I sat panting in the jeep. What had I just done? I had just been found by a god damn Cullen! I was trying to avoid that you know. Well all said and done, hiding from a Cullen? Not as easy as it may sound.

I drove at a fast speed, even for me. It only took a day for me to be pulling up into the driveway in Alaska. I stayed in the drive. Before I had drove to Alaska I had stopped at my old house, Charlie was out, work probably. I looked in my room, it was the same as how I had left it. On my bedside table was a photo of all the Cullen's and me. It was outside their house, it was a bright day, but there was no direct sun so they didn't sparkle. Edward was hugging me in the centre. It was such a happy time, a time I wish I could go back to. The tears were beginning to well when my door suddenly flew open. I turned to see a happy yet annoyed Eleazar looking at me.

" oi! 1) MY JEEP YOU SILLY" he stuttered looking for the right words "JEEP STEALING BUGGER! and 2) where have you been?" he asked slinging me out of the jeep. He grabbed me into a vice tight bear hug, that was after his rant about his precious Jeep.

"wow, not to hard Eleazar I do want to live to see tomorrow!" he just grinned even more at this. I had quickly wiped away the traitor tears while Eleazar wasn't looking.

"can I have my jeep back then? You stupid, annoying yet adorable and cute Jeep thief!" he asked, he was obviously annoyed at the fact his Jeep had gone AWOL, thanks to me!

"knock yourself out," I muttered

"goodie!" he lent over the front of his jeep, hugging it, I heard him mutter "oh, my baby"

"I'm serious, go and get Carmen to take a baseball bat to your head, if that would even work, moronic, idiotic vampire!"

Carmen just pouted at me. "I would never do that to my Eleazar-booboo!" she leaned over and kissed him, maybe kissing is a bit of an understatement of what those two were doing.

"please guys, I don't need to see that!" I moaned and jumped out of the jeep. I wanted to be with Edward in Edward's arms, I tried not to cry as I headed to the house, Tanya was waiting for me.

"no contact?" she whispered as I went by her.

I grimaced, "jazz saw me, but he's goanna keep it a secret." I muttered, Tanya scowled At me. I could tell that she was disappointed at me, but she didn't say it. She also seemed a bit angry? Why should she be? It wouldn't be her problem if I went backā€¦ unless, Edward had one said something about Tanya, that she was interested in him, but he denied her. She knew that this could jeopardise the Cullen's. Tanya and the others were good friends with the Cullen's. everyone would be upset if any of the Cullen's were injured. It would hurt them, kill me.

"you know what this could do to them?" she asked.

I nodded my head, exposure, death, yadda, yadda, yadda. Blah, blah, blah. This was sort of getting repetitive. I knew Tanya was their friend, so what? I wont hurt them, I wont let myself and she knew it.

"you know the Cullen's and me are close and I want to keep it that way, please be careful."

I was beginning to have my doubts about Tanya's motives. I would think about that later though.

"I am okay Tanya? Trust me on this."

She was about to start another lecture on keeping the Cullen's safe, I was about to open my mouth to protest that I already knew what she was about to tell me when a voice yelled,

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN CULLEN DEAN! YOU GOT DIRT ON MY JEEP!" I heard a furious Eleazar yell, wow, long name for me, anyway I quickly went out of the room and was met by a hyper Carmen.

That couldn't be good.

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