10 Reasons why I dislike Edward Cullen.

He's extremely patronising

He's way too much of a Gary Stu

He leads Bella on several times, then tells her to control herself

He has a serious superiority complex

He is way too over protective

He doesn't know how to have fun

Everybody loves him, although he is the most RIDICULOUS character since sliced bread. (Not that that is a character in any major novels I have read recently)

People are verging on OBSESSIVE. This is stupid guys!

Vampires are supposed to have the 'sexy evil' thing going on- I much preferred him when he was being a moody git at the beginning of Twilight.

He's rich. And has a nice car. (Okay that reason was slightly pathetic)

10 reasons why I LOVE Jacob Black

He sounds really, really hot- in both senses of the word.

He is really moody- I like that

He's a WEREWOLF, not a stupid Vampire- they're ten a penny.

He likes to go Cliff-Jumping. WOW! A daring guy is fine by me.

He's v.v. tall and muscular. I have a fetish.

He's not perfect- he has his faults.

I have always LOVED the name Jacob. For EVER. (No idea why exactly…)

Edward doesn't like him, so whomever Edward doesn't like, I like them automatically.

He loves to take the piss out of Mike Newton- HILARIOUS!

He taught Bella how to ride a motorbike- good for him. Edward's so BORING.

The only line I actually like in the whole of the Twilight series.

"And the lion fell in love with the lamb." That line is poetic- quite beautiful. The rest is far too chick-lit, perfect, ridiculous, clichéd, slow- I like a fast paced story.

AND WHOEVER SAYS THAT THIS SERIES IS THE NEXT HARRY POTTER WANTS THEIR HEAD'S EXAMINED. Yes I agree that these books are fine for a bit of light reading (after all I have read them all) But the next Harry Potter? Puh-lease.

That is the end of my little rant. Thank you for reading, and if you want to flame me, please do so. However, I am just a sane person trying to donate a little sanity into this ridiculous infatuation with the most irritating Vampire of novel-history: Edward Cullen.

Plus Jacob doesn't get enough recognition. People say he's irritating because he's so clingy. So? If you fancied this girl/boy and this perfect pompous arse came along and took them away, wouldn't you make a fuss? See, I told you so.