A White Lie

"Any plans for downtime?" Cam asked lazily over the opposite end of Sam's desk. He wore a bored expression having long given up on trying to tear her away from the lab so they could go for lunch. He had left her temporarily to find food, only to return ten minutes later with a tray each, but as soon as they had eaten she'd started work again and ignored his attempts at distracting her further.

Sam glanced up from the doohickey at her fingertips and smiling softly, shook her head. "Nope. Have you?" She reached across the desk for another item that possessed a name Cam could only hope to learn and began to fiddle methodically with it before attaching it to the much larger doohickey on her desk.

Cam watched her silently as it moved into place with a satisfying 'click' and then answered. "No," he told her. "Pathetic, huh? We get an entire weekend to do whatever we want – within reason, of course – and neither of us has a clue what to do with it!"

Raising an eyebrow, Sam looked at him. "I was thinking of joining the scientists down at Area 51 for a few days, actually. I'll have to drop by and ask General Landry for the okay once this is done." She gestured around her, indicating her lab.

"Ah!" Cam grunted immediately, waving his index finger in the air. "You are not going to spent your downtime like that again!" He fell silent for a moment and a thoughtful expression made it's way onto his face.

Sam eyed him cautiously.

"Dinner. My place. Sunday at seven," Cam finally told her, nodding.

Sam pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and stared at him. She hadn't seen that coming! "Cam, I – "

"No. You'll be there," he interrupted. Before she could protest, he added, "You will! You've made it clear you have no other plans, so you can't get out of this one!"

Staring at him for several seconds longer, Sam sighed loudly. "Fine, I'll be there," she agreed. "Why not."

Cam offered her a victorious grin. "It'll be great!" he told her.

"So, Sunday?"

Cam shrugged. "I need to go shopping first," he admitted. "It's been awhile."

"Aha!" Sam shot back. "You've been on base for the last few downtimes as well. You can't do that and tell me I'm spending too much time here! You're just as bad. Hypocrite." She smirked at him as if to say 'beat that!'.

He blinked a few times. "Well at least I'm making an effort to do something that isn't work-related this time!"

"I guess," she replied with a half shrug.

She suddenly scrunched up her face and he raised an eyebrow. "Sam?"

"Will you be cooking?"

"No. I was thinking Thai," he said vaguely. "Maybe Chinese."

Sam nodded in approval. "Okay. That's good." She smiled at him – in approval or relief, he wasn't sure which – and pointedly nodded at her work. "I really should finish this now."

"Sure." Cam headed for the door, smiling. He had made it almost around the corner when something he hit. He turned back and pierced Sam with accusing steel blue eyes.

""If I had said 'yes' that I would be cooking dinner, you'd still have come, wouldn't you?"

Sam offered him a nervous smile and nodded. "Of course, Cam. Your cooking…I'm sure it's great."

"Really?" Disbelief.


Shaking his head, Cam moved off again. "Right."