Chapter 7: Rescued

Caspian had just come around the corner where he could see the large harbour of Narrowhaven when he heard a woman cry out. He looked to his left and saw Lucy falling to the ground, and when she didn't stand up right away Caspian felt himself lose control of his anger.

It took all he had in him not to run the Tarkaan through with his sword when he reached the Calormen noble, his attendants and Lucy.

But by the strength of Aslan he was able to calm himself once he reached the small group. The Calormens didn't seem to notice Caspian as he approached them and the one attendant leaned down to drag Lucy to her feet, yet before Caspian could move to stop the man he heard Rhince cry out from behind him.

"Halt! In the name of Caspian, King of Narnia!"

The two Calormen attendants froze and yet did not move away from Lucy, while the Tarkaan looked up at Caspian as he descended from his horse, smirked and bowed his head.

"What may we assist you with Your Majesty? We were simply handling my newly bought slave. This filth is nothing you need to concern yourself with."

Once again, thank Aslan, Caspian was able to keep himself calm, and remained the strong and noble King of Narnia.

"That Lady is of Narnian royalty and was bought illegally."

The Tarkaan opened his mouth to protest but Caspian continued.

"The money that you spent to buy this Lady is available back at Market Square, one of my men will be happy to escort you to where you may retrieve your spendings."

The Tarkaan, for a moment, looked furious and it seemed like he would object. Caspian tensed, waiting for the man to attack, however after seeing how the Narnians out numbered him, the Tarkaan complied.

As the men led the Calormens back to Market Square, Caspian quickly bent down and cut the ropes binding Lucy's hands before helping her to her feet.

"Are you all right my Lady?" he asked quietly, afraid his voice would betray his true feelings.

Lucy tried to give him a reassuring smile but her lips began to trembled, followed by the rest of her body. At that moment, not caring or thinking how inappropriate it would be, Caspian wrapped his arms around Lucy. One arm went around her waist, pulling her close to him and the other hand placed comfortingly on the back of her head.

For the next few minutes Lucy cried quietly into Caspian's shoulder from exhaustion and the fear that she had felt at being taken away to Calormen. Shortly after Lucy lightly pushed Caspian away and wiped her eyes.

"My apologies Caspian, I do not know what came over me." She said quietly.

Caspian smiled down at her.

"There is nothing to apologize for my Lady; you went through a frightful ordeal these last two days. But let us go and find the others, I am certain your brother is incredibly worried."

Lucy gave him a wobbly smiled and nodded, following him towards Market Square where her family and the rest of the crew would be waiting for them.

When Edmund spotted his sister and Caspian walking towards their company he let out a huge sigh of relief.

When Caspian had run after the Calormens Edmund had almost followed but he was needed at the square to keep everyone calm. There were many unhappy buyers wishing to have their money returned to them and if someone did not keep an eye on things a riot surely would have broken out.

Luckily enough, Pug's accountant had kept a very detailed log of what was sold and for how much so there was no chance of anyone trying to trick them into giving them more money than they actually spent.

So while the others had gone to search for Lucy, Edmund had had to remain, and it had been one of the most difficult things he had ever had to do. And by the time Lucy and Caspian had returned to their group Edmund was very near his wits end.

Lucy broke out into a run when she saw her brother and jumped into his arms when they reached each other, ever since their first adventure in Narnia the two siblings had become very close; this whole ordeal had been very hard on both of them.

"I am so glad to see you have returned safely Lu." he said, relaxing now that he knew she was alright. "I thought we might have lost you." He whispered into her ear before they broke apart.

Lucy smiled back at her brother as they separated, "You could never lose me Ed, brothers and sisters cannot be separated for long."

Edmund returned the smile and watched as she moved among their group, greeting everyone as they welcomed her back. Caspian walked next to Edmund and they smiled at one another, knowing now that everything was set to right again they could now continue on their journey further toward the Eastern Ocean.

But before they could leave everyone agreed that they all needed was a short rest before moving on.

This short rest lasted for nearly three weeks, the crew of the Dawn Treader remained on the Lone Islands celebrating Lord Bern's new role as Duke and relaxing as much as they could.

But after just over a fortnight on the islands Caspian knew they must continue on; Goodbye's were said, along with promises to return and visit when the time could be found. Then with the Dawn Treader in full supply the Narnians began the journey to the unknown Eastern Oceans.

The first few days after their departure from Narrowhaven were full of beautiful days, with calm seas and a steady wind from the west.

Every morning Lucy had a delightful time picking something to wear as she was able to buy proper Narnian clothes during their stay on the Lone Islands. She had several traveling dresses with three cloaks and two sets of breeches, two white blouses and two vests, one green and one a very dark red.

After she had changed into her chosen outfit, Lucy would go out to the forecastle of the ship and look out to sea. Each day it began to look more and more blue and the air continued to get warmer.

During the day her favorite pastime was to play chess with Reepicheep, and did her best not to laugh at the mouse as he had to pick up the small pieces with both of his small paws.

But no matter how small the mouse was, he was a very good player and often won the games, however there were times where he would place his knights in danger of the Queen or the Rook as he was thinking of what he himself would do in a real battle.

