen her best friend. And then she had the nerve to lie to him about her practice, her practice, which was conveniently located in the same building as Oceanside Wellness, and the worst part was that she may have actually loved him. Loved him!

And Charlotte had sex with Cooper! Lots and lots of porny Internet sex! And She, who did not sleep with other people's best friends, she who did not use weird Internet dating sites to get men, was not getting any. Zip, zilch, nada. And she was painfully aware of this and, well, so was everybody else.

She was edgy, prone to outbursts and not very friendly these days. Sam and Pete were avoiding her wrathful ways, Addison and Naomi were at St. Ambrose and Cooper was trying to 'get back on the horse' with his stupid dating sites. It was a little over a month and Cooper had decided that he was over Charlotte. Or so he said.

So here Violet was, in the reception area trying to reschedule one of her client's appointments, when the tiger walked.

"Where is my patient?!" Charlotte demanded.

She looked over at the petite blonde, who despite her frustration, was looking perfect in her crisp white blouse, black pencil skirt and black Pradas. Violet gave Dell a questioning look before slinking back to her office to hide, but she could still hear the altercation happening in the lobby.

"Your patient?" Dell asked.

"Yes, my patient! That you stole."

"I didn't steal your patient," Dell said in all his cute surfer boy confusion.

"Fine, Addison stole my patient. I need to know where she is."

"She's at St. Ambrose's running some tests on her patient. They should be back soon."

Charlotte took a deep breath and politely said that she would wait for them to come back. "However long it takes."

Silently, Dell shot Violet a look that said, 'help me', but she scurried away to the kitchen, not wanting to get involved. Sadly the stars were not aligned in Violet's favor this morning. So as she was searching through the boxes of old noodles and containers of mystery meals Charlotte marched in, helping herself to a cup of Oceanside Wellness coffee.

"The place is practically empty," Charlotte drawled in her annoying accent. "Slow day?"

Violet looked away from the fridge a moment to see the knowing smirk on Charlotte's lips.

Yes, the day had been slow; not that she would ever tell the she-devil that. So she ignored her and grabbed a slightly bruised apple from the fridge. Charlotte continued to observe her, smirking over her stolen coffee and leaning forward against the wooden island surface as Violet searched for a knife to slice up the apple. Finding one, she turned back to the island.

Charlotte's presence was doing nothing for her nerves, but neither was the celibacy. She plunged the knife into the apple, not cutting just stabbing, and it struck her as being very therapeutic so she repeated the action once more.

"Something wrong?" Charlotte raised a perfectly arched eyebrow in question.

"Yes!" She hadn't meant to confess that, especially not to her. "No, I mean no!"

"You look tense to me," Charlotte commented.

Violet didn't grace her with an answer and worked on slicing her apple. "Dammit!" She had sliced through her skin. Violet grimaced in her pain, while Charlotte surprisingly jumped into action. The petite blonde grabbed a handful of napkins and applied pressure to the wound.

She was aware of how close Charlotte was to her and sadly this is the closest anyone had been to her in awhile.

"Careless," Charlotte chastised. Yes, Violet was aware that she should have paid attention while using a sharp object. It was all Charlotte' fault. Charlotte had distracted her, taunted her, and had broken her best friend leaving her no time to have relationship of her own. She was lonely, achingly lonely and celibate and it was Charlotte's fault.

She pulled away from the blonde, making effort to hide her discontentment and turned her back on her. A few awkward seconds later Charlotte spoke again, in a much softer voice, "How is he?"

"How do you think," she snapped.

A hesitant pause and then, "If he had stayed with me, I would have messed him up somehow."

And then she remembered. Charlotte was a broken person. A person who was not allowed displays of affection as a child, a person who had major intimacy problems, a person who pushed everyone who tried to help her away. She should know. She was the one who had given her the psych. examination when Charlotte couldn't sleep.

"You don't know that Charlotte."

"Yes, I do." Her voice was so forlorn, so heartbreakingly sad. Charlotte was at Violet's side again reaching for the wad of napkins. Something happened in that moment though. Charlotte skin brushed against hers leaving a tingly path and she felt a warm breath tickle the crook of her neck, which made her shiver in a good way. She pulled her wounded hand away slowly from that warm hand and hoped Charlotte wouldn't notice light blush that had appeared on her cheeks.

She was starting to see Charlotte in a whole new light. She could she why Cooper had wanted her in the first place. There was something were sexy about the bossy little blonde. She shook her head of those thoughts. It's just the celibacy talking.

"Turner? You loose your brain or something?" She watched the blonde's lips as the sarcastic words were uttered. They did look kind of kissable. "What are you staring at?"

Before she knew it, she was grabbing the front of Charlotte's blouse and crashing her lips against those kissable ones. Her lips were soft, Violet remarked, and Charlotte was kissing back. Why was she kissing back?

Wait! This wasn't right. She was kissing Charlotte, who she hated and on top of that was a woman. She ended the kiss a zoomed out of the kitchen without looking back.

She passed Dell on her mad dash for the elevator and quickly told him she was going out for lunch.

"Turner!" Charlotte shouted behind her. She cringed when she heard the outraged voice, but the door slid shut and she was safe.

Why on earth did she do that?

God I'm getting desperate…

The elevator pinged and then the doors opened to the ground floor. "But still, it was a good kiss," she muttered getting a look from a little boy holding onto his mother's hand.