A New Start

Chapter 1 Leave

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Hiashi stood looking at the perfect display of Hyuuga clan genius before him, and then again at his daughter Hinata, the clan idiot through his eyes. He stared at her in complete disappointment. She was part of the main branch, and yet she lacked any skill in his opinion. She was just an embarrassment to him. He'd always hated Hinata, but after her last mission failure, his patience had left him quickly.

He would not take this anymore. No daughter of his was going to be weak. Her weakness reflected badly onto him, and therefore he hated the sight of her. Hinata's eyes welled with tears as though she could her father's terrible thoughts of her. He looked at Neji again, why couldn't he be blessed with a son, like Neji?

"A-Ano, I won't fail again." The girl stuttered through tears.

'Always crying like a baby, when will she grow up?' He thought angrily.

Hiashi just looked away in disgust. Her mission failure resulted in the leaf almost having to go to war, but thankfully the Hokage was able to smooth things over. He didn't look at her, and he just couldn't look at her anymore. He'd never been more enraged and disappointed by her actions. She was always screwing up and crying about it, but when it came time to change she never did.

He was convinced Hinata was a failure and he cast her away. He could no longer be associated with a weakling like her, no matter what the situation. There was no way in hell he could leave the clan to her. She was much too weak to hold her own, and the clan would fall to ruins. Hanabi was much better suited to be heiress, if only she'd been born first.

'I'm placing my hopes on you Hanabi.' He thought bitterly.

"I can't stand to look at you any longer. Leave my sight until you can prove your worth as the heiress of this clan, and if you can't Hanabi will take your place." He added the last part bitterly with his back to her.

"F-Father? P-Please I-I…"

"Leave or I will make you regret staying." He growled at the girl.

Hinata's pearl eyes widened with fear. The tone of her father's voice told her it was no time to stand there and cry. He really would make her regret staying. She didn't want to leave, but her father seemed so angry and terrifying really. She tried to leave but her legs were frozen.

Neji had watched the scene unfold, but said nothing. After all there wasn't much he could say or do, with the cursed seal upon his head. Besides maybe his methods were too harsh, but in a way he was right. If she were to take over the clan, things would fall into chaos, quickly. She was much too meek and shy for such an important leadership role. If she hoped to keep her title she'd better work harder for it.

"If I turn around and you are there I'll give you the curse seal myself." Hiashi said aloud.

Hinata's eyes filled with tears and she left which was the only thing she could do. Hinata ran as fast as she could from the Hyuuga complex. Tears streamed down her pale cheeks and her sobs were light squeaks in the early morning light. She closed her eyes momentarily causing the tears to pour down her face, as she stopped running to catch her breath. She was hunched over and her tears fell onto the ground. Hinata didn't know what to do or where to go really.

In fact the poor girl was still trying to process what exactly happened this morning.

'Curse seal?' she thought utterly horrified at the thought. 'I am a failure…'

Hinata soon became aware that she was in the middle of the road crying. Though it was still early people would soon be out for morning runs or even to work. She sighed and drug herself towards the woods. At least there no one would see her cry, and know just how weak she really was.

'Where am I going to go? What am I going to do?' she asked herself sadly to which she really had no answer. After all if she knew she wouldn't be sitting in the woods crying.

Hinata's head spun with fears. She looked up at the sky which didn't seem to be getting any brighter despite the time that passed. The air was damp and the smell of coming rain was on the wind. Soon it would be raining, and she would be stuck outside with nowhere to go.

She thought of her teammates or even Kurenai, but she just shook her head sadly. She couldn't go and dump her problems on them like she always did. It was exactly that type of thinking that had gotten her into this mess. She couldn't burden them anymore. In fact she really didn't want to burden anyone ever again, but it wasn't simple to just change. Hinata had tried several times and failed miserably at it.

'No I will not burden anyone ever again.' The kunoichi thought as the soft patter of rain started.

Hinata leaned her back against a tree and pulled out a kunai. She held it at eye level and stared at it contemplating its use. Her tears were so thick she could barely see the knife she held.

'How did it end up like this?'

Hinata had shamed herself and her clan with this last mission. It was only a matter of time before her father would seal her. There was no way he'd let her go free. He had to protect the byakugan and its many secrets.

The wind blew causing a high pitched whistle to whine through the woods, and the rain fell heavily on the huddled kunoichi.

