.More Than You Know- A Vampire Knight FanFiction by Clue-sama.

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Warning: Zero having straight thoughts for once in my stories XDDD And slight shounen-ai if you squint.

Summary: At a night-time pool party thrown by the ever-cheerful Headmaster Cross, a game of chicken ensues, but unfortunately, the partner-picking is done by slips of paper inside of a hat.

(Relatively AU. No pureblood Yuuki is about the only thing though...)

Just in case you don't know what chicken is, the pool version is where two people are partners attacking another pair. One person is basically the mover person who stands and the other person sits ontop of his/her partner's shoulders and is kind of the offense for the pair. There are usually two pairs going at each other at once and the two offense people push and pull at the other to try and knock them off into the water. Whoever is left on their partner's shoulders wins! ^^ (sucks at explaining things...)

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Even if vampires didn't do well in the sun and heat, by no means necessary did that mean they couldn't enjoy a summer pool party. All that was needed for the sensitive-skinned creatures was lovely, pure moonlight. It would still be warm outside and for the three human guests, an event like this would be rather exciting...

Well... that was what Kaien had told them, anyway.

Zero liked to swim. He used to love playing at the beach with Ichiru and their parents when they could go. Of course, Ichiru would get a little tired quickly in the heat and all of the romping his big brother liked to do, but it was still fun to sit and build sand castles and the like if that was what Ichiru wished to do. After all of the crap life decided to unleash upon his shoulders, he never really had a lot of time to go and find a pool somewhere or go to the nearest beach... Of course, now that his "father" decided to throw a little midnight pool party, Zero wasn't so sure that he wanted to go swimming again that much.

"Zero! The others have arrived! Let's get changed," Yuuki said happily as she ran up to her friend.

The male prefect sighed and looked to the rather large pool where the underwater lights illuminated it prettily for the guests with the reservations. The pool was outdoors and provided a dark silk sky canopy as its decor. Indeed... he would have rather enjoyed a swim with Yuuki under the stars... and he guessed the elder Cross if he kept his distance... but...

"Kaname-kun, welcome! I hope it isn't too warm for you all," Kaien was heard saying from somewhere near the sliding screen door of the establishment.

Lilac eyes narrowed at the name as he rose his head slightly to look past Yuuki. Naturally, Kaname and his little groupies (a.k.a., Ichijou, Aidou and all) were here as well and the pureblood was wearing a black button up shirt and dark gray slacks, he observed. Zero wrinkled his nose- just like Kuran to wear stuff too hot for the weather. The shirt was long-sleeved for God's sake. The hunter grumbled a, "Okay, I will" which made her run over to Kaname to greet him enthusiastically while he watched in the corner of his eye. ...Was he too good for normal clothes? Zero was wearing a kind-of dark t-shirt, okay, but it was short-sleeved and there was no sunlight to absorb, and he was wearing some jeans that kept his legs cooler than any thick, cloth-y pants would.

Yuuki finally left Kaname and went inside to change into her bathing suit, so Kaname calmly shifted his calm gaze to the peeking prefect. The younger vampire didn't avert his gaze, but merely glared harder at the other vampire, letting him know just how he felt about him being here. Kaname just kept his stare level... and then smirked knowingly. Of course, Zero got pissed, but he wasn't so hot-headed that he'd verbally blow up. Instead, he just growled low in his throat and turned back to looking murderous at the water.

A few minutes later, people like Shiki and Kain were milling about in their bathing suits, looking all flawless and beautiful while they snacked on finger foods the pool house provided. Yuuki had since come out and Zero couldn't help but notice how she wasn't a 'little girl' anymore. He wasn't the type to ogle at girls like some guys would when they found a female attractive, but... he loved Yuuki and obviously his hormones enjoyed her as well. She was wearing a two piece like the other two girls here (Ruka and Rima) and now that Zero thought about it, he never really saw this much of Yuuki's skin at once. His eyes lingered maybe a little too long as she made her way towards him, and when he felt a slight ache to his head he looked up to see a certain pureblood looking kind of annoyed. Zero glared angrily while his cheeks burned a little bit. Well, the stupid pureblood shouldn't have been freaking staring- he wouldn't have seen that.

"Hey, I thought you were going to change, too!" she chastised, her hands on her barely-covered hips.

Zero kept his eyes on her face and shrugged, "I was waiting for the others to finish..." Okay, that was kind of a lie. He just didn't want to swim and let his guard down with all of these leeches around. His gun was not allowed on the premises and he left it in his room at the academy which he would not be returning to tonight so he felt a bit more on-edge than usual. They were staying here since the house provided sleeping quarters and they would leave tomorrow night...

