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Fudge Flies and Flobberwoms

Chapter 1


The child's whisper hissed through the bedroom unheard by the sleeping occupant. With a slight frown the young girl tiptoed closer to the large four-poster bed and repeated herself but achieved little success in waking her grandmother. Leaning in very close with her pudgy cheeks inches from her grandmother, the child hissed "Granny!" and conveyed her annoyance by poking the woman's shoulder. With a start her grandmother awoke and at the sight of two bright green eyes the girl scrambled backwards in fright.

"Grace?" The woman asked in confusion.

In the moonlight she saw the young girl stood a few feet away with her hands behind her back, biting her lip. She spared a quick glance at the clock on her bedside table, it was 3 o'clock in the morning. She sat up and in a softer tone repeated her granddaughter's name. This 'Gran' relationship was entirely new to her and truth be told felt it rather daunting. As the silent moments ticked past the lady struggled not shiver in the cool night air.

"You awake?"

Grace's question puzzled her grandmother who felt momentarily lost for words. However, a response seemed required so smoothing down the quilt cover in an effort of maintaining a semblance of normalcy, she did her best to give a reassuring smile and a nod.

Again the two lapped into silence.

"Grace, it is awfully late," but trailed off unsure of how to proceed. Although it had been too many years since she had cared for a four year old, she highly doubted that immediately ordering the child to bed would do the trick.

"Passed wee lassies' bedtime."

Grace continued to fidget and it was then the grandmother noticed a doll clutched under her granddaughter's arm.

"Aren't you tired?"

Big grey eyes stared silently back.

"Is there something the matter?"

With a flick of her wrist, the grandmother lit a candle casting a golden glow around the room and finally received a reply.

"You sound like her."

Again Grace had thrown her. Just whom did she sound like?

"You talk the same."

The girl had woken her up at 3 o'clock in the morning for this?

"You're not from France."

Another unexpected turn but with it came enlightenment. Part of the child's mysterious past was revealed in that one sentence.

"No, lassie, I'm not from France."

Perhaps gaining her confidence, the girl took a tentative step closer.

"You're Scottish. Like Mum. You sound like her."

A stab of guilt pierced the Scot's system at the thought of the girl's mother. It had been too many years. Reluctant to take a stroll down memory lane, she drew her attention back to her granddaughter.

"I'm Scottish, you're mother's Scottish, my mother was Scottish, as was her mother. We go back a far way."

"Mum says you are what you eat."

It was hard to keep up with the twists and turns of the four year old mind.

"I don't eat escargot. I do eat Fizzing Whizzbees."

It took a moment to fully comprehend the implications of the child's confession. She did not wish to be a snail but held no reservations towards whizzbees, fizzy, whiz, or perhaps just bees in particular. Merlin, she had completely lost control of the situation! On another level she did register that the flawless French further confirmed her suspicions.

"There's a picture."

The young, grey eyes widened as if the little girl had surprised herself with her own words. However, having finally started it seemed Grace could not stop and the words tumbled out of her mouth in jagged, half formed sentences.

"Of you. In a box. A red box."

Her hands were no longer behind her back but crossed across her chest hugging the doll tightly.

"Under the bed. Mum's bed."

Once again they lapped into silence and the older of the two wondered how she was expected to reply. She had no pictures of her one and only granddaughter, did not in fact even know of her existence until seven hours ago. She did, however, have many pictures of the little girl's mother, photo albums stacked full of memories.

"Grace…" and she faltered. In front of her stood, of all things, her granddaughter of whom she new absolutely nothing about. For a total sum of seven hours this precious being had been in her life, they shared the same blood yet she did not even know her full name.


"Oh Grace," she sighed. "Whatever are we going to do?"


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