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"My hat! My hat! Turn the ship around you scurvy seadogs, if I don't get me hat back I'll be sending ye to the locker!" Jack Sparrow yelled as he ran back and forward on the ship keeping a diligent eye on his hat, "I said now!"

"Begging your pardon Captain," Mister Gibbs said as he pulled up in front of Jack, "but…why that hat be so important to ye?" he held his hands up in front of him, palms out so that it was a peaceful gesture, and Jack leaned in towards him with a slightly menacing sneer.

"That hat Mister Gibbs, helps keep everything that is precious to me in order," he waved his hands around in front of him in his usual drunkenly manner and motioned to his head, "everything precious, savvy?"

"I presume," Mister Gibbs said, backing up slightly, "that you mean all of your trinkets and things." His shoulders relaxed slightly as Jack gave his trademark grin, but he tensed again instantly as Jack's eyes returned to the water.

"My hat! I've lost it, turn around! Find it!" Jack screamed as he scanned the water below for his beloved tricorn.

"Turn around, we must find Jack's hat!" Gibbs yelled as he began tugging on a rope and pulling the sail around.


"My hat," Jack said, slurring the words after his rum, "my precious hat. Cost me one silver piece it did Gibbs, bargain if you ask me. Always buy into poker games with the French, great gamblers, poor poker players."

"Aye Captain," Gibbs said as he handed Jack another bottle of rum, "we can get ye a new hat, if we make port at Isla De Sarcas I know a French sailor who'll tell us where to get one."

"You don't understand Gibbs," Jack said with a wave of his hands as he uncorked the rum bottle with his teeth, "that hat and this were a pair they were." Jack fingered a seemingly stray string of beads that hung over his red bandana and tugged gently on the silver piece at the end.

"One of the first two bits I ever stole this is," he took another swig from the bottle and then picked up another half finished one from before, "used the other to buy me way into that game where I won me 'at. Never forget that smarmy accountant's expression as I payed me way in with a bit I took from 'im on the lootin' of a ship crossing to England the night before."

Jack stopped to laugh and drank from both bottles. As one fell to the floor empty with a resounding clunk from his left hand he finished off the last of the other bottle.

"Tell me Joshamee… why is the rum always gone?" his sad expression vanished as Gibbs handed him yet another bottle of rum with a shake of his head and Jack continued his story.

"I was young back then, much like William except smarter and better looking. Had not a penny to me name and not yet even owned a decent hat," he stared forlornly at a hook his hat used to share and then threw his head back with the rum bottle attached to his mouth, "I'd been going around in me dads crew back then, first time he'd ever given me a decent job to do, was to steal the contents of the main safe on the boat. It was a large chest is all and I only went looking at the decent stuff. Half way through this accountant comes in to check on his wages or something and before even taking a thing I had a pistol to 'is neck and the money off his person in two seconds."

Jack drank again and then fiddled with the silver piece once more as if trying to place the story in the correct order.

"As it turns out, the whelp had all his money in the chest and was only carrying two silver pieces. I was round nineteen, took them like it was important and then grabbed the chest and left. The whelp was cowering in the corner as I grabbed a rum bottle and swaggered on out with me loot. Next night I find him with a bunch of scallywags down at a dock trying to win 'imself enough money for a drink," Jack frowned slightly twirling the corners of his moustache around like a villain in a fairy story.

"He was blamed for the theft it seems, same night I won that hat he followed me to Tortuga," Jack drank again and Gibbs saw his eyes close slightly, "got drunk and began to get rough with a youngish girl, Anamaria I think it was. Either way you know how her brother got when they messed around with 'er, he had the fool beaten to a bloody pulp before I got round to 'em. Had to shoot 'im, he woulda died anyway…"

Jack's eyes began to close and the rum bottle slowly slipped form his fingers, Gibbs grabbed it before it could wake up the captain and began to leave the room.

"Gibbs," he heard Jack say loudly as he began to open the door, "I want me hat back, me first hat, me killing hat, me pirate lord hat. They're a pair mate, savvy?"

"Aye captain," Gibbs said as he retreated through the door watching Jack fall asleep at his desk, "the crew and I will find it tonight." As he moved to close the door he heard Jack speak again.

"If you remind me tomorrow Gibbs I'll tell you about this one," he said as his head made its way closer to the desktop, pointing to a long string of beads with a silver medallion hanging on the bottom, dangling pieces swinging from the base, "this one had a much more desirable story."

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