Yuuki sighed, not really noticing his tenseness.

"You are so hopeless. Go on, get changed."

She marched up and grabbed his wrist, dragging him towards the building and he just let her. Well, even though he didn't give a damn what others thought of him- especially the other vampires- he didn't want Yuuki to think he was a stick in the mud, so he'd change and swim. Wouldn't be exactly ecstatic... but he'd swim.

Folding his shirt into as much of a square as he cared to make it, Zero put it on the pile of his discarded clothes and looked at himself in the full-length mirror that the wall in the changing room donned. He wasn't really self-conscious (definitely not) but he knew that he looked alright in his black swimming trunks, even compared to the other boys outside. He never ate too much anyway, but he kept in shape and certainly lacked any excess fat. Besides, his metabolism was high. Not too skinny, laced with subtle muscle that didn't make him look like a jock- hey, Zero looked good. He tilted his head at himself and wondered if he looked better than Kaname. The pureblood most definitely did not look like he excercised- not even sparsely like Zero sometimes did. Perhaps then, Kaname looked like a girl?

Kaname did not look like a girl.

What Kaname looked like was a statue of a dark god perfectly chisled from white marble and even Zero stared in awe for a moment. The pureblood, in his dark crimson bathing suit, looked a little strange since Zero was used to seeing him smartly dressed at all times and certainly not showing this much skin. Even though Kaname was just as fit-looking as Zero, there were some differences in their structures that nature just intended for them to have. The brunette's overall body was more lithe than Zero's. The hunter's muscles were a bit more defined since he probably used them more, but Kaname wasn't fat or anything. The older vampire's muscles on his limbs and stomach were carefully and gently smoothed out over his porcelain body and his sides somewhat sloped inward but not enough to give him what people called "curves." Although... his waist and hips were noticably slimmer than Zero's. As the dark-haired vampire moved, his muscles could be seen better, writhing under his faultless skin.

Zero was snapped out of his thoughts by an overly-happy call from the Headmaster: "Okay, everyone! It's time to play a game!"

The pureblood, who had been lingering near the edge of the pool with a openly-adoring Aidou, gave the male prefect another condescending little smile like Like what you see, Kiryuu? and Zero, with another silent snarl, made his way over to Kaien. As everyone more or less gathered around, the always exuberant blonde, who was actually just wearing a summer yukata, held up a bucket hat.

"We are going to play chicken in the pool- you all know what that is right?" he chirpped.

Kaname's inner circle looked at him in a way that kind of said Yes. Now what? while Zero just crossed his arms. Yuuki and Kaname nodded- Yuuki more animated than the pureblood, of course. Kaien nodded back and lowered the hat and held it with both hands. The hunter felt his stomach sink as he saw what was inside of the accessory. Paper slips. That could only mean one, terrible thing.

"Since you all don't like to try new things, I will randomly choose two slips from the hat and assign you a partner."

Some people looked miffed and some looked indifferent. Zero looked pale. There was only one person he even cared to touch in a nonviolent manner here and there was a one in eight chance he'd get her when his name was drawn. As soon as the others simply stood and waited, he thought about saying he was out. Yuuki even looked up at him the corner of her eye, waiting for him to drop from the game. She knew he didn't like this... and almost looked like she pitied him. Pity! From Yuuki? Zero made fists by his side. He wasn't going to chicken out- pardon the pun... He also wasn't "above" anyone- he didn't treat people like that and he didn't want her to think so, so he kept his mouth shut while Kaien pulled two pieces of paper from the hat.

"Aidou and Rima."

Both vampires were obviously hoping for someone else- the blue-eyed noble pouting that he now had no chance to play with his Kaname-sama, but they both stepped away from the crowd and waited for the others to get assigned partners. Zero's shoulders straightened a little more- at least now he wouldn't have to have Aidou as a partner...

"Ruka and Yuuki."

Zero resisted the urge to show his shattered hopes physically, but he did stiffen at Yuuki's name being called. But the hopes were slightly risen when he heard Ruka say coldly, "I'm not playing." Everyone just watched her leave the crowd and lay on one of the poolside tanning chairs. No one really thought her a party-pooper. She wanted to play with Kaname and if she didn't, she wasn't grappling with people in a pool. Kaien just reached in- it was okay because once all of the names were called, there would have been a leftover sit-out anyway.

"Yuuki will be paired with..." Zero held his breath unconsciously while Kaien opened another slip and said, "Kain."

