S i m p l i c i t y I n M o t i o n s.

By Ickle Penguin.

Touya/Yukito, a vinaigrette for thought. For my lovely, Xiamensi.


It started with a bumping of noses. Close enough, hot breath on each others lips. Touya can feel Yukito's heart racing in tune to the slight drizzle of rain. And the moments seem to freeze. Seconds expanded, before Yuki falters. Soft smiles and careful gestures, mouthing out the word To-ya. The word rolls off his tounge as it normally would, breathy and soft at the same time. Yukito waits, lips parted and eyes bleary.

And yet it's Touya that pulls back. He doesn't shrug Yuki off. He just – moves carefully away. A careful apology is mouthed out by the taller boy. Yukito doesn't look at him in wide-eyed longing. He just nods his head and offers a sincere smile.

"It was an accident," they both think and let each other be. One of them knows it wasn't. The other, needs it to be more.


The second time is when; they study for college entrance exams. Yukito is caught between two paragraphs. He writes notes and little things on the sides of the margins in his notebook. His eyes scan, jumping from up and down the paper. Focused, analysing. And for once, ignoring the cake placed in front of him. And that's when Touya playfully covers his eyes with both his hands.

"To-ya." Yuki stutters, with a slight yelp. "You need to let me --," before he can say study Touya kisses the corner of his lips. Daring, teasing and is nowhere sure Yukito feels the same. Yuki is frozen in place and Touya glances, worried uncovering his eyes. Yukito takes Touya's hands, and puts it on his heart. Which is thumping, rhythmic beat after beat. And he doesn't let Touya pull back this time.

Their kisses are careful and awkward. Their elbows touch, and hands dare not explore. Touya's hand cups Yuki's face. And Yukito's hands are around his waist. Everything is quite except for the sounds of the leaves rustling outside Touya's window in the spring breeze.

"I—," one starts to explain.

"Like you," the other finishes.


Somehow, he was glad Sakura-chan went with them to get to school. She was always such pleasant company. Although, Yuki noticed, whenever he would pass by her cheeks would flush an ungodly red.

Touya commented on it once, "I think the monster likes you."

Yukito felt sweat drip from the back of his neck. Feeling oddly uncomfortable at that statement, "I really don't think so To-ya."

"Must run in the family," he teased.


Yuki insisted that he take To-ya out this time.

"My mother thinks I love you," Touya says in a tone that denotes sarcasm. Touya's head is buried in his arms. He's in a state of boredom and drowsiness. They're in the middle of their cram school's math lesson. Yukito knows that, that sentence is far more important than the cosine of a triangle.

"Isn't your mother – dead, To-ya?" he has no clue how to phrase it otherwise. His tone is both confused and sympathetic as he turns to face the man whose bordering on sleep.

"Mmm-huh," is the only reply the taller boy gives. "She comes round sometimes. Gives me the occasional scolding; thinks I should treat you better."

Yuki does question the fact that Touya still speaks to his dead mother. Instead, he fumbles – pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and says, "Well mothers are always right."

She was.


"Touya~," his mother had scolded once. "You should always think that love is important. You should be willing to make little sacrifices."

She wasn't a little sacrifice but he took her advice anyway.