Sometimes it seems that you get the short straw in life, every now and again you may get the short straw in something. I always get it. No matter what its about I get the short straw. I was finally happy, in almost every sense of the word. It was my seventeenth birthday, my boyfriend and one extremely cute Edward Cullen and his family had just killed the sadistic vampire who was intent on killing me, they also killed her vampire army of twenty or so vampires all of them new-borns. I had just realised that they were gone and my life was perfect and fine again. But the time was six-thirty-two in the evening on the nineteenth of September.

My seventeenth birthday.

Now for most people that's a good thing, for me it was good and then extremely horrifyingly bad. The good was that I had lived to see seventeen, the bad seventeen was my immortal year. I was descended from witches or so the story goes not that my vampire boyfriend or his family know, as far as they are concerned. But a witches immortal year is when a witch turns seventeen (or in guys cases eighteen) and they go through a change, a big one in which you become immortal and gain your powers. Oh and the one big noticeable difference is that your eyes change to a beautiful silver colour. So I was about to change, it takes about one hour for the change to be complete well that was the shortest recorded time for a witch the longest time was an entire week (I was hoping for only one hour)

My boyfriend Edward was next to me the smile on his face lighting up the entire clearing around me. I had one split second to look at his face before the antagonising scull wrenching pain kicked in. my eyes rammed closed a bloodcurdling shriek coming out of my own mouth startled me but I had no time to think about that, the pain was all to much.

"Bella! Bella!" Edward cried kneeling beside me, I took a second through the pain to realise that I was knelt on the floor clutching my head in agony. Edwards face was contorted into utmost pain.

"what's happening to her?!" I heard Esme call out through the smog in my brain.

"Carlisle!" Edward called to someone behind him. I managed to open my eyes long enough to see that my pain was causing pain to the people around me.

Yes. This witch stuff was all stories. Not.

I acted on impulse when I realised I was causing pain to those around me. I got up and ran. I knew Edward would catch me in a millisecond, what with him being a super fast vampire. It took a few more seconds of anguish before I realised that I was running so fast. Faster that Edward maybe. I watched the trees race past me as I ran with the speed of a bullet. I couldn't feel the forest floor underneath me. I was flying. Well running, but it seemed like flying. So I kept running though with every leap I took I just wanted to fall on the floor and die. Death would be considered kind next to this. Finally the pain in my head took over and I fell on to the forest floor and let the burnings and freezing sensation take over me.

I don't remember anything else but the pain. Only the pain. I felt like every inch of my skin was being prodded with pointy objects, probably needles. And then the darkness the immense darkness trying to swallow me.

My eyes opened.

Everything was the same, the only difference was that I could feel what was happening around me I could feel all around me and taste, I could smell the damp moist soil from under me. I could smell all the animals around me, I could tell the there was a small herd of deer to my west… they smelt good like food. Oh, lord was I a vampire? Or a witch? I had no clue. But the deer smelling like food must be one. I was busy taking in my surroundings, tasting every particle in the air, I could feel all that was around me. I was definitely not human.

My all new super senses detected movement, the deer they were closer. My throat burned and without a second thought I leaped through the trees taking down the largest one in a fraction of a second. I instinctively bit down on the deer's neck drinking hungrily. I drank until there was no blood left in the deer. Then I noticed just what I had done.

Yes. Definitely a vampire. That or a blood drinking witch… I say vampire.

I extended my arm in front of me and sure enough there was one solitary bite mark there… but I had just turned seventeen. I walked toward the stream next to the where the deer where drinking. I looked at my reflection, my eyes…they were silver. The colour of the witches. I was confused- no confused didn't cover it…or begin to cover it. Just then a slight sound came to my newly enhanced ears. Foot falls of at least three people, or should I say vampires. The foot falls were way to quiet and light to belong to humans. I sat up and turned around in time to see Alec, and several other members of the Volturi step out of the trees.