Zero winced inwardly as salt was poured in his wound and his already crippled hope was slashed again, spiraling to the ground. Now he was left defenseless! He closed his eyes and slumped his shoulders. He felt a gaze on his back, but didn't notice much of anything until the final necassarily called out pair was said.

"Ichijou and Shiki."

As the others left Kaien's little gathering, Zero's heart might as well had stopped. He felt more eyes on him as his eyes shot open. That meant... This couldn't be possible. There were plenty of other stupid vampires he could've gotten, but... but he fucking got--

"Kaname-kun, that means you and Zero will be partners!" Kaien said, sitting the hat down on a little wicker table behind him.


"Okay! The first round will be..." the Headmaster had put one name from each pair back into the hat for this process and he drew two of them. "Shiki and his partner against Aidou and his partner!"

Zero didn't pay attention as the four nobles noisily discussed who was being the offensive one and who was the mover, but he was vaguely aware that that meant he was against Yuuki and Kain... But... he was paired with Kaname! Kaname! Was someone up above him pulling marionette strings or something and enjoying his infinite misery?! He hung his head and sighed, running a hand through his soft silvery hair.

Suddenly, someone was heard squeak and splashing echoed around the pool area. The hunter looked up on instinct and saw Shiki, seated on Takuma's shoulders, leaning on the blonde's head with a faintly amused expression.

"Sorry, Rima-chan..." he purred leisurely. "I don't want to get too wet, you know."

The redhead glared up at him from her spot in the pool next to a giggling Aidou. The female vampire suddenly flew up out of the water, it looked like, at her friend and, in an effort to move them both out of the way, Ichijou leaned backwards. But... well, the added weight of Shiki on his shoulders just made the three topple under the clear, but now choppy, water. Aidou laughed even harder at his friends looking like angry drenched cats when they resurfaced (except Ichijou- he looked like a happy drenched cat), but he clamped his mouth shut when he saw two beautifully frightening models stalking towards him.

The only ex-human present watched this in mild interest and he heard a few chuckles from the others up on dry land around him... Maybe... maybe this wouldn't be too bad. It looked like fun, he supposed, but it was just... He and Kaname didn't get along at all and it would be so hard to even keep his words soft if the pureblood was going to be an ass... And Zero felt like Kaname was going to be an ass- he always was... to the hunter anyway. The brunette never was so cold and so distant as he was as when he regarded the Level D. There was never so much tension in the air as when the two got near each other... How were they supposed to play a game that looked easy enough, but required at least some kind of friendly chemistry? Yuuki didn't know Kain that well, but Zero could tell they would merely have an awkward air about them whereas their opponents would be like two negative ends of magnets forced together.

Zero actually wasn't too hard to get along with- at least, he didn't think so. As long as you didn't get put off by his leave me the hell alone disposition, he was perfectly get-along-able... Okay, so maybe Zero wasn't a social butterfly, but at least he didn't pick out people's insecurities and make others feel like they only existed to suit his purpose. He didn't treat people like Kaname did. Didn't treat people like Kaname treated him.


Zero started slightly and looked up from his sideways position on the poolside chair to see the object of his anguish looking down at him with... a gentle raspberry-chocolate gaze. It didn't hold as much chilliness as his previous thoughts had conveyed, but that only made the prefect even more suspicious. He ran his eyes briefly down the flowing expanse of milky skin before him that seemed to glow in the moonlight... He shook his head- must be a vampire thing, to look so ethereal under a night sky.


Kaname looked towards the pool where Yuuki was eyeing them watchfully with her aristocratic partner at the edge and said, "It's our turn."

The silver-haired vampire silently nodded to Kaname and stood up, only sparing a confirming eye-lock with the older vampire to let him know that he was going to do this. He wasn't scared of him and he wasn't intimidated. The brunette's eyes flickered momentarily with a indistinguishable emotion while Zero passed him on the way to the pool. Kaien announced the next "battle" happily after promising Rima and Shiki a rematch and bid the next two pairs to get in the pool.

Zero hadn't touched the water since he'd arrived, so tense he had been (and still was actually) and as he approached it, he hoped it wasn't freezing. He peered down into the water momentarily while the others vacated and grabbed towels. It was still pretty warm tonight so they wouldn't get cold immediately. Good. Zero hated the cold.


The hunter instantly recognized that soft peep and turned his head in the direction from which it came and was greeted with a flailing Yuuki and Kain. The female prefect was flapping about up on Kain's shoulders to keep her balance and the vampire wasn't exactly "flailing" but he was moving about under her, trying to keep his balance. Zero almost went over, but another, deeper voice arrested him.

