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Chapter Summary: Spiderman will date Brock when cars fly... oh lookit that... C:

"You have it, don't you!"

It wasn't a question.

"You know what that thing does to you!"

Yeah... he did. Or, at least he thought he did.

"Don't talk to me until you've gotten rid of that thing."

Could he get rid of it?

Spiderman looked down at the streets below, golden eyes searching behind the thin veil of his mask. Funny... the only thing separating him from the masses below was a silly piece of fabric. Well, that and his powers, but then, any one of them down there could have gotten bitten by a spider--he just so happened to have stumbled across the radioactive one.

Go figure.

Sirens wailed from somewhere in Hell's Kitchen, but after a moment, Spiderman realized they were ambulance sirens, not the usual police cries.

'Surprisingly quiet lately...' He thought, walking across the rooftop. He jumped up ontop of a nearby wall, glancing any nearby windows for curious onlookers. Perhaps cleaning up gang violence all day had sent the silent message of "Play Nice, Spidey's Watching" to the usual frontier soldiers. Maybe he could go see MJ and explain that he had the suit under control now.


Spiderman sighed, 'Spoke too soon.' Shooting out a line of web, Spiderman lept from the top of the tower, feeling the web tighten in his grasp as it found hold on taller building. He swung around, looking down at the busy streets for the tell-tale blue and red flashing.

Only to blink and have exactly two point three seconds to register that a sleek, black Mercedes was flying at him and hooo'boy was this gonna hurt.


Spiderman awoke to several sensations.

The first was a loud ringing in his ears, the kind that only happened when he was lucky enough to get knocked around like a punching bag by Doc Oc, Lizardman, or any other bi-weekly villain who was fast enough to get the drop of him. The second was the feeling of being constantly jostled around, like falling asleep in one of those 3D theater chairs during the film (MJ had only forgiven him due to the fact that the night before their date had been spent helping the police settle Rhino into Breaker's Island. Oh, that had been an interesting night, To say the least.) The third, and most confusing, was the distinct feeling of having been run over by a car.


"...Can't believe you... threw a car at me..." He croaked.

"Just returning the favor." Venom chuckled dryly, ignoring his cargo's complaints as he leap from building to building.

"Why'd it have to be a Mercedes? Do you any idea how much those things hurt?


A/N: What? Not all my thoughts of these two are perverted. Sides, if anyone ever threw a car at my head, I'd make sure to return the favor.

May or may not continue this plotline... just kinda depends. I'd like to finish it, but my Muses... they tend to have other plans most of the time.