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Blue eyes slowly opened, trying to focus hard on the surroundings. It hurt, that was the very first thought that she had. It hurt very bad, she had never felt so bad before in her short life. She could smell something, it had a coppery taste too; it was all in her mouth and she tried to spit it out.

She didn't know what happened, everything was really blurry to her sight, and loud noise rang within her ears, hurting her head. She couldn't move, especially her legs since they seemed to be stuck on something.

"P-papa?" She asked unconsciously, wincing at the pain that talking caused her. Her ribs hurt a lot, and it made breathing very painful. She was slightly alarmed when there was no response from her father, whom she had finally got to see.

Her family didn't live together because her father had left not too long ago, saying to her that he was very sorry that he had to do so, but it just was for the best. She had asked why, but he didn't give an answer, saying that she would understand when she was a little older. However, she did still get to see him once a month; she even got to travel out of Japan to see him.

Her father lived in a place called Britain; it was where he was born. He was a European man; she had heard that she had inherited his blue eyes from him. Even she knew that, she was the only person that she knew, other than her father of course, that had blue eyes as they were very rare in Japan.

Her Mama said she was special because of it, but her class-mates didn't seem to think so since she was teased mercilessly at school merely because she was different from the rest of the students. She had very few friends, which was why she enjoyed seeing her father in Britain.

A sudden voice broke her thoughts.

"Little girl, are you alright?" A calm voice asked and she slowly opened her blue eyes to see who had asked the question. She could partially understand it because her father had begun to teach her English at a young age, saying that it would be very beneficial later in her life to know two different languages.

"It… hurts a lot," Higurashi Kagome whimpered, looking up through blurry eyes at the person, wondering what was going on. Her father never answered her question. In fact, he hadn't answered back at all, "Where's Papa?" She weakly asked, feeling a warm liquid was running over her legs, but she ignored it and stared at the man instead.

The man didn't answer as he turned back to shout something, "The little girl is still alive!" The man yelled, and other people were obviously around, as more shouts were heard only moments later, "But her legs are trapped! Help me try to get her out!" The man turned back to her, talking to her in a quiet voice.

"Do you hurt anywhere?" He quickly asked, taking a long glance over the little girl in a quick assessment of the damage of her body. He winced slightly, as it looked pretty bad from his view. Her legs were trapped within the car wreckage and he wasn't sure how much they could be damaged from this.

"E-everything really hurts." Kagome whimpered back, her breathing was getting more painful by the second and black spots danced around the corners of her blurry vision. "Where's Papa?" She asked again, remembering that she had not yet received an answer.

The man seemed to hesitate, before returning to his professional state. "What's your name?" He asked, hoping the child would stay awake to answer his questions, and not pass out of the blood loss.

"Umm," Kagome closed her blue eyes to make the black spots leave, but it didn't work at all. Her legs were going numb at this point, and she tried to move them to get more comfortable. She squeaked in obvious pain at the action, and the man grew alarmed at the noise, moving as close as he could. The girl was still trapped within the wreckage of the car. If she didn't get out soon, then she would most definitely die from blood loss.

"We're almost done, you'll be free any moment now," The rescuer said softly, looking to the other first responders to see how far they had achieved in freeing the trapped girl. A loud noise seemed to have suddenly sounded, and the others gave a nod to him, communicating that the girl was finally freed.

"Where are you hurting most?" The man asked quickly, not yet moving her in case she had any neck or spinal injuries. He certainly didn't want to paralyse her if he could possibly avoid it.

"M-my stomach and my neck hurts the most…" Kagome answered weakly, the black spots had almost completely covered her blurry vision, and she felt very lightheaded at the feeling. She closed her blue eyes, forgetting that she still had not received any answer to her previous question concerning her father.

Only a second later, she passed out.

"Dr. Cullen!" A loud voice shouted in panic and said doctor glanced up from his paperwork, looking through the open door. A nurse rushed in with her hair in disarray and a pale face. "We've had a serious car accident!" She seemed to panic, but Carlisle merely stood up calmly, keeping his movie star-like looks in a calm expression.

He nodded quickly, abandoning his paperwork to quickly walk through the hall of the hospital. "How many, and the worst of the injuries?" He asked in a professional tone, hoping it wasn't too late to save anyone.

"Two people were in the car. The male adult, unfortunately, passed away instantly on impact. There also was a little girl in the car with him. She survived, but just barely. She has serious head and leg injuries. A few of her ribs are also broken." The nurse rushed with him to direct him to the room that contained the little child, "She's in very critical condition." She added, though Carlisle certainly didn't need to be told that.