"Since you are obviously heavier than a girl, I'll go in and you can get on while I am underwater."

Zero spun around again, fixing Kaname with a slight glare.

"Get on what?"

The pureblood looked at him for a moment but then simply said, "My shoulders..."

The hunter blinked at the other as if he still did not understand the concept of how to even prepare for chicken...

"Zero, I can lift you up like Kain did for Yuuki if you'd like. I just thought it would be easier for you in the water..."

The younger vampire clenched his fangs, his eyes narrowing into to icy slits. He wasn't some girl. Two things wrong with what Kaname had insinuated already; one was seen immediately: "I'm not a woman, Kuran, so don't treat me like one. Why do I have to be on your shoulders? Why can't you be on mine?" he demanded, hating how he sounded so picky and complaining in the face of Kaname's calm stare.

The urbane vampire shrugged slightly and answered with a seeming innocence in his tone, "I did not think you would want me on your shoulders. Of course..." a smirk played over his lips then and it was laced with an annoying hint of challenge. "If you don't think you can handle the offense, I will gladly take the spot."

Zero nearly snarled aloud, but he kept it low in his throat while the other just stood there watching his work. How dare he? The hunter even felt his cheeks burn a bit at the insult.

"I can handle the offense just fine, vampire," he hissed. Now, for the second assumption the brunette had made: "And I don't need the water to get up on your shoulders."

The pureblood's face lost some of its taunting edge and he just watched as Zero placed his hands on his hips like So there. Kaname wondered if the hunter realized that he had been teased into being on the offense...

Kaname turned around and knelt slightly. The other vampires watched him do this with a silent disapproval. Purebloods do not kneel. Especially before an ex-human... But... they knew why this particular pureblood had done so. Tonight was a night where hiarchy did not matter and everyone was here to merely be students on a kind of field trip. Even Kaname Kuran grew tired of playing his games and seeing that his pawns and knights moved at his whim. Sometimes he just wanted to simply be.

Zero also felt a little odd at seeing the high-and-mighty Kuran sink to almost his knees with his back to him, but he just waited for the other to nod. When the pureblood motioned for him to get on... Zero took a single step forward before stopping. ...He was about to get on his shoulders! What the crap?! Why didn't he realize that it would have been less humiliating to have Kaname on his instead of the other way around. Obviously, the females sat atop the male in this game- or at least, that was what he'd seen happen before. Shiki was on Takuma a few minutes ago, sure, but they were friends and Shiki was relatively small. If it was a weight thing, Zero would say Kaname was the one who should be the offense because the hunter most likely had more muscle mass. Then again... he was a pureblood and would have no problem keeping Zero up... and... it was only a game...

The ex-human bit his bottom lip briefly and approached the lithe body before him, causing Kaname to turn his head back to his front and move his hair away from the base of his neck. As Zero became aware of the pairs of eyes watching this take place, he just kept telling himself multiple reasons why he was about to climb on a half-naked pureblood's shoulders. It was a game, Kaname was technically stronger... and also, if he were the mover, Zero would have to practically watch the older vampire "fight" Yuuki. If anyone was going to push and pull at Yuuki, it was him. He did that nearly everyday anyway, so it shouldn't be too different. Except that she was a little less clothed.

Zero swallowed his discomfort and decided to just get this over with. He swung his right leg over Kaname's right shoulder and (trying not to freak out when he felt a cool hand solidly, but not constrictingly, hold his thigh) then his left went over the left side. The way his legs were, Zero's body automatically was pulled forward so that he was basically seated on Kaname's neck. As much as he loathed to notice...

"I will stand now..."

"Go ahead."

...this felt really weird with a bathing suit on. As with all people wearing their swimming suits, Zero wore just the trunks. They were rather thin so when Kaname started to stand, rising gracefully as if nothing at all was on his back, the hunter's weight was further pulled downward by gravity and his groin area pressed against the pureblood's neck and at that moment, Zero wasn't quite sure if he had ever felt this level of mortification in his life. His body also took the liberty of moving itself to keep its balance while Kaname moved in the normal motion of standing from a low kneeling position- rocking forward slightly and then rising upright like a sprout from the soil. Zero kept his eyes down to look at the lustrous cocoa tresses between his legs and he faintly registered the feel of warmth over his cheeks again. He was up in the air now for everyone to gawk at. Yay.

