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Chapter One: It Does Look Like a Narnian Ship

Lucy and Edmund Pevensie felt absolutely miserable as they hid away in the guest bedroom. Not only were they stuck at their aunt and uncle's for the summer; they were constantly being pestered by their miserable cousin Eustace Scrubb.

At first Edmund and Lucy were without hope of finding anything fun to do as they spent the first horrible month with Aunt Alberta and Uncle Harold. Either they were hiding from their cousin in Lucy's room or outside talking of their adventures in Narnia.

You might be curious to know the location of this country called Narnia, it is not known to most, only to a select few who I had traveled there.

Narnia is not a country of this, our world. It is of a world completely separated from our own; one with it's own people and creatures and a time that can move very differently than the our world.

Lucy, Edmund and their two older siblings, Peter and Susan, had been lucky enough to have traveled to Narnia twice in their lifetime and had even ruled and grown up in Narnia, but that is another story...

While Peter and Susan had grown up a lot since their last trip to Narnia, Lucy and Edmund constantly dreamed of returning, Lucy more so than any of her siblings. However, as it had been told to them before, it will happen when you are not looking for it, so they continued on with their lives in this world

But when one who had been in Narnia for a long period of time (such as our two Pevensie's ), when you are truly miserable the only place you wish to be is the one where you are most happy.

So, after a month of dealing with their bully of a cousin; Lucy and Edmund were quite near wit's end, they were exploring the many items left to gain dust in Lucy's room their eyes fell upon the most amazing painting they had ever seen.

It was in the back corner of the room; that they had almost missed it.

Painted on the canvas was a beautiful ship that was very unique.

It was a small ship; nothing impressive like the great ships that Edmund and Lucy had sailed on during their days of King and Queens of Narnia, but it was in itself very unique and beautiful.

It's hull was painted green and it bow was in the shape of a dragon's head, and instead of the usual white sails, they were a striking purple.

"Do you remember us ever having a ship with a green hull? I think I remember one…but I can't be sure." Edmund commented as the gazed at the enchanting painting.

"But time moves about differently in Narnia, this could be a ship from a completely different age." Lucy replied. "But it is a very Narnian ship." she added.

"A Narnia Ship?" a voice rudely asked behind the two siblings.

They both turned, Edmund held in a groan.

Eustace had discovered them.

"Still playing those games I see." Their cousin said smirking at Lucy and Edmund.

"It isn't a game." Lucy protested quietly, looking over at the painting that they had leaned against Lucy's bed.

"Oh, do go away Eustace." Edmund snapped.

But Eustace marched towards them and ignored his cousin's protest.

"I am trying to come up with a limerick…Kids who play games about Narnia, gradually get barmier and barmier!"

Edmund couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Narnia, and barmier don't rhyme."

"Why do you like this painting so much Lucy? Alberta only kept it because it was a wedding present from someone she didn't want to offend."

Lucy went to answer him but Edmund cut her off. "Oh don't answer him Lucy he will start going on about art and all that nonsense. And if you don't like the painting Eustace just leave for then you won't have to look at it."

"I like it because the waves look so real, and the ship really looks like it is moving up and down." Lucy replied, because as she continued to look at the painting, this is what really began to happen.

Edmund glanced over at the painting and gasped.

"Why Lu, I believe you are right, look! The ship really is moving!" he said.

Eustace looked at both of his cousins as if they were truly mad.

"You two are both off your rockers, there is no way a ship in a painting could actually move!" he said, slowly backing away from his cousin and the painting, which he unwillingly looked at.

It was then that the wind picked up and the three children felt a strong wind and smelt the beautiful sea air.

Both Lucy and Edmund breathed in deeply and smiled at each other, knowing exactly what was happening: magic.

"What kind of trick are you two trying to pull? Close the window! Stop it! I will go and tell Alberta!" Eustace cried stomping over to his cousins.

"The window is closed." Lucy said, she turned to her brother. "Oh Edmund, could this be possible?"

Edmund shook his head and smiled. "There is only one way to find out."

But before Lucy could reply, Eustace, who was at their side now, was in a panic and cried; "I know what will stop this, I will tear apart that painting!"

"Eustace, don't go near it!" Edmund cried trying to stop his cousin.

Eustace ignored him and tore out of his cousin's grasp and ran at the painting.

In an attempt to stop him Lucy and Edmund ran after him and in an instant all three children were pulled into the painting and down into the ocean water they went.

They all let out a cry as they hit the water; it was freezing!

Lucy and Edmund were the first ones back above water and Lucy, who had just taken swimming lessons before the school year had ended called out.

"Keep calm! And Kick off your shoes!"

Edmund swam towards her and nodded, "Where's Eustace?" he called out.

About ten feet away they heard coughing and then saw their cousin struggling to keep his head above the water.

"Help, I can't swim!" he coughed out.

"I'll get him!" Lucy cried out.

"Lucy! Don't let him pull you under!" Edmund said trying to keep up with her to help her keep Eustace above the water.

But Lucy was a stronger swimmer and made it to their cousin first.

"Hold on Eustace!" she called taking a hold of one of his arms. "Just-"

But Eustace was in a panic and wrapped himself completely around Lucy. "I can't swim!"

She could feel herself losing her strength. "No Eustace! You will pull us under!" she cried.

Too late, they both sank and Lucy tried to keep them above the water but her cousin was much too heavy and he pulled them under.

She tried calling out to Edmund for help, but that only got her choking on salt water and sinking once more.

Suddenly Eustace was pulled up and away from her but in his panic he kicked Lucy's head on his way up.

Lucy felt the pain of his kick for a moment and then her vision went black.

Edmund growled in anger as he saw Eustace pull Lucy under, and he swam harder trying to get to them as quickly as possible.

There was a loud splash from behind him but Edmund took no notice, he had to get over to Lucy and Eustace.

He saw them both go down twice before he finally reached them, they were under again and Edmund dived below the surface and pulled up a screaming Eustace, praying that Lucy would follow.

He resurfaced and slapped his cousin in the face; Eustace suddenly stopped screaming and looked over at his cousin in shock.

"Calm down! Just kick your legs Eustace." Edmund snapped, and Eustace just nodded and obeyed.

Now that he had Eustace calm, he looked around for Lucy, he couldn't find her.

"Lucy! No!" Edmund called, now he himself beginning to panic.

Suddenly a golden haired young man swam up next to them. "You get him back to the ship, I will get Lucy!" he said.

Before Edmund could say anything, the young man had dived below the surface.

He didn't know why but he followed the man's orders and swam, pulling Eustace along with him, over to the ship that had now moved closer.

It was then that Edmund looked up at the ship, where on deck, there were men yelling out and ropes being thrown down to Edmund.

He grabbed at one with his free arm and then wrapped it around Eustace; after a few tense moments the miserable Eustace was pulled up. Before Edmund did the same, he looked back to where Lucy and the man had gone under.

A moment later he saw them both surface and he turned and tied the rope around himself and was pulled up; just as a small boat was being lowered down a little ways down from where he was.

By the time Edmund had reached the top he was immediately wrapped in a blanket and realized he was shivering but his thoughts remained on his sister as he rushed to the port side.

The young man, who looked very familiar to Edmund, was holding Lucy in the small boat as it was pulled back on deck.

It was then Edmund noticed it, Lucy was unconscious, and once they were pulled on deck and young man laid her on the deck and began breathing into her mouth, he knew she wasn't breathing.

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