Hinata wept loudly. He told her to leave. She had tried her hardest in training and she still wasn't good enough. She feared she'd never live up to his expectations. Hinata was sure she'd never live up to his expectations of her, and that Hanabi would be titled the Hyuuga heiress. Not that title ever meant much to her to begin with, it was more so that she wanted to be acknowledged.

She wasn't like her sister. Hanabi was a quick learner and she wasn't afraid of anything. Not like herself, who was afraid of everything and took forever to master even the simplest of skills. Hanabi was sure to surpass Hinata within a year or maybe even sooner. Things couldn't get much worse for her now.

Hinata took the kunai and slowly placed it to her throat, and even though her eyes were shut tightly tears still trailed down her face. She wasn't going to be a burden any longer. The kunoichi inhaled and held her breath, but before she could do anything more she heard footsteps and took the kunai to her side.

"Hinata?" called a familiar voice.

The soaked kunoichi looked up to see Sakura looking worried standing over her with an umbrella. Hinata's hand loosened its grip on the kunai she'd been holding and it fell to the ground catching Sakura's attention.

'What's with the kunai? What is she doing out here?'

"Are you okay? What are you doing out here?" her voice was thick with worry.

Hinata didn't answer or rather she couldn't find her voice to answer. She'd been out in the rain for hours. She was chilled through to the bone. Her body shook violently with cold. Sakura pulled her up when she didn't answer her questions. The pink haired kunoichi inspected her closely. She noticed the girl's eyes were red-ish and puffy.

'She's been crying.' Sakura observed. 'What happened?'

"A-Ano…G-Gomen. Sakura-san." She stuttered finding her voice finally.

"Hey. Don't worry about. How about I walk you home?" Sakura asked warmly unaware that home was the problem.

Upon finishing her sentence, Hinata burst with tears. Sakura had no idea what she done wrong, but it was obvious Hinata didn't want to go home. Sakura decided to take her back to her apartment.

"Or not…you want to come over my place for a bit? How about some tea?" Sakura asked already guiding Hinata to her house.

Hinata nodded. She was so cold she would've gone home with anybody. Sakura led Hinata to her apartment. By the time she got her inside she looked awful. Her face was much paler than usual and she was shaking a lot. Sakura was worried she'd fallen ill staying outside like that.

Sakura placed a hand on Hinata's forehead, checking to see if she had a fever, which she thankfully didn't have one. Sakura looked her over for signs of what may have happened to her other than being out in the rain, but nothing physically seemed out of the ordinary. Sakura was really worried though.

"Just how long were you out there like that?" asked Sakura.

"A-A few h-hours." Hinata stuttered as her body trembled with cold even indoors.


Hinata's eyes filled with tears again and her lip trembled as she tried to answer. The pearl eyed kunoichi broke down sobbing. Sakura saw her reaction and felt guilty trying to get her to talk about it and hugged her.

"I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to." Sakura told Hinata quietly, to which Hinata nodded thankfully that she wouldn't have to talk about it.

Hinata blushed violently, at the embrace (more in an embarrassed way). Sakura pulled away from the hug feeling how cold and wet Hinata was.

"Come with me." Sakura said pulling Hinata behind her.

"Okay." Hinata replied a bit confused.

Hinata followed Sakura into her bedroom where Sakura gave her some towels and clean dry clothes to wear. Hinata eyed the clothes nervously as they were much different than her normal attire, but they were dry and she took them gratefully.

"Thank you Sakura-san."

Sakura left to let Hinata get dressed in private. She wondered why she had been out in the rain and the fact that she was holding a kunai unsettled Sakura. Sakura wanted just to get to the bottom of what was going on, but she knew she should make sure Hinata was okay first. She could get really sick from being out in the rain that long. Sakura knocked on her bedroom door to check on Hinata as it had been several minutes already.

"Hinata-chan? Are you okay in there?" Sakura called through the door.

"H-Hai, I'll be right out." Hinata answered.

Hinata slowly walked out wearing one of Sakura's outfits. (SHIPPUDEN STYLE) It actually looked great on Hinata even though Hinata thought it showed way too much skin. She fidgeted under Sakura's gaze and stared down at her feet.

"Wow! It looks really good on you. I'm jealous that my clothes look so good on you." Sakura exclaimed.

"A-Ano Sakura-san I didn't mean to.."

"It was a compliment don't get so upset." Sakura replied sweetly.