Kaname could not have possibly failed to notice the... not-flat area now on his neck, but he didn't say anything as he turned to get into the pool with Zero somewhat clamped around his head. The poor prefect gradually shrunk around himself and he slumped over, his rear slipping down farther away from the pureblood's neck in what was likely an attempt to both get his extremities off of someone else's body and to make himself look less obtrusive. His head ducked slightly in a embarrassment as Kaname finally waded into the shallow end. Zero was trying to keep his arms hanging at his sides, but his reflexes wouldn't let him take such a strange posture and be this high up and his arms decided to at least rest between his abdomen and Kaname's head.

The pureblood stopped when the water rose up to his chest and Zero's feet just barely touched the cool liquid. Kaname was still holding onto Zero's upper legs and the hunter chanted his mantra of It's a game, it's fine; it's a game, it's fine....

"Kiryuu-kun, could you please sit properly...? You're making this a strange balance by leaning back so much..." Kaname quietly requested as Kain and Yuuki came to stand in front of them a few yards away in the pool.

Zero had half a mind to bark something sharp at the older vampire, but he saw his hands quivering in front of him and just grunted, making this situation even more awkward by scooting himself up Kaname's body. (No, he was NOT going to mention the humping action that was needed...) He wiggled his hips slightly to fit better and Kaname slid his hands further up the other's legs for a better grip. Lavender eyes shut. Kill me now...

"Ready?" Kaien called from the edge of the pool. "Go!"

At a command from Yuuki in which she leaned forward precariously, Kain started towards them like a lazy horse with a hyper jockey. She looked all excited to rip Zero off of Kaname and into the water. Revenge time, Zero...

Kaname also trudged through the water, but Zero wasn't exactly ready for this! He had to knock Yuuki down? He was a playful bully sometimes, but he never would actually hurt her...

"Kiryuu, do it swiftly and do not grab her too hard," Kaname growled threateningly from under the hunter.

Zero fought the urge to squeeze his thighs together and just growled back before looking back up at Yuuki and Kain. They were about the same height combined since Kain was so tall and Yuuki, so tiny, but Kaname and Zero were still a bit taller, so This shouldn't be too hard...

The hunter caught the play-murder in Yuuki's big brown eyes and he saw her delicate hands out before her like claws that she wished to sink into his throat. Ah, dear, sweet Yuuki... He also readied himself to quickly push her off into the water. Kain stepped forward quickly like they were fencing or something and he knew Kaname could have dodged it because he was currently an extension of Zero's body and Zero wasn't supposed to get hit, but apparently the hunter had missed some memo or something because the next thing he knew, he was underwater, surrounded by shimmering bubbles and filtered light. He had fallen in.

Zero snarled as he blinked his eyes to get the sting of the chlorine out.

He hadn't been defeated fairly though! Kaname had freaking let go when Yuuki hit the silver-haired vampire!

The male prefect came up and shook his hair out of his eyes for the most part and it plastered itself to his head. He opened his mouth to grill Kaname, but his words died in his throat at the sight of Yuuki cheering up on Kain's shoulders while Kaname congratulated her at how quickly she had taken out Zero.

"Hee hee! Zero, you went easy on me didn't you?" she giggled, having too much fun to care that she might not have really de-mounted her prefect friend.

Kaname looked at Zero in the corner of his eye and added, "No, Yuuki, I'm sure you toppled Kiryuu all on your own."

Zero just averted his eyes and grumbled. He understood why Kaname had done it, but there was still some vengence sizzling in his veins...


Later that night when everyone was getting out of the pool and Kaien had gone inside to tell the sleepy janitors that they were done, Zero spotted Kaname going in a little ways ahead of him. Actually, the night turned out pretty fun and he even managed to socialize playfully with Aidou, of all people, so he felt docile at this point. He simply returned his attentions to scrubbing at his hair with a towel. Of course, when Zero manages a good mood...

"Oh, yes, and Kiryuu?" came a male brunette's voice just as said brunette entered the doorway.

Zero looked up, a little off guard by the nice night. "Hm?"

"Just so you are aware- if we play against anyone other than Yuuki..." Kaname paused to grin secretively, "I'm on top and you're on bottom."


Author's Notes: I was about to go into detail about how "purebloods don't kneel", but this isn't THAT serious- the whole thing is kind of warped. Obviously, Zero is a bit OOC and Kaname too... actually they all are, a bit, but yeah... It was just a little image of Zero up on Kaname's shoulders in a game of pool-chicken that inspired this fic, not an actual idea... -3-

Hahaha... "... I'm on top and you're on bottom." X3

There will be a sequel that shows what happens the same night in Zero's room... which due to a little internal error happens to become Kaname's room as well.