He could smell her blood from the distance they were at and it was probably the most tempting scent he had smelled in a very long time. However, it was very easy to keep his control, having been around human blood for a very long time now. It almost didn't even affect him anymore, even if the blood scent was especially lovely.

"I've got it from here," Carlisle nodded to the nurse, who looked distraught when she was left at the door. It was very saddening to see such a young little girl in the hospital with such serious, life-threatening injuries.

And to make things worse, it seemed that the little girl had also lost her father in that horrible accident.

Carlisle glanced up from his desk when his cell phone suddenly rang and he put his paperwork down to answer it. "Hello?" He asked, though he already knew who it was.

"Carlisle…" A voice hesitated on the other line.

"Esme? What's wrong?" Carlisle asked his life-mate, wondering why she would call him during work hours since she rarely did that, knowing he was very busy trying to save as many human lives as he possibly could.

"Well," Esme hesitated even more on the other line, not sure how to bring it up, "Alice has seen a… vision concerning the cute little human girl that you have just saved," She said quietly and Carlisle had to raise a perfect brow.

"And?" The vampire encouraged for Esme to continue, wondering how significant this vision could for Esme to actually call him at work.

"Well, she sees us… adopting the human child," Esme explained, though she left out the part where Alice said the vision had suddenly went completely black after that. None of them were exactly sure what that could've meant, but didn't dwell on it too long.

"You're sure?" Carlisle suddenly sat up straighter in his chair, his brows furrowed in concern. "We haven't contacted the child's family just yet, but from the remains of the I.D found in the car wreckage that belonged to the man. It seems that the little girl is his child," Carlisle leaned back against the chair again, not sure what to make of it. "But it seems that she does not have a permanent residence here in Britain. We're not exactly sure where she currently resides," The doctor said, explaining all the current information on the human girl.

Esme didn't say anything on the other line, listening in intently. She wasn't sure what to make of it since Alice's vision was a bit concerning.

A coven of vampires adopting a little human child?

No matter how appealing it sounded to have a little girl in the family, it was just too risky. Jasper still had a very hard time controlling his urges for human blood…

"We still have not contacted any of the girl's relatives yet." Carlisle sighed, knowing the child was still out unconscious, not having woken up yet from the accident. It was very difficult to access the damage the human girl had taken to her head; she could even remain in a coma for the rest of her life for all they knew.

"Is that so?" Esme sighed as well, not sure what to think. From what Alice had described for the human child's description, she sounded very cute. She couldn't wait to see the incredible blue eyes that Alice had described since the colour hue sounded very rare.

"Yes, the child had not yet woken up. She still does not know of her father's death," Carlisle said with sorrow, it really was too bad that he didn't have a chance to save the human girl's father.

"Poor little girl," Esme closed her eyes, feeling sorrow on the girl's behalf. She hesitated on the next question. "May we come to the hospital to see the human girl?" She asked reluctantly.

Carlisle paused for a moment, before nodding his consent. "Of course you may, though you may want to… prepare before coming into the hospital." He said, the scent of blood was always stale within the hospital. He would prefer his family to feed before coming into the building.

"Of course," Esme answered back, since she needed to feed anyway. "We'll be in a little while." She smiled, it would be fun to meet a cute little human girl. She only hoped that the girl woke up before they came.

"I'll see you later, then." Carlisle smiled at nothing in particular, hanging up his cell phone. He was left in silence only for a few moments before a knock on his door interrupted it.

"Dr. Cullen?" A nurse's voice was heard through the thick wood, coming in a second later when he allowed her permission to do so. He looked to her intently, wondering if there was any other work to do.

"You remember the little girl who was in the accident yesterday?" The nurse asked, and Carlisle went to full attention. "Well, she had woken up just a few minutes ago. I thought you would like to know." The nurse said politely, Carlisle quickly stood up from his desk.

"Thank you for informing me." He said, walking past the nurse, and to the direction of the little human's room. A few other doctors were in the room, assessing the girl's condition.

Carlisle took a glance at the human child, and was taken back by her brilliant blue eyes, having never seen such a hue on a human, or even a vampire, before. She really was very cute for a human.

"I can take it from here," Carlisle said quietly to his colleagues and all of them nodded, knowing that Dr. Cullen was the best doctor in the hospital. He should assess the girl's injuries.

The little human slowly turned her head to him, blinking her lovely blue eyes. Carlisle smiled gently, still taken back by her radiant eyes. She also had an especially tempting scent, he wasn't sure when the last time he had ever smelled such a good human before.