When Lucy wasn't playing chess with Reepicheep she would be speaking with Edmund and Caspian of past adventures and the ones they were sure to have as their trip continued.

Keep Eustace happy was a challenge in itself as Eustace always seemed to be in a sour mood, especially after their experience in Narrowhaven, and no matter how many times Lucy and Edmund told the poor boy, he refused to believe that there truly was no British Council.

Edmund usually had no patience with their cousin but both he and Lucy agreed to take turns trying to show Eustace the true beauty of the world of Narnia and it's surroundings.

However, the beautiful weather did not last long, not a week after their departure from the Lone Islands they were faced with a horrible storm.

Lucy had been standing astern with Caspian looking back at the wake the Dawn Treader was making one evening when Caspian interrupted their conversation of her world.

"I think you better get below and quickly, my Lady." He said, starting to turn them towards the front of the ship.

Lucy looked up at Caspian with a look of alarm on her face. "What is it Caspian?"

He pointed to the large group of very dark clouds coming towards them from the south east, with very choppy waves following it.

Lucy gasped, and knowing that she would only be in the way, made her way quickly to her cabin while Caspian ran over to Drinian who had called all the men on deck. And by the time the storm hit, they had battened down the hatches, put out the galley fire and men had gone aloft to reef the sails.

For twelve days (Eustace argued it was thirteen) the storm went on, Lucy had to remain below deck and did her best to make some sort of meal for the men when the weather was somewhat calm, but once they lost their mast everyone had to take shifts rowing out of the storm.

During the first day of rowing, Caspian and Drinian had insisted that Lucy take more rests than the others. To which she sharply replied that she could row just as long as ANY of the men.

After this reaction none of the men would offer to take Lucy's place unless she asked them too. Soon after this the waters finally calmed but with the end of the storm came many more problems for the crew.

"How much food is left?" Caspian asked, as he, Drinian, Rhince, Edmund and Lucy gathered in Drinian's cabin late one evening.

Drinian and Rhince looked grim.

"We have enough to last sixteen days, Sire." Rhince replied.

"And water?" Caspian continued.

"Twelve days, if we ration it. Two of our casks were broken in the storm and it shall not last long Your Majesty."

Lucy looked over at Caspian with concern, knowing that he was torn of the decision he must now make: to either turn back now to the Lone Islands, or continue on and hope that there was land nearby.

She walked up to Caspian and placed a comforting hand on his arm. He looked down at her, looking very lost.

"I do not know what to do, majesty." He said quietly. "I want to continue on, but what happens if we never find any land? I will have condemned my men to die of starvation, but to go back to Narrowhaven could be just as dangerous. If the Western winds start up once more we would have to row for days. The men can't row on only half a pint of water each day."

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, "Aslan help us; I am at a loss."

Lucy gave him a reassuring smile.

"Aslan is with you always Caspian, you shall know the right choice to make."

Caspian bent down and kissed the top of Lucy's hand.

"How is it, my Lady, that you always seem to know the right words to say?" he asked.

Lucy couldn't look up at him, as she felt her face grow warm.

"Aslan guides my words always." She replied smiling.

Caspian nodded and then turned to Drinian.

"Gather the men, have the entire crew on deck in a few moments time." He said.

Drinian nodded and with a bow left the cabin, followed by Rhince and then Caspian.

Once all the crew had gathered on the main deck Caspian told them of their options.

"I shall not make light of our situation, we are very short on food and water and our resources shall not last more than a fortnight, perhaps a few days more if we ration it. I do not wish to risk anyone dying from our lack of resources if we do not find land. You are my people and I shall not put you in anymore danger, I leave the choice up to you men. We can either continue on towards the east and take the adventures that come to us or turn back towards the Lone Islands and Narnia."

Caspian then returned to the Captain's cabin to let the men discuss and make their decision.

A quarter of an hour later, Rhince entered the cabin.

"We have reached a decision Sire. We wish to continue on, we have worked so hard to reach this point it would seem like a waste to turn back at our first obstacle."

Caspian nodded.

"Very well, let us rest for the remainder of the day, for if the western winds do not return it shall be a very long and difficult next couple of days."

As Rhince left, Caspian fell down into the chair at Drinian's desk, he was so proud of his crew and was happy to be continuing on this journey for the six lost friends of his late father.

For the rest of the day, while the men rested, Caspian, Edmund, and Drinian discussed everything that needed to be mended or replaced once they found land. First they would have to find fresh water and game for food, followed by felling a tree large enough to replace their lost mast, and other different supplies.

By early evening everyone decided to retire for the night, Lucy waited until the men had gone below deck before retiring to her own cabin. She was very tired as she had spent most of the day trying to keep Eustace from causing too much trouble. He had been very angry about the decision to continue on this "horrid" trip, and wanted nothing more than to return home even though she and Edmund continuously told him they were not in their world anymore.

However, by the end of the day Lucy had been able to suggest to him that he should keep accounts of each day in his note book that he always carried around with him, he really seemed to like that suggestion and went to his bunk to begin his writing.

As she dressed for bed she wondered how long it would be until they reached land, she hoped they would reach it soon.


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