Sakura really was surprised to see how well Hinata had filled out her clothes. She actually was slightly jealous of the kunoichi that stood fidgeting before her. Sakura would give anything to have a body like hers, but she guessed her body wasn't so bad.

After a few awkward moments they sat on the couch. Sakura examined Hinata's behavior. The poor girl's eyes were so sad, and she still looked cold.

"Are you still cold?" Sakura asked Hinata, who nodded her head yes.

Sakura left to get a blanket for her before sitting back down. Hinata draped the blanket around her shoulders savoring its warmth. She finally was getting the feeling back to her hands and feet after being so cold.

They sat in silence while Hinata looked on the verge of tears. Sakura wasn't sure what to do for her, especially since she hadn't a clue what she was so upset about. Sakura decided to just ask Hinata what had happened and why she was outside in the rain.

"Hinata, why were you out in the rain?" Sakura asked quietly.

Sakura waited patiently for her answer. Hinata looked down at the ground for awhile before speaking.

"M-My F-F-Father kicked me out." She finally managed to choke out.

"Why?" she asked surprised by this greatly.

Hinata looked down at the ground, in shame. Sakura saw the tears sliding down her cheeks and felt so saddened by it. She felt that she might start crying soon.

"He said I shamed my clan by being a burden I caused my team to fail an important mission. Because of me Konoha almost had to go to war with the mist." Hinata replied sadly.

The girl's tears started up again. Sakura did her best to stop them, but what could she really do for her?

"And now I have nowhere to go!" Hinata exclaimed loudly sobbing.

Sakura thought for a minute, even though they hadn't been really close she really felt for the girl. She was nice and polite and as far back as Sakura could remember Hinata never did anything to hurt anyone. Hinata was a nice girl all around. How could anyone be so cruel to Hinata? Her own father…it was crazy in Sakura's mind.

"I'm useless ." uttered Hinata sadly.

The words Hinata spoke struck Sakura in the chest like a kunai. She knew all too well what that felt like. Before she trained under Tsunade and learned to be a real kunoichi Sakura always felt like a burden to her team. She hugged Hinata, who blushed. Hinata wasn't used to being hugged or treated very kindly by many people. She was usually being teased for being so weak.

"Hinata-chan you're going to stay with me." Sakura said with a smile.

"Really Sakura-san?"

"Yup!" she answered shaking her head in a similar fashion to a certain blonde they both knew.

Hinata still looked a bit gloomy. Sakura had clinic duty, or so she told Hinata. Sakura showed Hinata around her apartment making certain she knew where everything was before she left her alone.

"I'll be back soon, and get something to eat okay? Help yourself to anything you like." smiled Sakura sweetly.

"Ok." Hinata replied meekly.

Sakura really didn't have clinic duty, she wanted to see Tsunade and let her know Hinata would be staying with her for a while. The Hokage needed to be informed if any of her shinobi were to change residence. She reached Tsunade's office quickly. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply from the Hokage.

"Yes." answered Tsunade grumpily as her nap was just interrupted.

"Oh hello Sakura." Her voice seemed softer. Tsunade was never bothered by Sakura.

"Master are you busy?" Sakura asked her teacher knowing how grumpy the women could get when her naps were interrupted.

"No," she said brushing her paper work aside with a smile, really she'd use any excuse to get out doing the paperwork that had piled up.

"Well, today I found Hinata crying in the woods."

"I heard Hiashi kicked her out. It's a shame he's being so hard on her." Tsunade replied seeming genuinely sympathetic.

"Yes, well about that. I offered for her to stay with me."

"Good. I was worried about that, but staying with you would probably be best for her." Tsunade replied.

"Well, I've been thinking…" Sakura trailed off grabbing her master's attention.


"She has amazing chakra control, due to her training with Juuken."

"Yea." Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"Well, maybe you could train her to be a medic ninja. She told me she felt useless on every mission! Please Tsunade-shishou! I felt the same way before you taught me! Plus we need more medic ninja…"

"If she wants too, I will allow you to train her!" Tsunade answered in a serious tone.

"Me?" asked Sakura completely stunned by the idea of training Hinata.

"You're an excellent medical ninja, I have faith you will train her well." Tsunade stated.

And with that Tsunade dismissed Sakura. Sakura couldn't believe that as a chunin she was going to be teaching Hinata medical ninjutsu. She wandered out a bit dazed and excited. It was scary but exciting at the same time, like a rollercoaster. She was excited to be teaching her, but at the same time she was really nervous, what if she made a mistake?