Say Goodnight And Go

"House. Come with me."

Her expression is unyielding; his is oddly compliant.

She leads him to her car and he follows.

"Where are you taking me, oh vague one?" he asks once they're sitting side by side in the car. He fixes her with a calculating look.


He looks around them as she drives away from the hospital. He takes in street names and turns she makes and he narrows his eyes in surprise.

"Are you taking me home?"

A thin smile forms on her lips but she still refuses to satisfy him with a spoken answer.

He stays quiet for the rest of the trip and watches the darkness of night splash shadows over her features.

He follows her out of the car and to his front door. There, he pauses. He stands still as she slips past him and unlocks the door with the key he gave her for emergencies.

She doesn't glance back at him to ensure he is still with her but continues on inside if it's her place that they're at rather than his.

He can hear her moving things around, putting the jug on and he decides what to do. He enters and closes the door behind him. His curiosity has always gotten the best of him and now, he's damn curious.

This is his apartment. His. Not hers.

What is she doing?

He finds her in the kitchen making coffee. She doesn't look up.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he says sharply. "I wasn't aware that when dropping someone home you invite yourself in and make yourself at home. New habit?"

She smiles another of her thin, vague smiles and its as if the tiny thread holding him back has been snapped. He grabs her by the wrists, causing her to drop the spoon she had just picked up and stares into her eyes.

"Cuddy," he starts.

She doesn't let him finish.

She leans up and places a chaste kiss to his mouth and then another to which he responds without a thought. It's the best kiss that he has had since their last. Better, even.

One of her hands tousles his hair, the other fists the front of his shirt. Her mouth is warm against his, wet, soft. For a full five seconds, their tongues meet and tangle together. He doesn't need oxygen because she is his air.

And then it's over.

She has pulled away.

He breathes heavily and studies her.

She moves towards the door and opens it. Eyes glued to his, she steps outside.


"Goodnight, House," she tells him, mouth crinkling up at the corners.

He frowns as she turns and leaves and then it hits him. Hard.

This is payback.

This is her way of showing him just what he'd done to her the last time they'd shared a kiss.

This is revenge.

So, this is what it feels like.

His eyes widen and close on the empty space she just vacated.

He breathes in deep and leans against the frame of his door.