"What's your name?" He asked softly, the little girl only blinked at him again, not answering all that quickly. It did alarm Carlisle for a moment, and wondered if her head injuries were worse than they had originally thought.

"Umm," The girl looked a bit panicked, trying very hard to remember. Nothing came up, her mind remained completely black. "I don't know." She answered, looking like she was on the verge of tears, which she was, as Carlisle could so obviously smell.

"Do you remember what happened?" He asked quietly, hoping to jog the girl's memory. He really didn't want to be the one who told her that her father had been killed in the car accident, but it was something that needed to be done.

"Pain," The little girl blinked, looking very thoughtful. "There was a lot of… pain," She looked down towards the blankets, gripping it with her small hands. "That's it," She sighed, Carlisle looked back towards the small night table sitting beside the bed. There was a silver chain sitting on it, it looked almost completely ruined, though it still caught his eye for another reason.

"Is this yours?" He asked softly, picking up the chain to allow the human girl to look at, hoping that maybe it would jog her memory of what her name was. The chain had the two letters of 'KA' as a charm, the rest of the letters were obviously ruined in the car accident.

"Yes!" The girl suddenly widened her blue eyes, quickly taking the ruined necklace from his cold hands and observing it rather intently. She blinked a few times, but other than that, she remained silent.

"Dr. Cullen?" A voice asked him, and he stood to his full height, turning around from the human girl.

"Yes?" He asked, walking to his fellow doctors to listen to what they had to say.

"Well, we still have not located the girl's family as of yet. Did you get her name?" Another doctor asked, taking a glance at the injured girl before looking back towards Dr. Cullen.

"No, it seems that she has amnesia, though it's unclear how severe it might be," He shook his head. It looked as if Alice's vision was coming truer and truer as every moment went by.

"Well, we know her father's name, and that he did live here in Britain," The doctor said. "Though, we doubt that the girl lives with him from what we have found out. It would seem that her father divorced her mother. The girl was only visiting him." He explained. "Judging by the girl's looks, I'm assuming that she is Eurasian, so her mother must currently reside in Asia somewhere. But we still have not named the girl or her mother." The doctor nodded, allowing himself to be dismissed. He paused at the door. "We're working on that right now." He added, before leaving.

Carlisle sighed, but then turned back to the girl. She was watching him with curious blue eyes, her head tilted to one side like a cute puppy. He smiled at the sight, sensing his family's presence only a moment later.

'That was quick,' He thought, they must have fed rather quickly, most likely due to Esme's urgings. She loved all children, she must have been pretty anxious to meet the little human girl.

"Is this her?" Esme rushed in, immediately cooing over the silent girl, who looked slightly surprised at the sudden visitors. "She's so cute!" The vampire almost squealed. Carlisle smiled and nodded, agreeing with his mate.

Only Edward and Alice came in, the rest were not even present. "They decided not to come?" Carlisle asked, knowing the reasons. Jasper would probably find it too hard to control himself in the hospital since the scent of blood was everywhere. Rosalie probably didn't want to come because she would not want a human in the family, it was too risky. Emmett stayed behind because Rosalie did.

Edward shook his head, looking though as if he were holding his breath, which he was. Alice bounced over to the bed, also cooing over the little human girl with Esme since those blue eyes really were incredible.

"Are you alright, Edward?" Carlisle asked with concern when Edward suddenly tensed when he let out his breath, once again holding it tightly. He was even more pale than usual, his golden eyes immediately turned black the instant he set his eyes on the little girl. "What's wrong?"

Edward simply couldn't believe the reaction he was having towards the human girl; he backed slowly away from the bed. He was suddenly so thirsty, even if had just fed not too long ago. "No," He growled to answer Carlisle's question, holding his breath. "I have to go," He said suddenly, giving a last glance towards the little girl before rushing from the room.

He was losing control.

Carlisle and Esme moved in concern, while Alice suddenly went rigid, her golden eyes unseeing. The human girl merely looked at them all curiously, wondering who they were. She smiled suddenly, wanting to tell the nice doctor her name, which she finally seemed to remember after looking at the broken chain for a long time.

"Do you see anything, Alice?" Carlisle asked quietly, Esme looked towards the human child before the black-haired vampire, wondering the same thing.

Alice widened her golden eyes as the vision went suddenly black like it did before, though she saw more than enough. She turned inhumanely fast back towards the girl, her eyes wide and confused.

"This human girl… is his mate…"